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  • Dead to rights. So true.

  • Medicaid is paying millions for salty, fat-laden ‘medically tailored’ cheeseburgers and sandwiches
  • Many common sense notions are parroted without any research into whether or not they are categorically true. Some are apocryphal, others might be true. There is definitely a lot of waste and corruption in anything that is human endeavor, I can agree.

  • That's a bold strategy...
  • ACAB means HR too.

  • Axel Hellmann wants to turn Waldstadion “into a castle” again Axel Hellmann will das Stadion wieder „zu einer Burg machen“

    Axel Hellmann hat in der Sommerpause alles kritisch hinterfragt und forderte Selbstreflexion. (Foto: IMAGO / Jan Huebner) Der Vorstandssprecher der Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, Axel Hellmann, hat sich im Zuge des Trainingsauftakt der Presse gestellt und einige Thematiken angesprochen...

    Axel Hellmann will das Stadion wieder „zu einer Burg machen“

    Hellmann gave a press conference interview where he talked about the analysis of last season. The analysis covered different aspects, including self criticisms from the staff. He believes Eintracht has a really strong team with a strong coaching staff, but thinks they have to make fans believe again.

    He said something that he may come to regret in his exact choice of words:

    >This club has its own peculiarities and that does not depend on where we are in the league table. Please do not take this in pyrotechnic terms: We have to turn this stadium into a castle in which we can ignite people.

    While his statement is very true, we might see some ultra light shows at his request this season. 😆 🔥 🧨 🔥

    Original story:

    Medicaid is paying millions for salty, fat-laden ‘medically tailored’ cheeseburgers and sandwiches
  • Yeah I read the article too. I want to see the available options for each category. Hospitals offer food options in different categories that have a range of healthiness that seems questionable too. Then again, folks in hospitals under tremendous stress should be able to treat themselves time and again. I hope they improve their menu, don't get me wrong.

  • Medicaid is paying millions for salty, fat-laden ‘medically tailored’ cheeseburgers and sandwiches
  • Let's shame Medicaid folks. I'm all for criticizing some things and behaviors but this really feels like a conservative dogwhistle attack. If someone who's receiving taxpayer funded food at home wants a cheeseburger now and then, I'm happy that my taxes are giving them some comfort.

  • Bitcoin Symbol Lit Up On The Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel In California After City of Santa Monica Opens "Bitcoin Office"
  • Cool, that's a lot of text, but block chain is extremely energy intensive and there are no benefits over regular currency. Just because some people have it doesn't lend it credibility.

  • European football federation UEFA's due diligence questioned as 'EURO 2024' sponsors Alibaba, BYD, Vivo linked to forced labour and other controversies
  • They, like all leagues, have kits that are made by slave labor and changed every year for no other reason than fast fashion capitalism. They don't have ethics. Money talks.

  • Bitcoin Symbol Lit Up On The Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel In California After City of Santa Monica Opens "Bitcoin Office"
  • I'm referring to the cryotocurrency scam/fad being in the past. It is strange seeing this in 2024.

  • Do recent explanations solve the mysteries of aerodynamic lift?
  • The article is much less about the principle, because even it says it is scientifically true. The focus of the article is "we can't, like, explain it, man!" It's a really long "how do magnets work" piece.

  • Dimension portal: please watch your step
  • Well, I mean, they've been there. Irrefutable.

  • Nearly half of adult cancer deaths in the US could be prevented by making lifestyle changes, study finds | CNN
  • Perhaps if the rich and corporations paid more taxes, lifestyle changes would be substantively easier for us schlubs.

  • U.S. military fails to reconnect Gaza pier, says mission will end soon
  • Successfully pumped more money into the military and the industry so for them it is probably mission success. What a dumb fucking stunt.

  • Why are many people in America so politically unaware?
    1. Corporate media with bias to keep the discourse between two seemingly distant yet very close poles.

    2. Lack of corporate and rich taxation

    3. Structural defunding and discrediting the public education system

    4. Atomized working class

  • Why are many people in America so politically unaware?
  • It may be true, but this is programmed in by corporate media and our lack of education on these subjects. Maintaining our echo chambers is by design, and not our design.

  • Hasebe Strengthens U21 Coaching Team Hasebe verstärkt U21-Trainerteam

    Im Anschluss an seine aktive Laufbahn übernimmt der 40-Jährige erstmals ein Traineramt und komplettiert das neue U21-Trainerteam.

    Hasebe verstärkt U21-Trainerteam

    It has been known for some time, but now it is official: After 304 competitive matches and 24,606 minutes of competitive play for Eintracht Frankfurt, Makoto Hasebe is moving. Not the club, but from defense to the sidelines: The Asian with the most Bundesliga games of all time (384) will stay with the Eagles and will be Dennis Schmitt's assistant coach in the new U21 coaching team for the 2024/25 season alongside Arber Mustafa and Dennis Merten (focus on analysis). This will be the first time that the 2018 DFB Cup winner and 2022 UEFA Europa League winner has taken on a coaching position, but Hasebe is not breaking new ground. The 114-time Japanese international took his first steps in coaching during his active career. At the end of 2021, he successfully took part in the DFB 'Players Pathway' project, as part of which he coached the then U15 team at Riederwald, among others. The 40-year-old now holds the B+ license. Hasebe, who was named Asia's international footballer of the year in 2018, will start his duties on September 1st and will bring his experience from almost 700 competitive matches as a professional to Eintracht's oldest training team.

    Alexander Richter, head of the youth performance center: "We are very, very proud to have won Makoto as a coach for our youth performance center. He has shown great interest in starting his coaching career with Eintracht Frankfurt's youth team. We are very happy to accompany him on this path and will try to develop him further in this new role. In the first few meetings, Makoto was very friendly and open and we are sure that our boys can benefit as much as possible from his extensive experience."

    Makoto Hasebe: "I am of course looking forward to the new challenge and am very grateful to Eintracht for giving me this opportunity. I am also incredibly happy to be able to continue working at this club. I was a professional footballer for 23 years and have gained a lot of experience during that time, but the job of a coach is completely different. First of all, I need to gain as much experience as possible in my new position and develop myself step by step."

    Archived Link:


    The new target player? Eintracht's hope for a breakthrough Der neue Zielspieler? Eintrachts Hoffnung auf den Durchbruch

    Igor Matanovic kehrt nach einem starken Leih-Jahr zur Eintracht Frankfurt zurück. Der junge Stürmer könnte Toppmöllers lang ersehnten ‚Zielspieler‘ verkörpern.

    Der neue Zielspieler? Eintrachts Hoffnung auf den Durchbruch

    Krösche and Toppmüller continue to speak very directly about Igor Matanović and his development as a target man striker. Could he be a missing piece of the Eintracht formation that unlocks scoring potential of the club?

    Translated into English:

    Archived Link:


    Eintracht Expecting EPL Transfer Attack in August

    Buried under Bahoya's kid bro attaching himself to the SGE, and Trapp's thoughts on the first day of training, there is a blurb about transfer poaching. Krösche expects Willian Pacho and Omar Marmoush to get offers from the EPL in August once the transfer window starts to shake out. For context, Transfermarkt currently has Pacho's value set at €35m and Marmoush's set at €22m. The fees established by Krösche seem to indicate that he's declared them as off the market.

    Link Translated to English:

    Archived Link:


    Højlund Signed

    Eintracht appears to have signed Oscar Højlund as training begins.

    Birdsite link


    SGE on the Verge of Signing Midfielder Oscar Højlund Eintracht Frankfurt wohl an Dänen-Talent dran: Familien-Duell in der Europa League?

    Eintracht Frankfurt soll mit Kopenhagen um einen Wechsel von Oscar Hojlund verhandeln. In der Europa League könnte es dann zum Familien-Duell kommen.

    Eintracht Frankfurt wohl an Dänen-Talent dran: Familien-Duell in der Europa League?

    19 year old Danish central midfielder looks set to join Eintracht. Reportedly, the club will pay approximately €1.4 million, while his value is currently set at €700k.

    Archived article:

    English Translation:


    Recap of Toppmüller's Preseason Chat Eintracht Frankfurt: Bundesliga-Vorbereitung im Angriffsmodus

    Dino Toppmöller weckt vor dem Start der Vorbereitung auf die neue Bundesliga-Saison hohe Erwartungen bei der Frankfurter Eintracht. Der Trainer wird sich daran messen lassen müssen.

    Eintracht Frankfurt: Bundesliga-Vorbereitung im Angriffsmodus

    Toppmüller says to expect more goals this season. I should hope so!

    Translated into English:


    Zembrod and Fießer Added as Assistant Coaches

    The start of training is bringing finalization to coaching needs and organizational needs.

    Zembrod worked alongside Toppmüller under Nagelsmann at Bayern. Fießer, a former Eintracht youth player and assistant coach for SGE, comes with recent experience as an assistant with Vitesse Arnheim and VfL Bochum.

    They are both signed on and expected on the touchline tomorrow for the start of training. That brings the total assistant coach count to four. Zembrod and Fießer join Stefan Buck and Erwin Bradasch as assistant coaches to Toppmüller. Bradasch has departed the club as of today per:

    A technical director role reporting to Timmo Hardung is expected to be filled by Gelson Fernandes, Permin Schwegler, or Marco Neppe. Fernandes and Schwegler are both former Eintracht players, both with experience in club management since they retired. Neppe's bona-fides is from Bayern, where he was in a similar role.

    English Translation (If anyone knows of a translation site which serves translated links that isn't Google, please hit me up):


    Planning for New Stadium for the Eintracht

    More rumblings about a potential new stadium in Frankfurt. CEO Axel Hellmann says that it is time to start planning for a new stadium since it takes roughly 15 years to get one planned and built. He's looking towards 2040 and the needs of the club then.

    Eintracht currently leases the stadium from the city for use. As the primary user of the stadium, it is said that they get priority on decisions, but the pitch has suffered in prime time matches for Eintracht and for international play. Owning a stadium could prove important for the future of the club.


    Possible New Assistant Coaches to Help Toppmüller

    Support for head coach Toppmöller? SGE is apparently planning to support head coach Dino Toppmöller by hiring more experienced assistants. In addition to the current assistant coaches Erwin Bradasch and Stefan Buck, one or two more assistants are to be added. This is a reaction to the findings of the past season, in which Toppmöller was often under considerable pressure - and perhaps even overstretched. One possible candidate is Xaver Zembrod, a familiar colleague from his time at Bayern Munich under Julian Nagelsmann, as confirmed again today by the newspaper "Bild". According to reports, the 57-year-old will join the team on Wednesday.


    New Technical Director to help Hardung? Aktuelle News von Eintracht Frankfurt im Ticker

    Hier gibt es aktuelle Nachrichten über Eintracht Frankfurt von der Sportredaktion des Hessischen Rundfunks.

    Aktuelle News von Eintracht Frankfurt im Ticker

    Report: Eintracht looking for technical director

    Eintracht Frankfurt is apparently drawing its conclusions from the past season and, according to the Frankfurter Rundschau, has identified a vacuum around the position of sports director Timmo Hardung. Accordingly, the Bundesliga club is planning to create a position, "for example that of a technical director, who will work at the interface between the professional team, coaching team, sports director and sports director". The newspaper names former Eintracht players Gelson Fernandes and Pirmin Schwegler as well as Marco Neppe, who previously held the same position at FC Bayern, as candidates.


    Tonkotsu Ramen

    I make tonkotsu broth and keep it around for when I need something warm and comforting. It has soft boiled soy sause infused ramen eggs, spring onion, and nori.

    I need to step up my game and keep some roasted and pureed garlic and toasted sesame around but this will do at my desk at work.



    First contract for widening I-70 approved by Missouri highways commission First contract for widening I-70 approved by Missouri highways commission • Missouri Independent

    The first contract for reconstruction of Interstate 70 was awarded Wednesday by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

    First contract for widening I-70 approved by Missouri highways commission • Missouri Independent

    Despite bodies of evidence, Missouri moves forward with adding lanes to interstate 70 highway without any public transit infrastructure additions. We know the outcome already.