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Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • I can't read the link but if we just gauge the health of the indie game portion of the industry by how many games are released, I think the only conclusion you can make is that it's quite healthy. In no small part due to steam which provides discoverability for smaller titles and handles a lot of the technical stuff (downloads, multi-player, even drm) so indie devs don't have to.

    You just seem to have a chip on your shoulder in this department and it's not clear why other than "billionaires are bad".

  • President Biden tested positive for COVID-19.
  • I really hope if for no other reason that I spent a fair bit of time in 2020 telling my friends that Biden wouldn't make it all the way to the end of his term. I wish the guy well but I love being right.

  • Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • Provide one example if it's so ubiquitous. I have been following the EGS discourse for years and never seen anyone complain about the free games.

    Maybe complaints about how the games aren't worth it because you have to use EGS, sure. I've made that joke myself. That's a different complaint though.

  • Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
  • Go ask any indie developer if they think the 30% cut valve takes from sales through steam means they're "getting fucked". I can assure you, the vast majority do not.

    Serving files, absorbing the costs of credit card payments and charge backs, and maintaining community forums is worth the 30% alone. Hell, just being able to list your product on the most popular store is worth it for some people.

    In my industry, physical stores won't even consider stocking your product for less than 40pts of margin and the big guys expect you to absorb the freight costs as well.

    30% on storefront sales and you can sell your own keys for 100% profit on your own site is more than fair.

  • Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • This is just an anecdote but word came down from the c suite today to start getting all our ducks in a row and make plans for huge tariff increases next year.

    I work in a fairly liberal leaning industry too. The bosses see the writing on the wall for Biden. The last time this happened we upped our prices on everything regardless of country of origin. Market segmentation and pricing strategy is a thing and this will affect prices for all goods.

  • Trump documents case dismissed by federal judge
  • The Democrat party has had an influx of never Trump centrists and even milquetoast conservatives. The dems will be moving right ward to accommodate those new pick ups until the Maga crowd fizzles out and conservatives go back to the GOP.

    Or we have a complete realignment and the parties flip. It's happened before.

  • Judge dismisses classified documents case against Donald Trump
  • To paraphrase margery tyrell, "He doesn't care about the consequences because he doesn't intend to suffer them."

    Trump has fallen ass backwards into a perpetual get out of jail free card. Is it any wonder he acts with impunity when events time after time prove that he is effectively immune from all but the most trivial inconveniences?

    I've never been more glad to be child free.

  • Trump documents case dismissed by federal judge
  • We are dangerously close to an emperor has no clothes moment in regards to the rule of law. When people digest that the law is whatever it needs to be to suit the needs of the moment, they'll operate as if there is no law and they'll be right. I fear we are already past the point of no return.

    All for Donald fucking Trump.

  • Trump documents case dismissed by federal judge
  • People are picking sides. If you believe trump will win, and you're a coward, and you know that he will go on a reign of terror after inauguration then it makes sense to get in line as soon as possible. Last in line are first against the wall after all. And there will be people against the wall. Mark my words.

    Pelosi, Obama, Biden and his family, shumer, aoc, and Cohen will be arrested for treason within weeks and executed. I know it sounds crazy but... ::gestures vaguely at everything::

  • That didn't take him long at all.
  • A lot of people just saw the race tilt wildly in trumps favor and are or will be moving very fast to put themselves in trumps good graces before he starts nationalizing companies and executing hold outs for treason.

    Expect to see more of this shit on Monday.

  • Why is the pundit class so desperate to push Biden out of the race? | Rebecca Solnit
  • Polling doesn't matter at this point. I am a vehement "anyone but trump" voter and I have serious doubts that Biden can be president today. Doubts I never had before the debate. My eyes and my ears work perfectly fine and pretending Biden isn't running on fumee is the actually disingenuous position.