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Eye of Newt!
  • Yeah this is actually a few less than the number of upgrades you can get (without RoW farm).

    By default you find 15 upgrade scrolls in the dungeon. You can find +2 armour and a +2 wand. Troll blacksmith can upgrade your armour +2 to +4 with two reforge rewards and also upgrade another item by +1 if it’s at +1 or lower. If you use that last one to bring your mage staff up to +1 and then you can imbue the +2 wand you found to get a +3 staff of that wand type. Throw the 15 SoU on it and you now have a +18 staff. Thus you can end up with +18 staff, +4 armour, and whatever rings you find (+3 from imp).

    As for artifacts: none of them can take upgrade scrolls. They each upgrade using their own unique mini-quest.

  • Why is Pixel Dungeon so underrated
  • Sil is a roguelike with a built-in tutorial. It teaches you the basics of the game but leaves the vast majority for you to figure out yourself. It’s far more difficult than SPD (the only Pixel Dungeon variant I’ve played).

  • Ouch... 9 challenge death to anti-magic cave spinner poison
  • Ahhh I hate cave spinners. You have to spot them at a distance before they throw their web and then have a plan to deal with them. Knocking them into pits with chains or blast wave is ideal. Otherwise you wanna take them out at range. Step sideways when they see you so their web throw goes to that side, then hit them with all the ranged weapons and wands you got. Antimagic is tough though!

  • Because that's how it works, right?
  • Perhaps Mikhail Khodorkovsky. I’m sure he managed to squirrel away some of his wealth and now lives comfortably in exile, albeit with a huge bullseye on his back. But if your standard is “lose 100% of their wealth” then that almost never happens to anyone, even working class people who declare bankruptcy due to overwhelming debts.

    Does Muammar Gaddafi count? He lived like a king with an anime-style cadre of elite female bodyguards, being essentially the emperor of Libya. He died after some soldiers dragged him out of a ditch and summarily executed him.

  • i hate monks
  • That’s a weasel word though. It basically means “not guaranteed to hit”, which is every other physical attack in the game. It’s ambiguous and doesn’t communicate anything useful to the player.

    What “guaranteed to hit” is trying to communicate is that the attack roll is bypassed so that it succeeds automatically. Unfortunately, the way this interacts with parry is that it is “guaranteed to block” the attack. Unstoppable force meets immovable object! Well in this case, immovable object is pre-ordained to win.

  • From 'quiet quitting' to 'coffee badging' — why employees are less interested in work
  • They also had real estate investments and conflicts of interest that were in jeopardy. If everyone stopped coming into the office then the property values in the area would drop off a cliff (no one buying lunch at local restaurants, shopping on breaks, etc). Unused offices close, property values continue to plunge. Bad for anyone who owns commercial property in the area!

  • Vegan diet just isn’t that fun 🤷‍♂️
  • If you cut out all of the pastas that have eggs, cheese, butter, milk, meat, shellfish, or fish (anchovies) then you’re cutting out the vast majority of restaurant pastas and the majority of pasta recipes you’ll find in recipe books unless they’re specifically vegan (restaurants or books).

  • Small Suggestion: Store Trinkets in Velvet Pouch

    I love the variety and strategy trinkets are bringing to the game in 2.4! They do add to early game inventory pressure, which for me is the most frustrating part of the game (juggling a full inventory, throwing stuff down pits, running back and forth).

    If trinkets were stored in the velvet pouch instead of the main inventory it would at least keep inventory pressure the same as it is now, without adding to it.