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Warren Bill Would Overturn Supreme Court Decision Gutting Federal Agency Power.
  • Sure have. The SCOTUS takes up cases from the US Circuit Courts of Appeals. Appellate courts certainly serve their purpose, as district courts can and do get decisions wrong. But, the SCOTUS needs to be balanced enough to where one political viewpoint doesn't dominate their decisions and subsequent precedents.

  • Warren Bill Would Overturn Supreme Court Decision Gutting Federal Agency Power.
  • The SCOTUS is necessary in a functioning system of checks and balances on power amongst the three branches of the federal government. The problem we have now is a court stacked with looney judges subverting the will of the people. We need a more effective means of maintaining balance in the court.

  • COVID makes a summer comeback in Los Angeles.
  • Many municipalities and regions use wastewater analysis to determine infections disease rates and concentrations. It's the same way authorities fear a rise in polio in Gaza, they've detected it in increasing levels in sewage.

  • GOP attacks against Kamala Harris were already bad – they are about to get worse.
  • It was also when we had no clue how Trump would handle the presidency, and Americans were tired of the same repeated political lip service politicians have been spewing for decades. Hillary was the symbolic epitome of the establishment many Americans were and are sick of. Though now that we know with examples what an unhinged lunatic Trump is, Harris might have a better shot as long as she presents sanity and competence while gracefully waving away Trump's looney nonsense.

  • Why would a chain retail employer take more than a month to give you shifts if at all?
  • There's always a possibility that they had your hours in last quarter's budget, but had their new quarter's budget slashed due to low sales, and they're too chickenshit to tell you. Or, they were set to lose an employee and, for whatever reason, didn't.

    Either way, I'd just find something else. Obviously they don't give a rats ass about your time and need for money, so fuck em.

  • "It's not that complicated": Pete Buttigieg on why a gay billionaire is backing JD Vance
  • Think about it. Our entire western civilization revolves around how much money you have. Most billionaires are only concerned with accumulating more wealth, and historically Republican administrations are pretty good about supporting that (tax cuts for the wealthy, gutting of social programs to support those cuts, etc). They don't give two shits about the rest of the population, as long as their wealth increases.

    Money is also power. The more power you have, the more you get away with. So even though someone like Thiel might be as gay as a rainbow, he's in that echelon of people who are quite rich and powerful that being gay doesn't matter, he has the money and power to sidestep the oppression his comrades seek. Their reason for the oppression of gays is the same as the oppression of any other marginalized group (LGBT+, women, POC, etc); it gives their supporters an enemy, which in turn galvanizes their base, and reinforces the party's power. People like Thiel aren't concerned with any of that because they have the resources and influence to sidestep that oppression.

  • Local Mountain Snowmaking 11/27/23

    1 US citizens will need to pay for a visa to travel to Europe starting in 2024

    Beginning in 2024, Europe will require ETIAS travel authorization for visitors — including summer jet-setters from the US.

    US citizens will need to pay for a visa to travel to Europe starting in 2024
    Electricians bobs_monkey

    Simple Pool/Spa Control

    Used existing pool panel on left, added contactor box on right. Left two contactors control pool and spa circ pumps and always on (no variable speed or hi/low legs on motor), coil controlled by emergency shutoff. Right contactor controls spa jet pump, activated by twist timer and same emergency shutoff. Spa jets are run through the right time clock to allow usage from 7am to 10pm. Left time clock is for lighting.

    Electricians bobs_monkey

    Joint Sandwich Acquisition

    Our morning safety meeting definitely didn't involve us watching the apprentice look for the wire stretcher.

    Electricians bobs_monkey

    If it won't rack in, just shim it Uh

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like gotsthegoats.

    2000a 4160v Main Breaker

    Electronic racking system; story goes that the previous guys didn't seem to like how it seated, so this was their 'solution.' Yes, those are 4x4s and a bottle jack.