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Pan frying a steak butter vs oil
  • Sear it in oil. Once the crust is formed you can ease off the heat, add the butter (garlic and herbs too, if you want) once it's safe, and baste. Basting might cause it to carry over cook a bit more, so be conservative with the core temp.

  • Scientific dietary advice
  • Yes, but was this specific one a result, or was it a 5 second fake because haha meme?

    I'm already pretty skeptical of "AI" in the LLM-algorithm-hell sense, but that doesn't mean people don't make things up for shits and giggles.

  • Feedback on hexclad cookware?
  • Here's why it's bullshit: it still has Teflon (or whatever). You still can't use metal utensils, because goodbye nonstick layer. You still can't get it searingly hot. The uneven surface could make cleaning more complicated. Any Teflon-like nonstick will accumulate wear and tear and thermal expansion stress until it cracks, peels or stops being nonstick, all of which are good reasons to throw it away for ergonomic and (probably) health reasons. Being surrounded by stainless or whatever is going to change none of that.

    I would suggest just getting one of each "major kind of pan" - nonstick and either cast iron or stainless will let you do most things. Getting all three doesn't need to break the bank either. Then you can save the nonstick for the stuff that really needs it, give everything else the heat and surface it deserves.

  • rule
  • I wouldn't be too comfy with b) either, as it sounds like a complete unicorn. At best, it's hard to know the "quality" of that backing and even then there are ethical and legal liabilities.

  • Most people are only half-listening
  • She probably agreed because that is at least a seamless way of "acknowledging" some totally incomprehensible bullshit that a stranger just told her.

    Not that I see how the sertraline dosage even came up, to be fair.

  • Why is time money and not, say... waffles?
  • Serious question? The principle is called "opportunity cost". Chilling out and touching grass is free - but you could also have spent that time working, producing stuff, learning or whatever. You have "lost out" on a potential benefit due to exactly how that time was spent.

  • /kbin meta amio

    Can't block Hexbear communities - with workaround

    So to my immense joy, Hexbear has started appearing on the front page again. Instance blocking is not available, and even the regular block feature sometimes fails (on certain communities?) for no clear reason. I've already tried blocking their "DuNk tAnK" and politics sub, it errors in a way that doesn't seem to happen otherwise. No idea why - more info on error pages would be nice - and I'm curious if that's reproducible for anyone else. (I'll hold off on being overly conspiracy-minded, but isn't it quite interesting that it doesn't seem to happen to other instances...)

    As a stopgap measure I've hacked together these uBlock Origin compatible filters. Fairly easy to change if you want to block other/additional instances - or narrow it to specific Hexbear communities, though I can't imagine why you'd want to.

    ``` ! block any post to hexbear communities > a.magazine-inline[href$=""])

    ! block any post from hexbear users a.user-inline[href$=""])



    World news vs US politics

    Please. All of this is mostly US politics. Please do not hijack "world news" to mean whatever new shit Desantis or someone else said this week. Every other magazine/community/whatever is already full of that shit. Please.

    Please. Please. Please.

    US politics already swamp out most of the content on the entire fediverse. It may seem like the world to you but there's almost 200 countries on this planet that are not the US.


    Thank you.