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Nginx 502, ssh not working.
  • If it's working again all of the sudden I would lean towards f2b. I don't know what your "timeout" is, but if f2b got tripped it would explain why you couldn't get in yesterday but today it works (assuming your ban expires in 24hrs or so).

  • Is it worth upgrading my PC for running LLMs?
  • GPU with a ton of vran is what you need, BUT

    An alternate solution is something like a Mac mini with an m series chip and 16gb of unified memory. The neural cores on apple silicon are actually pretty impressive and since they use unified memory the models would have access to whatever the system has.

    I only mention it because a Mac mini might be cheaper than GPU with tons of vram by a couple hundred bucks.

    And it will sip power comparatively.

    4090 with 24gb of vram is $1900 M2 Mac mini with 24gb is $1000

  • Do you poweroff your server during night / unused times?
  • Like he was saying, it's more than just power loss. It's a way of "sanitizing" the power as it comes in. This is "usually" not a problem. But dirty power is arguably worse than power outages. If the voltages fluctuate or get low for whatever reason that puts a big strain on your power supplies.

    This could happen because you run a vacuum on the same circuit and your house is old, guy down the street electrocutes himself or the power coming in from the electric company is 'dirty' because they have an issue with transformers or up stream somewhere. It can be imperceptible to you, but your tech notices.

  • Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates
  • Such negative posts about this.

    If you don't want it, don't buy it. It's not pay to play. You can play the game just fine without spending a dime.

    Oh and by the way, the reason you can play without spending a dime is because they monetize on people who are willing to spend money on it.

    Again, if you want to spend money you can. If you don't want to spend money, don't.

  • Trump is “absolutely” immune for “official acts” on Jan 6th, SCOTUS rules
  • I felt like I must have misread the ruling after seeing all of the articles and comments.

    Former presidents also have a “presumption of immunity” for their official acts while in office — but, the court ruled, there is no immunity for “unofficial acts.”

    So chutkin is going to decide what acts were official acts and which were unofficial.

    But "presumption of immunity" is a weird fucking phrase too because it makes it seem like you can prove they aren't immune? Like presumption of innocence--you start there and work the other way. So presumably(pardon the pun) you can start there with this and work the other way still?

    I'd need actual lawyers to make this make sense.

    But either way it didn't seem as "carte Blanche presidents can do anything" to me when I read it.

  • Fastest method around
  • My issue: my work cell phone's service seems to be disconnected.

    Ticket system drop down for issue:

    <New phone set up> <Account deactivation request> <Phone transfer request>

    So uh...?? I guess I'll just fuck myself because any of these options is routing a ticket to the wrong group or making my problem much much worse when they misunderstand my issue because "why would it end up in my queue if I wasn't supposed to just give you an all new number and wipe your old phone remotely".

  • A ton of job postings might actually be fake
  • As I was reading the article it just kept getting worse and worse:

    More than 60% of those surveyed said they posted fake jobs “to make employees believe their workload would be alleviated by new workers.”

    Sixty-two percent of companies said another reason for the shady practice is to “have employees feel replaceable.”

    Two-thirds of companies cited a desire to “appear the company is open to external talent” and 59% said it was an effort to “collect resumes and keep them on file for a later date.”

    What’s even more concerning about the results: 85% of companies engaging in the practice said they interviewed candidates for the fake jobs.

  • The Supreme Court rules that state officials can engage in a little corruption, as a treat
  • The way I read all of this and th decision is that they are saying that this law specifically only applies to bribery. They define it as a quid quo pro in advance of an act.

    In this particular case, you can't charge the guy with bribery because it doesn't meet the definition.

    That doesn't mean a "tip after the fact" isn't corrupt. That doesn't mean that's not in violation of some other law. It's saying that you can't apply this law to this case. This court is threading a fucking needle in an attempt to make this a state issue and say the Fed law can't apply.

    Justice Jackson's dissent is amazing though:

    Snyder's absurd and atextual reading of the statute is one only today's Court could love."

    The Court's reasoning elevates nonexistent federalism concerns over the plain text of this statute and is a quintessential example of the tail wagging the dog," Jackson added.

    Officials who use their public positions for private gain threaten the integrity of our most important institutions. Greed makes governments—at every level—less responsive, less efficient, and less trustworthy from the perspective of the communities they serve,"

  • Anyone else having issues with Apex Legends the last few weeks?

    Apex has been running smooth as butter (well, as smooth as apex can run :) ) for the last year or so on my PopOS machine. I haven't had to log into windows to game in about 18 months.

    I noticed a few months ago that I would get errors / crashes, seeimingly randomly where 'pak' files wouldn't load. I'd get a wine-looking pop up with the message. I could fix it by Validating Game Files. Inevitably it would find corrupt or invalid files and redownload them and it would work again.

    Something happened about ~4 weeks ago where it became much more frequent to the point where its now unplayable on PopOS.

    I've done everything I can think of:

    • completely removed steam and all my games from my system and retried with the deb package in the store. (no luck)

    • completely removed that and my games and tried with the flatpak (same issues)

    • I even, thinking my ssd might be failing, bought a new one, cloned my stuff over to that, etc (no luck, same issues).

    • I just uninstalled the game again and am trying to redownload as I am typing this and it gets to the end, fails (corrupt update files), then puts me in a loop of validating, downloading, pausing download, etc.

    All of my other games seem to work fine and update fine.

    Apex works on my steamdeck. Apex works fine on this same machine on Windows 10.

    I used inotify-tools to see if something was editing the files in between gaming sessions when it worked and when it didn't and nothing seems to be accessing let alone updating/writing to those files. So the corruption or whatever happens during use.

    I have tried Proton experimental and literally every version back until it wouldn't even make sense to run. I tried the last 5 or so ProtonGE versions as well.

    The thing is: Is this a Pop issue? Is it an Apex issues? Is it a proton issue? Is it a steam issue?

    I don't even know where to post this 'issue' too.

    For what its worth, I am happy to try and run this down and provide whatever logs may help. I could learn some auditd!


    <in the mean time I am going to tuck my tail and boot back into Windows so I can game for a bit>