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The Wonderboy X-100, an experimental air-conditioned lawn mower, 1957
  • The Wonderboy X-100; even a woman can operate one!

  • Microsoft word update messes up exams in Denmark
  • I have to answer based on what I hear and not that may be the case. I believe that this depends on the education. Some require one to buy books, but there is a thriving marked for second hand books. I would not be surprised though if many also are available for free downloads, but I can't be sure

  • Derby Autralia

    Derby has the highest tides in Australia, with the differential between low and high tide reaching 11.8 metres (39 ft).

    Microsoft word update messes up exams in Denmark
  • I feel you! When i took my exams we didn't even have the internet!

  • The Palm Jumeirah
  • Thank you 👍

  • Wing plant
  • I guess that must be the right word yeah! They only make blades for wind turbines though.

    In Danish, wind turbines are called wind mills and they have 3 'wings' each. That's where the confusion must have come from

  • Amsterdam canals from above.
  • We lived in Amstelveen, 10km from Amsterdam, and still did not use the car during the 7 days we were there. Just used the public transportation system (extremely well integrated with google maps), and walked (a lot!)

  • TIL Old Sarum, an unhabited hamlet, was represented in the English and later British Parliament until 1832
  • Is it a coincidence that I hear about Old Sarum for the first time ever, twice on the same day? and its still not noon!?? and that both times have been on lemmy?

  • Hutt Lagoon - Western Australia
  • This is incredible!

  • Old Sarum in Wiltshire
  • OMG this amazing! Had to go find it on Google Earth just to check it out. Fantastic, thank you!

  • Water reservoir in Albania

    Ujëmbledhësi i Thanës

    Microsoft word update messes up exams in Denmark
  • The schools recommend windows or mac computers but not browser based computers like Chromebooks, basically because the software that they use for the education can't be installed.

  • What song should I play for my bathroom neighbors?
  • I live in Denmark and i dont believe that this is possible here. You need to inform the police about any festivals or large activities in the public but you can't hire them. You need to hire security guards instead. Police will show up and make sure things are ok but you can't pay them to do it.

    At sport events police do just show up and cooperate with organizers to ensure public safety but they are not hired. You can't just call them and say we need 10 officers for this event

  • What song should I play for my bathroom neighbors?
  • you hire local police


  • Microsoft word update messes up exams in Denmark
  • Some schools do and others dont. It depends on what municipality they are and how they are budgeted. That said, all students get paid 6.820 kr. (€914/$916) a month while they study by the state and are offered very affordable loans. Also the actual education is free so getting a PC is often no more of a problem than buying books

  • World's deepest canyon: Yarlung Zangbo
  • This is awesome, thanks!

  • Microsoft word update messes up exams in Denmark
  • Thanks! I guess foreign languages nowadays are just a minor inconvenience.

    That said, apologising for sharing an article in one, is an even smaller inconvenience for me, so I can as well do it, for the sake of the few who may feel that its a huge burden

  • Train tracks in Germany
  • Google maps is not always up to date. Some of its images are years old. Maybe they have added more since this satellite passed over that spot?

  • a cool guide of foods
  • You could have convinced me that farton was a weight or energy unit.

    'The moon weighs 58 fartons'

    It takes 3 fartons to move your mum a decimeter

  • Microsoft word update messes up exams in Denmark 'Kaos og forvirring' til eksamen efter opdatering af Word

    Ministerium advarer om, at Microsoft-programmer kan skabe problemer til skriftlig eksamen for studerende med Mac-computere.

    'Kaos og forvirring' til eksamen efter opdatering af Word

    Sorry for the Danish post i hope you can translate it.

    The Ministry warns that Microsoft programs can create problems for written exams for students with Mac computers.

    Users who have updated the programs to the latest version may experience the programs running slowly, freezing and crashing. This means that the examinees are delayed in their work and that parts of the answers risk being lost, write the Agency for Education and Quality and the Agency for IT and Learning in a notice to schools.

    Peculiar structures in UAE

    I have spent the most of this day trying to figure out what these elongated shapes are. The location is close to Al Khidayrah and Al Jirab

    In my search, I have mostly found other posts asking the same question, but no conclusive answer.

    The best explanations until now are:

    Mangrove nursery, coral plantations, salt harvesting or algae farms






    Does anyone here know what this is?

    I was randomly browsing Google maps and found this location close to Al Khidayrah and Al Jirab. Any idea on what it may be? I have a post about it here, but no certified answers just yet

    What are these elongated rectangles in the water area?

    Found on a google maps trip to Al Jirab, Along the E11 24°05'14.0"N 53°55'27.0"E

    I found this while looking for interesting places to share on the Top View community here on Lemmy


    After some more research, the most likely candidates:

    mangrove nurseries, salt harvesting, algae farm, coral nurseries.

    But nothing yet is confirmed!





    Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol

    Azovstal Iron and Steel Works devastation in Mariupol, Ukraine

    Also Metalurhichnyy Kombinat not too far away from there


    Archeologists at work

    Not sure, but possible archeologists looking for finds in that field close to Lathbury

    Train tracks in Germany

    Seevetal Germany DB Cargo AG Werk Maschen

    Coca Cola

    "Coca Cola Tourist Attraction Chile"

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