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Recognizing when you're living in your best years
  • No, you demonstrate love and unconditional acceptance and support. Today they're babbling on about something that happened at ballet, tomorrow they trust you enough to talk about their relationships and teachers and the bully at school.

    Kids have enough time in their day to learn social convention - they also just need a safe environment to unpack everything with their parents.

  • Priorities!
  • Accurate. I used Sync for Reddit until they were forced out. I then switched to Sync for Lemmy for the familiar interface, the ease of setup, etc. Sync literally brought me to Lemmy.

    Since then I looked around and still prefer this app. On a side note: why does the UI for Voyager on Android look like some old version of iOS?

    Hate all you want but Sync being popular is a good thing for Lemmy adoption.

  • hmmm
  • Definitely not 38 special, that's a straight wall cartridge you'd expect to see in a revolver. Also, it's hard to tell but this looks much bigger than say a Glock 42 that would be chambered in .38 caliber. My guess is this is a Glock 17 which is a 9mm, but it's really hard to tell from the picture.

    Also this clearly isn't made of sheet metal.

  • least paranoid arch user
  • I know you're just trolling or whatever, but I'd love to have some reasonable answer to what a non-cowardly response is supposed to be if there is some armed person trying to hurt me or my family. The police response time where I live is 30-45 minutes. I don't want to shoot someone, I hope I never have to, but if it's either me or them? Well that's what makes having guns practical.

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    Obama collapsed the bridge

    Books devnull406

    Book Recommendations for tween girl

    My daughter is an avid reader, and I'm looking for some recommendations for her. I'm hoping y'all can help!

    Books she's read and liked:

    • Hunger Games (loved it)

    • Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

    • Shadow and Bone

    • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    • Harry Potter (loved of course)

    • Warriors

    • Ender's Game

    • Rangers Apprentice

    Hopefully that's an idea of what she's into. Ideas, please?


    OTA Updates Always Get To Me Last

    Am I doing something wrong? I've been on Pixel devices since the first one, and on Android since Donut. For some reason it feels like I'm at the bottom of the roll out list. At this point everyone I personally know has received the 14 update and I'm still waiting (on my 7 Pro).

    I'm wondering if I'll even receive it before my 8 Pro gets here in a few days. Besides spamming the button to check in the phone settings, is there something else to do that can force it sooner?