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Neverminding the evidence to the contrary.
  • This is an interesting edge case you're presenting, but it's not representative of the overwhelming majority of agricultural land devoted to livestock, and it's been largely solved by modern supply chains and distribution.

  • Neverminding the evidence to the contrary.
  • I think you're hitting on an interesting concept with regards to activism: that it can be categorized into actions that raise awareness, and actions that provide education.

    Take, for example, this story about climate activists blocking traffic in Amsterdam to protest ING's financing of fossil fuels exploration. Though you may disagree with the methods used in the protest, it's hard to deny the success of it based on the national attention it drew. Because of it, more people who are opposed to the idea of expanding fossil fuel use are aware of ING's funding of it.

    I think very few people would say that they are now in favor of fossil fuel exploration, or simply do not care to learn more about environmentalism due to the controversial actions of the protesters.

    I suppose my question for you is, what would have made you want to seek more information about veganism, and what about this post made you suddenly not want to lean more?

  • The Internet Archive is under a DDoS attack
  • I think it depends on the circumstances. I work for a publisher and submitted a request for one of my clients copyrighted books to be removed from the archive, and they took it down the same day.

  • Google promised a better search experience — now it’s telling us to put glue on our pizza
  • The fucksmith post in question has been removed by moderators, so I wonder if Google really is pressuring Reddit to remove jokes from their platform now. This person had no idea their shit post would be used to train AI over a decade later, and they certainly weren't violating any policies when they posted it. It's like nobody involved in this process knew anything about Reddit.

    Pay $60 million to train on bad data.
    Implement AI trained on bad data.
    Panic when the AI returns bad answers.
    Manually remove bad data.

    Edit: it was removed when I checked yesterday, but it looks like they restored it.

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