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Just kidding...
  • I think there are many others one could point to more accurately, including Yahoo who purchased and then resold tumblr.

    While Tumblr has made a lot of changes, some of which were walked back, they are still a well used and beloved site today. There are many now-dead or barely alive behemoth Internet companies that are better examples of "poster child for running a terrible Internet business" imo.

  • Its friday!
  • You'll find no Netflix, Lemmy, or Weed on Maslows heirarchy of needs, and yet most of us rely solely on these things for enjoyment.

    Idk I feel like those three fit into the first three tiers easily. You'd be stretching for them for sure, but Netflix and Weed could be safety and psychological needs met. Lemmy is social. Sure there are better ways to fulfill those needs perhaps in healthier ways, but to say you won't fill any needs via those things is wrong imo.

  • Another World is Possible
  • I mean I hear you but the top three posts talk to a depressing dystopian present. Even this one reminds us of our past and current oppression.

    I trust many find comfort in these memes but all I see is reminders of a world I don't like.

  • Say the truth, Arrowhead!
  • Installing a rootkit on people's computers in 2005.

    Not to downplay the shitty situation with hd2, but uh, got any examples from the last 5 to 10 years instead of pointing to something that happened nearly two decades ago?

  • Whose taking those rights away?
  • Can't buy a small cheap vehicle, that would be unsafe!

    You can thank the CAFE standard for that. Enacted in 1975 under a republican president - Ford. That said, it was a democratic congressional super majority that passed this.

  • Crosswalk rule
  • They work in my town just outside a large metro area in the US.

    That said, no one seems to actually use them here and are always crossing traffic at the worst times.

    It's really frustrating to watch people of every age playing chicken with cars daily.

  • People Are Slowly Realizing Their Auto Insurance Rates Are Skyrocketing Because Their Car Is Covertly Spying On Them
  • Fwiw they're just collecting a paycheck. Sure it's scummy for them to not reject the businesses offering them the money but tbh I really don't blame them - I'd probably take the cash too.

    Depending on the channel size sponsored ad reads can deliver upwards of multiple thousand per video for the creator. If you see multiple channels with the same ads, it's bc the company advertising got a big budget approved, that's it.

    Imo just skip the ad reads (or get sponsorblock) and forget they exist. Usually the creator doesn't even give a fuck who's paying them or why. They are victims of the system too, not maliciously peddling garbage. I do wish they didn't have to peddle anything, but here we are.

  • Missed rent payments could soon damage your credit score — and tenants’ advocates are very concerned
  • I think there is also upside here by formally allowing renters to positively affect their credit history through consistent renting.

    Homeowners and credit card owners can improve their credit via consistent payments, why not renters?

    (Yes, I do know there are ways to have your lease impacting your credit but they aren't a default and many renters would benefit from the credit boost this could enable)

  • Wage Slave Rule
  • I'm nearly at 7 with my employer and I've found the situation to be quite good and I see no sign yet to jump ship. There's still good gigs out there.

    I'm sure the person you are responding to had good reason to stick around 20 years. It's possible only recently did the math not work out for them.

  • Pardon me for not finding “vulnerable people need to die for my ideology” very convincing.
  • Your waiting for concessions reminds me of Martin Niemoller's "First they came for". You're waiting for specific focus on your needs, but in the meantime by abstaining from the process you are enabling others suffering.

    You sound politically self-centered. It's fair to feel that way. But perhaps you should participate so that you can sway the process towards a side that is attempting the opposite of harm.

    You could work to better the world you live in with the tools at your disposal (voting, for the lesser of two evils). If you don't, then you only have yourself to blame when no one helps you.

  • 'The gold rush is over:' Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon devs say that big Game Pass and Epic exclusive deals have dried up for indie devs
  • You do realize those are usually exclusive for only a year, right? So EGS pays them out for a year of exclusivity and then the devs are free to launch on steam and others.

    The thing is, often if they don't get that first infusion of cash from a deal with EGS (or another investor) they don't get to complete or even launch the game at all. So it never would make it to the other markets.

  • BitTorrent is No Longer the 'King' of Upstream Internet Traffic
  • Pretty sure folks are referring to streaming sites meaning like Netflix. The person you are responding to said "click and go" referring to services like YouTube and Hulu not sketchy "streaming" sites like what you are describing that require some hoops to go through to make don't download a virus.