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Looking at you Verizon

A friendly reminder that isps do NOT care about you or your digital rights. Always best to buy directly from the OEM rather than from the telecommunications (unless you can't afford it). Do proper research before buying a phone!

The Internet is becoming genuinely unusable without an ad blocker
  • Don't feel bad for blocking their ads. The internet was never meant to have that much advertising in the first place. If websites can't afford to keep their site up then they probably don't need to be running it in the first place.

    If your site has to host spammy bloated malicious third party advertising then I think there's a bigger issue at stake. Users shouldn't have to sacrifice their privacy and security to view content. Also greed isn't the same as "we need ads to keep our site running" when clearly they are making enough but want more.

    It's honestly insane how tech illiterate people can't grasp this privacy concept and just learn to use a damn ad blocker. I don't mind justification but at some point you have to be the bad guy and fight back against cooperate greed.

    Stay strong. Firefox+uBlock origin is the goat!

  • GPT-4o has entered the chat


    Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days


    So what's changed Microsoft?

    Nintendo DMCA Notice Wipes Out 8,535 Yuzu Repos, Mig Switch Also Targeted.
  • Nintendo is one of the worst companies that always want to set an "example" about the DMCA. They don't realize they are fighting a battle they cannot win. Emulators are perfectly legal as long as the emulators don't contain any code that was in ownership from them.

    That being said, I'm betting some of those forks were following the DMCA but Nintendo still shut them down. This is where copyright needs to be reevaluated.

    I'm honestly not surprised they haven't gone after dolphin emulator since those devs contain the encryption keys to play the iso files.

  • If you see me on street.... Please do not approach me
  • I was talking to a friend the other about about this. He said he loves the Android OS. He said imagining putting Linux on it and I couldn't help but laugh. His eyes widened when I told him what Android really was

  • play store is a nightmare
  • Not only it's a nightmare but also invasive. I don't want Google Play scanning my apps constantly. Play protect has proven time and time again to not be very effective at stopping malicious apps. Turn that shit off.

    Call me a control freak but what I usually do is update my apps, turn off internet access to the Google play store and only grant internet access back to it when I decide I want to update my apps.

    Ads being flooded was expected to happen. It was only a matter of when they were going to start bloating the play store.

    Remember, companies don't care about YOU. They are only there to make profit.