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Six newborn babies die after fire tears through Delhi hospital
  • $20 says it was shoddy wiring or something similar. So many deaths and accidents happen in India because of a lack of safety standards and training there.

    And before someone tries to call me racist, or anti-India, or something, India accounts for 14% of all accidental deaths worldwide and out of every 100k workers in India, 116.8 on average will die in a workplace accident, which is 3X higher than the #2 spot (Pakistan).

    Source: International Labor Organization

  • Putin starts tactical nuke drills near Ukraine
  • Modern nukes are also more damaging and explosive. I'd imagine if Russia wanted to go full agro, they'd use the biggest ass bomb they can muster.

    But you're right.....they might not use H bombs and opt for A bombs instead.

  • Putin starts tactical nuke drills near Ukraine
  • "Nuclear fallout" in modern nukes is isolated to the area they hit. As such, modern nukes aren't going to irradiate the atmosphere that would lead to a Fallout video-game style world.

    What they will do is kill a f*** ton of people and thermally destroy a specific area REALLY hard. If you're in the blast radius, you won't even know it. You'll be dead from the shockwave so fast you'll have literally less than a second of confusion before you get turned into meat mist.

  • Raspberry Pi Smart TV?
  • Yeah I have 40+ family members and friends who access my library through's going to be a much more bumpy ride for me and that's basically why I have this transition period.

  • Raspberry Pi Smart TV?
  • One of my requirements was Steam (either locally or Steam Link) and EmulationStation. The Shield cost nearly the same money as the AMD Ryzen mini-pc I'm using, so I just decided to go with the more powerful device so I could run light to moderate Steam games at 1080p in addition to In-Home streaming. I use my gaming PC for WFH, so on days I work my kids wouldn't be able to play games from Steam unless it was local.

    I think out the door I spent about $230 for a Ryzen 5000 series APU machine with 512GB of SSD and 16GB of RAM. With the shield at ~$199, I went for the more DIY solution, which isn't for everybody, but I'm an tinkerer.

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