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  • Rabbits breed like crazy and multiply fast. Rabbits have been associated with fertility for centuries in pagan traditions. The rabbit is the symbol of the germanic pagan goddess of Spring and fertility, Eostre. I suspect there is a connection here.

  • Horrible!!
  • A little bit. Different groups might engage more with different aspects of my personality, so I find myself naturally emphasizing different parts of myself accordingly. Code switching isn't that unusual, I don't think.

  • Rulethlic Converts
  • But your example is also anecdotal? Catholics aren't more like your friend or more like his. They're both Catholic. It's a diverse group. Sweeping generalizations don't help anyone.

  • My mom uses Linux, btw
  • I agree it's easy now. For non-technical people who aren't interested in tech, even that would be too much. They're not building their own computers, and prebuilts almost always come with Windows. Going out of their way at all and learning to switch from Windows, which works fine for their needs, to something else doesn't make sense to them.

  • Form over function, eh?
  • It's not broken. It's indicating a left turn, but the left blinker looks like an arrow pointing to the right. That's a mixed message. It's meant to look like the Union Jack, but that caused mixed messaging so it's a problem caused by mixed messaging.

  • Too many shows to watch
  • Acshewally, Oppenheimer is the single greatest work of art known to man. Since you've failed to provide even the faintest sliver of evidence as to how you could possibly find such a masterpiece "unenjoyable", Occam's Razor leaves us with no option but to assume you are simply so monumentally stupid you couldn't begin to comprehend even 4th grade level long division, much less the subtle nuances of the mathematics necessary to the creation of the atomic bomb. What other outcome could you possibly have expected posting such baseless, inflammatory drivel? I hope you stub your toe on your couch every morning for the rest of your life, you doddering ignoramus.

  • rule
  • Supporting systems that provide shelter is good. Removing the middle bar is also good. You don't have to choose one or the other. You can do both. There is no dichotomy. Your previous comment dismissed removing the bars because there's other, better things you could do. That's a false dichotomy because you aren't limited to one or the other. You're an asshole for resorting to ad hominem and a dumbass for failing to understand their argument.

  • Use a British Challenger tank to heat your water instead
  • I do not have easy access to an outlet intended for a high voltage device to plug an electric kettle into. Your point doesn't seem relevant. That is, unless you're suggesting we pull a frige or stove out from the wall every time we want to brew a cup of tea.