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Don't be a tool of the corpos and the state.
  • Why not buy some under water drills and an underwater propulsion device then go down to the marina and sink some expensive yatchs? How about slashing some police tires?

    Why not study an industry you wanna take down and figure out how? Or gather an online flash mob and invade a conservative website or institution. How about running for office at your local council? Or sending letters to good and bad politicians saying what you think. Contact the media about something you believe but make sure it's the right level for what you're saying.

    Or go read some leftwing theory.

  • Don't be a tool of the corpos and the state.
  • I actually go out in my tactical gear with my open carry, and tap on their windows then give them the "gonna let you off with a warning" speech. It's so fun and makes me feel strong and powerful.

    Plus I get to scope out the ladies, if ya know what I mean ;)

  • Another classic
  • In a lost in the wilderness survival situation you probably want to scout the lay of the land from where you are, then follow the valleys to the nearest water source, or coast, as settlements are usually by the water.

  • Chinese planes 'increasingly provocative' to Taiwan
  • The Official title of Taiwan is The Republic of China.

    They still allowed the KMT (aka The Chinese Nationalist Party), to participate in their Democracy even though it ran the country as an anti-democracy Authoritarian state for 40 years.

    Taiwan and China do a lot of trade together, a war would be difficult for both of them.

  • In Star Trek, Commander Data is socially awkward because he lacks training data. This might be because he was built and developed in isolation from the rest of society.
  • Technically he's a Spock stand in: hyper logical but not quite getting humanity.

    This characteristic... In fact lots of characteristics get shared and mix and matched across DS9, TNG, and Voyager.

    In Voyager Seven of Nine and The Doctor are the "not quite understanding humanity" characters. In DS9, it's Odo.

    Ideally newer Trek would do this too, but it might also want to have:

    A quirky or modded engineer: LaForge, O'Brien, Scotty, Be'lana.

    A superior strength character: Spock, Data, Odo, Worf, Seven of Nine, Tuvok.

    ...and maybe a couple of psychic characters, Spock, Kes, Tuvok, Seven of Nine, Benjamin.

    You'll probably also need some mentally brilliant characters, a Klingon, and someone who doesn't fit in due to a negative background and is jaded about it.

    ...a brilliant doctor helps too.

    These characteristics are needed so you can write certain storyline types and stand alone episodes.

  • Byron Looper - Obsessed with his political career, he legally changed his middle name to "(Low Tax)" and murdered his election opponent
  • It's a certain mentally that sometimes makes that change. Lyndon Larouche made the change and became a conspiracy theorist, as did Jordan Peterson.

    It's an interesting path, but sometimes it's expressive of someone who feels betrayed by Western Democratic Liberalism as a whole (aka society). That kind of person is often an outsider, and outsiders can do some strange and sometimes even dangerous things.

  • Trump supporters are now wearing diapers to show their support for Von ShitzInPantz. You couldn't pay me to do this let alone take a picture of it.
  • Why does shitting your pants seem such an American phenomena? I've seen or heard about this activity through reddit a couple of times, and also on "people of walmart".

    Is it a dietary thing? A cultural thing? is it just because most media is American? What's the deal America?