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Bonus points if you're wearing a lounging robe
  • "yea, i know brandy. she lives two trailers over"

  • When you stop and think about it.
  • and i wouldn't want to see diaper don on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition.

  • Live Updates: Trump Lashes Out After Conviction in Misleading Speech
  • the news on regular tv last night was totally lopsided. tons of 'reaction' from the right and far-right, hardly anything from anyone else.

  • Amazon, Walmart, and Target finally realize their colossal pricing mistake—now they’re slashing costs to win back customers
  • the only one within an hour of here has very high prices. they basically feed off of walmart hate, and charge those customers a premium for the convenience of not having to drive an hour (each way) to get to the next nearest store that isn't them or walmart.

  • Amazon, Walmart, and Target finally realize their colossal pricing mistake—now they’re slashing costs to win back customers
  • ya. basically they hit that 'tipping point' where the increased profit margins from the higher prices is no longer keeping up with the decrease in sales volume resulting from those ever-increasing prices.

  • "but- But- inflation go brrrr 🥺👉👈"
  • 10 years, double the prices? ain't that far off.

    at our mcd, at least that much for many, if not most, things on their menu. everything i (used to) buy there, anyway. and way more than that for the former 'dollar menu' items. beverages the least affected, although it's now probably double, too (the large cup shrunk on top of the ~ 90% increase since then).

  • When you stop and think about it.
  • and that's pretty much where the similarities end.

  • What would an ENSH*TTIFIED Linux distro look like?
  • see also: chromebook's chromeos

  • Louisiana chemical plant threatens to shut down if EPA emissions deadline isn't relaxed
  • they ain't gonna shut it down.. not before some shenanigans involving new corporate entities, loads of debt, and a bankruptcy that ends up with the feds (taxpayers) with the clean-up bill.

  • Biden pledges to name progressives to the Supreme Court, suggesting he expects vacancies
  • also 13 original colonies.. 13 stripes on the flag.

    some magahead: so that means 1.2..3..4.....7 republicans........ and 1..2....6 confederates?

  • Android 15 is on the way. And it's pretty bad
  • it'll be covered on screen 73 of the 'agreement' required to use the device.

  • This automatic faucet that need the hands to be between the wall and the water to turn on.
  • at the office we have the ones you have to push down--and hold for the water to run. i've encountered them elsewhere and you get 10-20 seconds before the water shuts off... ours doesn't. by the time you get your hand down to the water, it's shut off.

  • Delivery Goes Wrong: New Cybertruck Slices Owner's Wrist During Inspection
  • i've seen two of these things around here. they've both been on the flatbed of a local towing service.

  • Bribery schmibery. Make them pay for their stupidity
  • a lot of it is just using the name via licensing.. not made by them.

  • Live Updates: Closing Arguments to Begin in Trump Criminal Trial
  • i half expect a hung jury. there's bound to be one maga on the jury that won't budge.

  • Have you ever bough an external hardrive only to take the disk out of it?
  • i bought a few smr drives, knowing they were smr. they were cheaper, a lot cheaper than the same amount of space in cmr. used only for static media storage, so that's not a big deal, really., but holy hell was it slow getting stuff on them initially.

    i have a few self-powered externals that are also smr (quite common with those as they use 2.5in notebook hdd). when those things have to start shuffling bits around and rewriting tracks, sustained write speeds fall well under what even usb2 can send.

  • Have you ever bough an external hardrive only to take the disk out of it?
  • i bought a big external hdd recently on impulse... a clearance sale. it was really, really cheap. with the thinking that i could 'shuck' it because i'm short on space in a couple storage systems. i checked. i can, but i haven't. hell, i haven't even used it yet other than to run a full smart diag on it, followed by a full format and a read/write verify. took days. then i put it back in the box and have basically forgotten about it until now.

    you have to be careful on what models you buy. some have usb built onto the controller board (no internal sata) or other things (e.g. encryption chip, weird power) that make it more difficult or even impossible to use the internal drive in an environment other than the enclosure it ships in.

  • Proposed Texas GOP platform calls for the Bible in schools, electoral changes that would lock Democrats out of statewide office
  • these clowns have shifted so far to the right, they're in danger of falling off the edge of the earth.

  • T-Mobile to acquire most of U.S. Cellular in $4.4 billion deal
  • tmobile (and sprint when it existed) and att suck around here. they are only built-up along the interstate. verizon (through acquisitions) and uscc were the legacy cellular providers. towers everywhere, in every small town and every other farm field in between. it'll make tmobile better here, but at the expense of higher prices across-the-board with one less player in a game with far too few left.

  • best streaming device to pair with a pc monitor and speakers?

    this is for mostly amazon prime, netflix, and siriusxm use (already subscribed to and currently used via browser on a pc).

    needs to allow using 3.5mm speakers and have a button (not voice only) remote.

    the user is a stubborn old guy who likes the speakers and monitor (it's a big dell p-series 1080p, hdmi or dp available) he has on his pc now. doesn't want to buy a tv or new speakers/soundbar and refuses to even consider an actual tv even though what he's looking for amounts to a 'smart tv' experience.

    are there any current options for a streaming stick or box that has 3.5mm audio output (not on the remote like some roku have for bundled headphones)? thank you.


    wifi printer setup for a non-mac user

    someone's bringing me their imac, a new brother wifi-capable mfc printer, and their dsl modem/wifi router combo unit. in theory, i should be able to hook up the printer to the wifi (the mac should already be configured for it) and set it up here, even without the modem part connected to the internet (its wifi and local lan will still work)--and they take it all back home, reconnect, and everything 'just works'.

    i haven't used a mac day-to-day since the se/30 days. any tips? or is it as simple as connecting the printer to the wifi (manually via the printer's panel) and running the installer from brother's web site (carried over to the mac via a fat32 usb flash drive)? or is there something else i'll need to know? the mac has os13.6. thanks!