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Crypto Scammers Are Targeting Trump’s MAGA Supporters
  • I ask myself this every day. Why not just sell some MAGA Jesus trinkets?

    When I am feeling more altruistic than greedy, why not toss up a bunch of "PATRIOTS THE COUNTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP TO FIGHT ELECTION FRAUD" and then just donate all the proceeds to campaigns for people against insurrection and fake electors. There's no lie or fraud on that, just exploiting the bias of delusional clowns. I guess "patriots" is a lie, that's about it.

  • Roger Stone Caught on Tape Discussing Trump’s Plan to Challenge 2024 Election
  • Fuck if I know. You're whining about being called a tankie. I can explain why that happens in general. You'll have to figure the rest out on your own. Maybe if you do some reading and educate yourself you can get there.

  • Roger Stone Caught on Tape Discussing Trump’s Plan to Challenge 2024 Election
  • If you're upset about being called a tankie, you could cross-reference what you are urging people to do with what the Republican party wants people to do. And then stop that.

    In general I would recommend being antifascist in a way that isn't the exact same actions as overt fascism with the only difference being the rhetoric justifying the actions.

  • You have ZERO financial privacy
  • I don't understand how people are buying Monero or how it is possible to spend it. Who is selling 3D printers and gun parts for Monero without shipping it that this guy would have been able to get away with?

  • 376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • Great idea. The school can set up a firing range with tiny silhouettes in the gym for teachers to practice putting down a little child. We'll just add "marksman" on top of the other responsibilities they're already underpaid for.

  • Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • I was hoping they'd get the price down to something sane. It looks like it could be a cool tool for CAD. Of course there won't be any input available from a non-Apple computer so I still wouldn't want one.