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Boomer Math


Apologies, The Ether Ate All My Centrist Posts Today


OK at it Again

The Link


Shout Out to Blue Maga

Caring deeply about my message exactly every 4 years is truly inspiring


The “Democratic” National Convention


The Definition of Political Violence

… sure seems restricted to bodily harm to elites.


“Stop dreaming that The West will one day wean itself away from colonial Violence”

A heartwarming story about how slaves are growing food for private charities to give to the poor.
  • Okay, so this is actually really interesting. It gets into how in the US, when we talk about slavery, we are specifically talking about chattel slavery as it was practiced in the Americas. And there’s actually a pretty strong argument that American chattel slavery is, if not unique in world history, it is more aberrant than other force labor systems throughout world history.

    Absolutely mass incarceration, and the force labor system that goes along with it are incredibly distinct from American style chattel slavery, but this is because they’re arguably more in line with what slavery, distinct from chattel slavery, ‘usually’ meant. Basing a forced labor system off of race is more or less a modern phenomenon . There’s some nuance, but slave codes basically make up the core of available written records on the development of race as a cultural concept. [big ol’ FOR THE WEST label here]

  • A heartwarming story about how slaves are growing food for private charities to give to the poor.


    The Police are a Real and Present Threat


    It is Not Illegal, Yet*.


    Colonialism is Patriarchal White Supremacy


    36,000 Frozen for Months … Since They Leveled the Health Ministry


    Freedom it’s Free - It Has an Itemized Price Tag


    FedEx is Helping the Police Spy on You

    Originally reported in Forbes


    Academic Indoctrination


    Just CIA Things


    Bringing it Back for Honor of the British Elections

    Oh em gee, is France breaking the cycle?

    M aybe :T


    Square Dancing, Henry Ford, and Jazz.


    Devastating, the Worst Politician from the 2000s Said Something You Agree With


    Housing Crisis

    Fact Check

    Based on currently available numbers, there are about 31 vacant housing units for every homeless person in the U.S.

    American Chattel Slavery Might Be Uniquely Cruel in World History
  • Brazil is Americas??

    Edit: But, yes, same deal. The racialized element of the forced labor system is what I’m referring to. The social concept of race is modern. sustained, large scale, intercontinental?migrations are required. And it was this forced labor system, mostly in the tropics.. depending how you measure…

    The uniquely cruel aspect to chattel slavery in the continental US was the breeding programs.

  • Did You Know? The DNC is the Main Funder of American Fascism
  • Look, I’m not contesting the viability of the strategy. I am reframing the available evidence to you know explain why things are getting worse and it’s the Democrats fault. All right funding. The American fascist movement is not a viable long-term strategy. And it is why the Democrats are as an institution, cable, and in the broader terms completely ready and willing to tuck and roll through the transition from the current authoritarian governance that they make up and the fascist one that they expect under the Republicans

  • What are our freedoms doing in Kuwait?
  • IDK man it kind of feels like you’re the one being obtuse, not engaging with the critique of imperialism.

    to respond,: Afghanistan. Taliban. Did 911. US invaded over it. …Okay. And then…And uh.then., Lost. Lost, rather badly, as I heard it. Oh and they gave Lockheed Martin and Raytheon 50 trillion dollars.

    My issue with Kuwait is like, the US is still there. And it has been the entire time.

  • Did You Know? The DNC is the Main Funder of American Fascism
  • I mean,. I didn’t put a lot into communicating the actual point because I anticipated the reception. It’s a bit self-fulfilling, but here we are. It’s a very specific accusation. The main financial driver. Like the main millions of dollars contributing to the absolute worst of the worst the most far right of the far right in American politics,. The American fascists. is the Democratic Party. Because,. So far as I can tell, they genuinely believe their own bullshit about electability.