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Steam Deck Now Cheaper Than A Switch During Valve's Big Summer Sale
  • Which police again dipshit dumbass crayon-eating cunt rocket? Never did answer my question of who you reported me to. And when you figure that out you can tell me what law I broke you shit sipping scum bucket?

  • US Olympic and other teams will bring their own AC units to Paris, undercutting environmental plan
  • It was far more nuanced than that. They also wanted their own lane on 91 so they wouldn't have to deal with Boston traffic.

    • “Mass media encouraging citizens and tourists to use public transportation and carpooling”
    • “Flexible hours at local businesses”
    • “Rerouting long-haul trucking around the city”
    • “Intelligent highway systems technology”
    • “Manually-controlled traffic lights”
    • “New one-way streets in busy areas to create better flow”

    Never been more proud to go tell the IOC to go fuck themselves with a huge cactus.

  • Statewide plastic bag ban passes the Massachusetts Senate
  • You have to put it somewhere where it will interrupt your normal thought patterns when you go shopping. It will take some time before you begin to remember but eventually it will become part of your thought pattern... ["Wallet, keys, phone, bag..."]

  • CAD Aniki 🌱🌿

    Beyond TinkcerCAD

    What CAD can you guys recommend for progressing beyond TinkerCAD?

    I really enjoy OpenSCAD and will continue to build that skillset but sometimes I just want to much about with a mouse in 3D space. I used to really enjoy doing mockups in SketchUP when that was still a free Google project.

    I'm definitely not designing engines or commercial products. I'm mostly just designing small things for the 3D printer.

    Also, Open Source is a must. I'd rather struggle with a free product that could be made better than pay for a commercial product that does way more than what I need it for.


    Finally! My own working LCARs panels!

    I've been putting this off for way too long but I finally installed the LCARs theme in my HA and got to work redesigning all my dashboards.


    ESPHome advanced troubleshooting

    I started mucking about with ESPHome yesterday and setup a WROOM with an AHT22 temp/humidity sensor. Running the wizard and adding the configs is easy-peasy. I started to have issues as soon as I wanted to flash.

    • If the AHT22 is plugged in, I cannot flash the device over USB.
    • I can check the serial logs once the device is flashed and then plug in the AHT22 once the device is booted and get readings, but
    • Once I unplug the ESP32 from the serial port and plug it into a power supply, I got nothing. No network activity at all.
    • Unplug the AHT22, plug into the power source, wait a few seconds, plug in the AHT22 has seemed to work correctly this morning and HA is pulling data but I tried that last night a few times and it didn't work -- so unsure why it's working this morning other than strange timing when I'm plugging the thing back in.

    I am using the basic esp32dev firmware, which I am assuming works because it DOES work, eventually, but I'm not confident I'm using the right base but I cannot figure out which one to use.

    9 China Opens Bomb Shelters For People To Escape Heatwave

    Cities around China opened bomb shelters to provide citizens with refuge from the heat, as exceptionally high temperatures across the country

    China Opens Bomb Shelters For People To Escape Heatwave