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The only feeling worse than "Why didn't I think of that?" is "I thought of that, but didn't do anything about it!"
  • actually me way back in high school. i had heard about bitcoin and went "ooh what an interesting way to make money" set up the miner and opened a wallet and everything, never mined and forgot about it. fast forward to the crypto boom 10 years later and i was sad

  • The future of mobile devices?
  • that's just straight up inaccurate information. bluetooth low energy has a data rate of 2mbps, which was introduced with bluetooth 5. regular bluetooth 5 has a 50mbps bandwidth based on a very cursory google search

  • Researchers unlock fiber optic connection 1.2 million times faster than broadband
  • you're talking about a bandwidth cap, not a data cap. data caps are when you get throttled after downloading a certain amount of data or get charged extra. think phone data plans where you have 10 or 20gb or whatever per month

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • to answer your edit, yes all creatures started out as single celled-organisms many billions of years ago and gradually evolved. this process is still happening today but takes millions of years, not something you would observe in a human lifetime

  • Warning: You cannot delete posts or comments on Lemmy. It stays up forever, and is in direct violation of GDPR and other national privacy laws.
  • if it was any other social media like reddit doing this, everyone would be up in arms about it. no one is forced to be on reddit either. we're on lemmy bc we value our privacy (no ads, tracking, etc.) so it should be held to the same standard too and not given a free pass.

  • I want to leave the Dynamic Island
  • reading the article, it doesn't even seem like a dynamic island problem. the author is complaining that they are unable to quickly glance and what notifications they have without pulling the notification shade down, which would have happened whether the island is there or not. iOs has never done that, even when displays were squared off with no cutout. article feels clickbaity and complaining about nothing

  • AI-screened eye pics diagnose childhood autism with 100% accuracy
  • totally agree, peer reviewing is the bare minimum, but it IS a step above any old article published on a random website. also would like to acknowledge the limitations of this particular study. fair criticism and is something the authors brought up in their paper too.

    my reply was in response to the original commenter mentioning that there was no link to the study at all.

  • Beeper Mini Is Back
  • iMessage lock in is almost exclusively a US problem (maybe EU, but i have no experience living there so i'm not sure). I'm from Malaysia and 99% of communication here is done through whatsapp and I know this is true for many other countries too. Line is frequently used in korea, Wechat in china, etc. It was only when I moved to the US that I used iMessage in any serious capacity