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sapphic. hater of capital letters. bunny and cat mum. renn faire enjoyer. theatre kid. squishmallows enthusiast. taylor swift lover era appreciator. marisha ray defender. houseplant addict. multiple social accounts haver.

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Google cancels plans to kill off cookies for advertisers
  • not even remotely the same thing

  • Google Is the Only Search Engine That Works on Reddit Now Thanks to AI Deal
  • i like how the only reason i'd use reddit is to search " random simpsons quote" to see what the simpsons reddit says about the episode.

  • Melissa Santos Joins AEW Broadcast Team
  • but it reminded me of WCW when they would have this dorky guy call in from random cities hosting Nitro parties.

    stagger lee marshall (also the voice of tony the tiger) i loved him <3

  • Melissa Santos Joins AEW Broadcast Team
  • i mean its not like its a new thing considering they were doing it with alex marvez from the start :)

    plus lexy has a great personality as an interviewer too especially on roh!

  • Tony Schiavone On Receiving The Gordon Solie Award: I'm Really Honored
  • i remember watching early 90s wcw when gordon was a weekend commentator and have a lot of good memories of it. im do glad tony was able to find his spark in wrestling again and im even gladder he gets to work with jr again, as someone whose childhood commentators were jr and tony.

  • House Republicans say Biden must resign after ending reelection campaign
  • i genuinely and sincerely think republicans are idiots

  • It’s Time for Democrats to Break With Biden’s Addled Gaza Policy
  • bidens policy has been more pro gaza/ceasefire then american policy towards gaza for a long time why would you want to break from it

  • Republican leaders urge colleagues to steer clear of racist and sexist attacks on Harris
  • stop being sexist cries party that nominated a nineteen time serial sexual abuser of women.

  • Presidential immunity, folks.
  • major biden 🤝 torgal rosfield

    being the best boy

  • Starmer suspends seven rebel MPs including McDonnell over two-child benefit cap vote
  • can we get back the tories already? they were shit but at least we expected them to be shit

  • Unhinged Republican candidate calls Kamala Harris a "little wh*re" as GOP descends into misogyny
  • well when your entire campaign strategy revolves around making absolutely sure that turnout is so low you get in by default, what did you expect

  • Joe Biden at the White House Today
  • an absolute king for waiting until after the gop convention so they spend all their time talking about him and now they're screwed. <3

  • Sen. Mark Kelly Emerges As Unexpected VP Candidate For Kamala Harris
  • no such thing as too old when republicans have shown that you can be young and incredibly shitty.

  • Sen. Mark Kelly Emerges As Unexpected VP Candidate For Kamala Harris
  • he'd be great for sure. if we could get gallego and another dem senator to replace him it would be even better. plus katie hobbs being gov would ensure republicans can't just name whatsherfacenewslady

  • Trump Calls Emergency Meeting to Come Up With Sexist Nickname for Kamala Harris
  • if republicans actually spent time working on policies that people actually supported maybe their entire campaign wouldn't fall apart when their opponents base get fired up.

  • AEW commentary is the best in the biz.
  • all i think of is john madden but john madden from the first family guy episode and then it makes me think of him during the young bucks entrance going like this

  • Waymo Is Suing People Who Allegedly Smashed and Slashed Its Robotaxis
  • how would this not be considered double jeopardy if they're already being charged for the crime?

  • end your free trial

    [image// text reading "End your free trial You still have 29 remaining days in your free trial. Once you cancel, you will lose access to the apps in your free trial." with a button that says cancel trial]

    did i say mildly infuriating? i meant rage inducing. companies that don't let you cancel recurring billing at the end of the trial who hurt you? stop making me remember to go in at the 28th day to cancel...

    yes, it is adobe. shocker.


    Anyone tried Pro Wrestling Sim? Pro Wrestling Sim on Steam

    Pro Wrestling Sim is a text-based pro-wrestling booking simulator. Control a wrestling promotion, decide your roster, and create storylines, feuds and matches where the winners and losers are in your hands.

    Pro Wrestling Sim on Steam

    I played ewr and tew (and basically every adam ryland, adam jennings, and oliver copp version) since i first can remember. i saw this in steam and was intrigued. has anyone else tried it? does it compare to tew? it's still early access so that's why i'm curious

    hopefully this isn't considered too off topic if it is i'll delete :)


    happy pride blahaj :3


    welp it's coming up on one year since i've been here

    so thanks to the admins for the year of blahaj it's been amazing :)


    how to enable vertical tabs in nightly?

    are vertical tabs and the sidebar updates an a/b test?

    i can't seem to find out how to enable them and everything i've read show options that don't exist in my install - i've also tried a fresh profile.


    i know those words but that sign makes no sense

    1 Oklahoma commission issues warning against All Elite Wrestling after transgender match

    All Elite Wrestling has been warned by a little-known state commission to not have certain matches in the state again.All Elite Wrestling, a professional wrestl

    Oklahoma commission issues warning against All Elite Wrestling after transgender match

    headline should actually be oklahoma continues to be shitty transphobes but i didnt want to editorialize!

    anyway aew should do a mega event with wwe and impact for trans lifeline in oklahoma with nyla main eventing for the womens title because fuck bigots and celebrate queer wrestlers all night

    sorry but this just made me so mad and it should be bigger news

    also a big fuck you to the oklahoma commission for purposely misgendering nyla


    What match most reminds you of your childhood?

    inspired by the other discussion post today, it got me thinking about what match evokes the best childhood memory? it doesn't have to be a good match or anything - just the one that you remember most?

    for me, it's eddie gilbert vs the dark patriot from global in 1992. i didn't really watch wwf growing up but i was really big into wcw and i remember discovering global on espn afterschool and out of every wrestling match i watched nothing is more memorable than global.

    someone uploaded it to youtube, so you can watch it here:


    AEW Rampage Discussion Thread 1 March 2024

    don't know if kbin is having issues tonight or anything but feel free to delete this if there's already one that didn't come through :)

    and all take time to praise your hero and saviour riho :)


    So proud of myself; completed dlc

    i had to share because i was rather proud of myself. i know its probably nothing special to most people but i went through the whole rise of the fallen dlc the other day without the timely assistance ring and im super happy.

    i went through the other hand with it because i struggled with the timing and coordination but with each major boss i kept getting better and better at hitting the precision dodges :)

    i stíll died a couple of times but i was so happy with myself for not putting it back on! :)


    Add caption field when using the link or image tag when creating post or reply

    Lemmy supports alt text for images by adding quoted text after the url for the image tag. it would be nice if the image button could have the option for uploading or using an external link and a caption field so you can automatically add alt text too.

    i know you can just edit the bbcode after its done but not a lot of people know about it and it could be a good way to expand the use of alt text on images in lemmy :)


    TNA Impact! for 18 January 2024

    Nic Nemeth speaks

    Osprey vs Josh Alexander

    Xia Brookside vs Tasha Steelz

    Kushida vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Mike Bailey vs El Hijo del Vikingo vs Jake Something

    Grizzled Young Vets vs Young/Kazarian

    USA: Axs, Youtube

    Canada: Fight Network, Youtube

    UK/Ireland: Youtube, DAZN


    Please remove down votes on instances that have them disabled

    it's an eyesore to use the app with the down vote icons since my instance disabled them. when you click on them they work but obviously it doesn't actually do anything (the animation works but the down vote isn't registered since they're off on the instance)

    it would be nice to hide them altogether like in eternity for lemmy.

    thanks :3


    star wars is too woke i like the show about the socialist utopia rule


    Head canon

    So the 7th Doctor ended his run in 1989

    The 8th Doctor started in 1996

    Back to the Future 3 came out in 1990.

    Emmett Brown's nickname was "Doc"

    He visited Marty in his version of the Tardis (or train).

    So I'm calling it. Between the 8th and the 9th, we had the War Doctor.

    Between the 7th and the 8th, we had the Mad Scientist doctor.

    He travelled around with his companion, Clara, and did science-y stuff.


    google discover feed

    anyone know what google was thinking when they got rid of google now in favour of the discover feed because i honestly can't understand how you can have the best engineers in the world and make a decision like that


    most trusted broadcaster rule



    Anyone else as obsessed with the Chronicles of Prydain as I am?

    I remember reading the series in sixth grade for an assignment and falling in love with them and try to read them at least once a year.

    As much as I love LOTR, Shannara, and Dragonlance, I always find myself coming back to Prydain. &lt;3


    what was dumbledore doing to get a scar in the perfect shape of the london underground?

    wrong answers only


    alternatives to enhancer for youtube?

    what are some good alternatives for enhancer for youtube since it's not available in firefox addons anymore?

    the only features about it that i care about are

    • the volume booster
    • disable autoplay
    • prevent videos loaded in background tabs from automatically playing
    • prevent videos loaded in the foreground tab from automatically playing as well
    • completely stop videos instead of only preventing autoplay
    • pause videos playing in background tabs when a video starts playing in the foreground tab
    • automatically enable youtube's ‘theater mode’
    • automatically expand the video player
    • use the available space based on the viewport dimensions to expand the video player
    • convert shorts

    the adblocker i just use ublock origin for anyway and the dark mode i just use dark reader