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Older women, women with weight changes or visible disabilities, or transfolk of Lemmy - how has the male gaze changed for you?
  • I wanted to learn more about women's perspective on this. Sometimes my "don't be a dick" plan needs more detail, and being more aware of what kind of behaviour is problematic might steer me better. I've heard the phrase male gaze but I don't think I fully understand what is meant by it, and I feel your question may point to and illuminate a kind of discrimination that I want to avoid.

  • Biden administration’s new protections for LGBTQ+ students blocked in 6 more states
  • Don't judge others.

    Love your neighbour, and this means anyone in need, especially ones from ethnicities your nation shuns.

    Look after the poor, the widows and the foreigners.

    Pay your taxes.

    But seriously, number one and number two are love God and love your neighbour, according to Jesus, and he got really really cross about the religious leaders making up all kinds of rules for everyone else to follow, and for making the temple all about the money.

    He also said that you can't love God and money.

    It's just not a very Republican kind of line of morality, you can see why they're rejecting it.

  • A cool guide of ejaculation frequency and prostate cancer
  • Hehe! But what were you really expecting from reading the comment section under "A cool guide of ejaculation frequency and prostate cancer"? Be honest now!

    Well, OK, yeah, it probably wasn't this, specifically, but if it weren't surprising it wouldn't be funny.

    Anyway, I hope I haven't spoiled your time with the gym bros. Try not to stare at them remembering this post, and remember that it's 100% comedy and 0% advice.

    Although, actually, I stand by "Don't try to cup the goolies if you're not really good friends." That's sound advice for anyone, I think. We can agree on that, surely!

  • A cool guide of ejaculation frequency and prostate cancer
  • You gotta be there for the homies. Make sure they're getting enough ejaculation in their week.

    Put your hand on your mate's shoulder and look him right in his eyes. Say
    "Did you cum yet today, bro?"
    If he says no, say "Get on it, dude, you gotta keep those stats up for a healthy prostate. You matter. Don't neglect yourself."
    If he says yes, say "Nice one, dude. Keep it spurting."

    If you shower together after gym, you could keep it more lighthearted and positive: Give his todger a playful tap back and forth and ask "Did you tug this trouser truncheon yet today, bro?"

    They might not be as body positive as they need to be. We all worry sometimes that our danglies aren't as handsome or fulsome as some we might have seen, or that our friends don't rate our equipment highly, so help him associate his passion baton with your approval: whatever his size or shape, hold it in your hand and look at it properly. Don't let go but make eye contact and say "Duuude, this is a Great Cock,." Emphasize the capitalized words with a firm but gentle shake, like you would if you were shaking his hand. "Keep it in Shape. Give it a Workout. Every Day."

    If you're good friends then while you're cupping his crinkly kiwis, you can reach two fingers behind and press gently, saying "I care about this prostate in here, man. It needs exercise. Don't skip dick day. Every day is dick day." Don't use this one with guys who are really just acquantances or colleagues, they might feel you were being a little over-familiar or might not be ready for that level of intimacy and close friendship. It takes a while for most guys to trust each other with their baby bakin' smooth shaven sacks / hairy hangers, and taint touching's just for Best Buds.

  • *teleports behind you* you won't win the wizard war, buddy rule
  • Haha! Now I perceive my former manboobs as pert and my former beer belly as our love child. Kiss kiss. Now stop with your silly magic play and come and put that shelf up like I've been asking for the last five weeks. Then we'll go to the garden centre and you can help me get those planters and pick out some pretty flowers for the path in the back, which you promised you would pressure wash this weekend after you mow the lawn, remember?

  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Not a proof, but a thought experiment. Imagine you have a bunch of equilateral triangles made of plastic that have mangetout sides so they stick to each other. How many can you have around a point?

    Two triangles just stick to each other flat and you don't get a 3D shape.

    Three triangles makes the top of a triangular pyramid and you can add one more on the base to get a tetrahedron.

    Four triangles makes the top of a square based pyramid and you can make another one like that and put it underneath, giving you an octahedron.

    Five triangles makes the top of a pentagonal based pyramid. You could make another one and stick it underneath, but it wouldn't be regular because the top and bottom points would be surrounded by five triangles whereas the ones on the sides would be surrounded by just four. The trick here is to make a band of ten additional triangles pointing up, down, up down etc to go between the two layers. Then two triangles from the top layer touch at a point where a down, up, down junction is and you get five triangles around the point there too. Same for the bottom layer. Now you have an icosahedron.

    Six triangles makes a flat plane and you'll just tile a surface rather than make a solid.

    Seven or more triangles is too many to even lie flat and it'll go all wrinkly on the large scale.

    You may be thinking of a D60 dice, which is based on a stellated dodecahedron - stick three pentagons together at each point but turn each pentagon into the base of a small pentagonal based pyramid. It's not regular because the points don't all have the same number of sides touching them, but it is very pretty and rolls very nicely.