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i type way too much about video games and sometimes music

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Ubisoft says it’s ‘actively working’ on Driver franchise projects
  • I mean, Ubisoft has been publishing the series for at least 14 years. It's pretty solidly theirs. They'd have to willingly give it up.

  • Halloween Lovers
  • I'm suspicious that they were 7 last year given their conduct here today.

  • What would you like for everyone to know about the type of job you have?
  • If you work around forklifts, never trust the driver. Ideally they're being safe and watching out for you, but don't gamble on it. They're heavier than a car and can very easily kill you or at the least break your foot and it will be an arduous healing process.

  • Weekend check in. What's going on with your weekend?
  • Recording the last song with my band before departing from them. Bittersweet, but it's a change I needed.

  • What video games would you rather watch someone else play than play it yourself?
  • That's interesting, I like playing those because the entire pathway is often unique to me, what about them makes you not curious to know your own path?

  • What video games would you rather watch someone else play than play it yourself?
  • I read the first two sentences and diggy diggy hole started playing in my head. Thank you for that. I haven't decided if I'm being sarcastic yet.

  • What is your favorite movie? Or, what is your favorite genre of film?
  • I like psychologically interesting movies, though my favorites aren't necessarily all like that. Some big ones for me:

    Spirited Away - Miyazaki film about a girl who stops off at an abandoned amusement park while driving to a new house with her parents, who eat food meant for spirits and become pigs. She is unable to escape and ends up in the spirit world, enslaved by a witch who controls a spirit bathhouse as the protagonist attempts to rescue her parents and escape

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - a man and woman break up in a very lightly sci fi world where it's possible to erase people's memories, and they choose to erase each other and inevitably the man regrets it as it's happening in his mind

    Perfect Blue - animated Japanese film about an Idol who tries to escape Idol life by becoming an actress, which is an incredibly difficult and stressful process as she deals with a stalker and the film/TV industry at the same time. As the movie continues she becomes so stressed and tired that the lines between reality and the films she's in begin to blur together and she starts to lose grip on reality.

    21 and 22 Jump Street - FUCK they're just well written and well executed comedy.

  • What is your favorite Audiobook?
  • Probably Mythos, Heroes, and Troy written and read by Stephen Fry. He writes Greek Mythology in a digestible, entertaining, but still information dense way, and he's an excellent narrator, of course.

  • I hope the driver's name is Bill
  • I will have to start!

  • I hope the driver's name is Bill
  • Technically the car's name would be Bill, and the driver would be like... Bill's internal organs. What organs do these things have?

  • XDefiant producer says players ‘can move on’ if they’re struggling with bugs
  • Oh no, you're correct there, it's just sort of a shame that they took an otherwise pretty level tweet and then made the headline sound like he was being dismissive

  • XDefiant producer says players ‘can move on’ if they’re struggling with bugs
  • I mean, the article is just 70% quoting the guy's tweet, it's barely an article.

  • Danganronpa-Inspired Card Battler 'Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter' Announces Kickstarter Campaign In New Gameplay Trailer
  • Oh no, I'm not talking about how deeply interesting the name is. Just the fact that the cat has the word anus in its name.

    Edit: I also sound pretty judgmental in my comments about this game. I do genuinely want it to be good! I just feel it's an easy trap for a game to be so directly influenced as it draws high comparisons. I assume the devs know what they're getting into there, so I hope they pull it off on release! Lots of games have high level similarities that don't mean much when you're in the nitty gritty of playing it. I hope it's the case here.

  • Danganronpa-Inspired Card Battler 'Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter' Announces Kickstarter Campaign In New Gameplay Trailer
  • Yeah, the gameplay would have to really redeem it. Looking at the trailer it is unlikely they'll outdo or even match Danganronpa in art style, music, and it'll be tough to see how it stacks up in writing and worldbuilding. It also seems to lack voice acting. The advantage is that Danganronpa's mini games have been mostly just tolerable to me, so the card system could almost easily beat it there, but I never played Danganronpa for the gameplay anyway.

    To take this much inspiration is dangerous because if it falls short enough of Danganronpa's quality, then people looking for this sort of story would be easily recommended to play the established, polished series instead. Also, nobody is gonna mention that they named the big evil cat Nyanus?

  • My (re)discovery of roguelites
  • That's a good comparison. I suppose both games use permadeath, but don't end your run with them, and they both do feature the cyclical nature and variety of possibilities that you might expect from a roguelike.

  • Do you know any singleplayer games that are infinitely replayable?
  • That's one that I was hesitant to include, because I feel like it's more to do with my love of the era Bioware made, and nostalgia than it is a promotion of how the game holds up nowadays. But I personally love KoTOR!

  • Do you know any singleplayer games that are infinitely replayable?
  • Some single player games I've replayed often that aren't roguelikes would be...

    Dishonored Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 Prey 2017 Hitman, but specifically the World of Assassination games Bethesda RPGs Grand Theft Auto/Rockstar, specifically for me 5 or Red Dead Redemption Dark Souls (I replay it on offline mode predominantly anyway) Dying Light Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor/War Halo MCC campaigns Mount & Blade series Katana ZERO Vanquish/other platinum games

  • What's something you did or acquired that made your life way easier?
  • Ahh, I see, so the solution is that he needs to cut bone mass off his legs until he's 3 feet tall. Maybe eye surgery was the better option after all.

  • My (re)discovery of roguelites
  • That's a pretty excellent list. I don't think I'd call Xcom roguelike since its campaigns are incredibly long endeavours, but they are good games.

  • My (re)discovery of roguelites
  • You got some big ones. Just know what sorts of games you like to play and look for well reviewed roguelikes in those genres.

    I think the problem you may have had before is that you mistook roguelike for its own pure genre, when in the modern sense it's actually a game format and platform for gameplay, and the gameplay can be anything, from turn based to action, 2d to 3d. Traditional roguelikes like nethack are a genre, but roguelites/roguelikes nowadays can play like anything.

    Personally in the FPS roguelike department I've been really enjoying Roboquest.

  • What are some good places to start getting acquainted with American politics in as unbiased a manner as possible?

    What with the recent development in the supreme courts I'm feeling a necessity to do what I can with the time left, politically.

    However, aside from the most rudimentary basic terms I am basically completely ignorant to all politics on a state and federal level, and while I'd love to sit here and self loathe for my idiocy of not learning before it was important I need to start catching up and figuring out what I should be voting on and why.

    Of course I'm deathly afraid that indiscriminately googling will lead to me learning biased and compromised knowledge from sites that I don't even know are biased, ending up with a skewed and inaccurate understanding.

    While I know I could still be led astray by you guys, I figured it better to ask somewhere like here than to just wander off into the internet, so can anybody help me and people like me to start getting equipped?


    Account Linking FAQ from the Helldivers 2 discord

    The following is a paste of the "account linking FAQ they've posted on their discord containing time-frames for when the change kicks in. Particularly funny is the subtle "make an account in a different country" of point #3:

    "Here are the questions and answers that we have received regarding mandatory account linking so far. We will update this thread with any additional info if we receive it!

    **1. What’s the benefit of having a PlayStation Network Account? I don’t have a PlayStation. ** Account linking provides a consistent and reliable means of reporting, moderation, actioning and appeal for ALL Helldivers 2 players. We take online safety seriously and this is our main way to protect players from griefing and abuse: by enabling the banning and suspension of players that engage in that type of behaviour.

    By linking accounts, you have the benefit of our extensive support team infrastructure for reporting these bad actors (and our appeals process if you are banned/suspended). This all helps us to make Helldivers 2 a safer and more enjoyable space for everyone.

    **2. Why do I need a PlayStation Network account now? I didn’t when the game launched on Steam. ** Due to technical issues at the launch of HELLDIVERS™ 2, account linking was temporarily made optional. Now that the issue has been resolved, this grace period is expiring and we are reinstating the requirement to link accounts.

    **3. I am currently in a country or territory that is not PSN-enabled. Can I still sign in and link an account? ** PSN requires users to register in their country or territory of residence. Individuals who are traveling, working, or studying abroad may create an account in a country or territory different from the one in which they are currently located.

    **4. When is this happening? And how do I connect my PSN account to my Steam account? ** Current players on Steam: Current players on Steam will start to see the mandatory login from May 30th and will be required to have linked a Steam and PlayStation Network account by June 4th. New players on Steam: You will begin to see the account linking option appear when booting up Helldivers 2 from May 6th. To connect your accounts follow the prompts on screen. You will be required to link a Steam and PlayStation Network account from May 6th.

    **5. How will my data for account creation be used? Is it safe? ** However you choose to play, we strive to make gaming welcoming, secure, and inclusive for everyone. We’ve created easy-to-use tools to help you take control of who you interact with, how we use your personal information, and how it is displayed and shared.

    You can find more information on our privacy and safety features here:

    For more details about how we use your personal information, check the “Information Sharing and Transfers” section of our Privacy Policy:

    **6. I already have Helldivers 2 on PS5 and Steam, do I have to make a new account for the Steam version? ** No, you do not need to make a new PlayStation Network account. You can connect your current PlayStation Network account to your Steam account.

    **7. If I own Helldivers 2 on PS5 and Steam, will my progress be shared between platforms? ** No, progress on the PS5 and Steam version of Helldivers 2 remains separate at this time.

    **8. How do I sign up for a PlayStation Network account? ** You can create an account online via your phone/PC browser before you launch Helldivers 2, or you can create an account online when prompted to upon launching Helldivers 2.

    Support page:

    Direct account creation page:"