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No PS3 backwards compatibility
  • Yes it is hard, and that was their damn fault. I can’t believe they expected developers to have to program which processors take which loads with such granularity. Unbelievably stupid.

  • No Man's Sky Worlds Part I Update Trailer
  • Not liking it is not the same as not delivering. The game is exactly what they set out to make from the get-go.

    That being said at launch they absolutely did not deliver and deserved to be shamed. Though certainly not harassed like they were, unfortunately

  • Vegan vs “Animal Lover”
  • If you adopt a pet from anywhere other than the street and pay for/participate in all all the things they need/bring them to vets whose livelihood includes participation in the broader animal domestication industry then yes you do.

  • Vegan vs “Animal Lover”
  • It’s more complicated than “adoption good breeder bad.“ If you’re against domesticating animals and keeping them as pets you can’t participate in the industry period. It’s not like there’s a magic adoption loophole and there are all the other products, business, and systems you participate in for years after.

  • Education Department forgives $1.2B in student loans for 35,000 borrowers
  • So, what? If you’re a cop you shouldn’t be allowed to have student loan forgiveness but all other first responders do? Public workers are public workers dude. They’re first responders whether we like it or not.

  • Trash pandas know trash when they see it
  • When did I ever excuse him? I explicitly said he’s a piece of shit and his truck is dangerous waste.

    You are just latching on to one dumb marketing thing he said and treating it like it’s gospel that’s been disproven. He’s an idiot and a bigot. He says a lot of dumb shit.

  • Ten Commandrule








    Boomer Rule