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How do Texas residents afford electricity during high-demand?
  • When I was growing up the people across the street had an uninsulated houses -- in NW Wisconsin.

    I guess Texas is going to do Texas things but with the heat and the grid falling apart every couple of years, they really should mandate the same level of insulation that we do up north.

  • Ford 'revives' the Capri after 30 years as a four-door EV
  • My dad had a 1972 Mercury Capri when I was growing up. I learned to drive stick on that and eventually ended up with in college. That car was so light, you could push it by yourself on flat pavement, hop in and jump start the car.

  • I've had it with reddit

    I think I finally reached my breaking point with reddit (about time). Earlier this month the humorless admins of /r/teslamotors banned me for posting a video of my custom charge port cover. A day or so later I mistakenly posted on the sub using my secondary account. That's on me. The /r/teslamotors admins gave me a permaban and reddit gave me 7 day site ban. I can take my lumps so whatever.

    However, apparently I commented today on /r/teslamotors using the account that received the permaban. Dumbass reddit gave me another 7 day site ban for ban evasion. WTF? Either a software bug allowed me to comment or /r/teslamotors lifted my ban for some reason.

    Neither of those constitute ban evasion IMHO. I'm also tired of using in phone browser since they killed apis.