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Anon's coworker is a flat-earther
  • Like 15 years ago there was this flat earther at my office job. He was a smart kid and knew his sql good but he was just obnoxious with his assertive opinions on just about everything.

    One day he brings in this fancy mechanical keyboard and is all smug about it. The keyboard has all these led lights on it and all that jazz. It's also really loud.

    After a couple of weeks the sounds of the keyboard, and him with all the other shit, start pissing most people off in office. One day the kid goes for lunch and someone takes his keyboard. They smash the hell out of it and replaces it with a normal quiet keyboard.

    He comes back from lunch and frantically looks for his keyboard. He starts interrogating everyone there, with tears in his eyes, no one says anything and they go back to work. The kid goes to HR crying about his keyboard and all that shit. HR takes a couple of weeks and talks to everyone. No one snitched so not much could be done. They just tell him to use a normal keyboard.

    After that the kid stopped talking out of his ass about everything. He didn't mention flat earth or any of his crazy opinions. Like 6 months later he quits and that was the end of it.

  • Holy voting choices!
  • Alfred has been dead for like 5 years now. He's not coming back. Bruce has a new mansion in the city with the Bat Family.

    They replaced Alfred with Bruce. We're not asking them to replace Alfred with the Joker, but with someone competent

  • My disdain for mega banks knowns no end
  • I know quite a couple of people making about 150k+/year and they live paycheck to paycheck. They spend money like it's nothing and can't save any money. This one person had to move back in with their parents after they lost their job after 10 years. They were making at least 150k/year for ten years and had no savings. They didn't even have any debt. They just spent every dollar they made. There are a lot of people like that and I would imagine the tweet is referring to those personality types. Like I know this one guy that took an Uber just to go 2 blocks.