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Collapsing Nation Still Somehow Expects Singer to Perform Anthem Sober
  • To be clear: your interpretation of it is not being defended. People are arguing instead that you've interpreted it wrong -- i.e. that the 'hirelings and slaves' are the British soldiers, being likened to mercenaries (hirelings) and pointing out that they often served unwillingly after being press-ganged (slaves).

    I have no skin in the game, but you seem to be taking others' statements in pretty bad faith.

  • Rhyming slang
  • I've never heard loaf used to mean head. Grass, porkies and raspberry I'd say are the ones that have gone into common usage, to the point where I didn't even know they were rhyming slang

  • Rare Jack Black (Ru)L(e)

    Queen move
  • The headline comes up if you Google it, and it is accurate that she voted in a TV poll, phoning in repeatedly, according to the biography.

    The fact that the express is obsessed with Diana is the better thing to go after the journalist for.

  • There's a fungus known as dead man's fingers... because it can literally look like the fingers of a corpse bursting out of the ground.
  • Think they're inedible, rather than toxic/poisonous (the distinction as I understand it being that poisonous mushrooms will actively cause you harm, whereas inedible fungi have some other reason not to eat them, be it that they have the texture of wood as in this case, or a horrifically bitter flavour as with the bitter bolete).

  • Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • Yeah, I've had that problem. One of the nice things about Reddit was r/tallfashion -- acc had links to stuff with decent waist and inside leg. Have found some women's trousers pretty good for that too.

  • LGBTQ+ chumbalumber

    question for fellow bi/pan people

    How do you distinguish between romantic attraction and strong friendship? Something I struggle with and when romantic attachment is suggested to me I don't know whether/how to say yes/no.


    this one's called ants are eating my chest

    ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest ants are eating my chest

    Thank you.


    GM Matthew Sadler

    For those of you that haven't come across him, GM Sadler is active on mastodon (@[email protected]), and posts some really exciting and interesting content on his YouTube channel (

    I'd summarise his videos as using a variety of engines to produce unique, engine approved yet human comprehensible attacking ideas, often in opening/middle games, but he's also analysed some famous human endgames with these engines. While they're not necessarily good videos for beginners, I think anyone over ~1200 OTB will get a lot out of his videos.

    If you want a good example video to see if it's for you, his/Dragon's Qd2 idea in the Pirc is a great example (, though I'd encourage you to flick through and find a video on an opening that you play.


    Ruley Tunes.mp3



    Cute lines against the Czech Benoni for blitz?

    The main chess community on .world has fuck all subs and I'm not asking reddit, so I'll brick my pipi, shit my pampers, and ask it here instead. Club has a (very friendly) blitz night coming up, and I'd like to scrape some points against the top player (who's about 2150 FIDE), who plays the czech benoni. To give context I'm about 1900, so much worse but in with a shot if I put something fun together. Any ideas for some neat lines to look at?


    Is it better than a sigma rule?



    Recommendations thread

    I like some fairly niche genres, which then makes it difficult to find new music in that genre. Thought it might be worth having a thread where people can post artists they enjoy, but where they're struggling to find similar music, to let the hive mind provide them with ideas!


    What's a low effort, but impressive, party trick to learn?