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Vivian Rule
  • one of the translators posted on their instagram that they specifically fought for making sure that vivian could be trans so this seems less so nintendo's doing and more so people within Nintendo of America pushing for it

  • Corporate Rule
  • that seems like a self inflicted problem, gamepass trained people not to purchase games but just use gamepass.

    this is dude on bike putting a stick in his wheels comic

  • Corporate Rule
  • it just seems so weird because they claimed the game succeeded based on every metric. Whats even the goal post anymore?

    Also this same parent company (xbox) spent 70 billion dollars buying Activision, like i feel this is just bad management.

  • Improvement Rule

    I posted an earlier blender image i made. this is my progress at 16 days using blender, been learning a lot.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Tell me tales of your life!

    Blender Rule
  • thats really cool 0:

  • Blender Rule
  • Hoodwinked is a rad movie. it shouldnt work and the animation was not the best even for the time, but the writing and voice acting def elevate it to something special, one of my favorite animated movies.

  • Blender Rule
  • thank you. i actually didnt know how blender worked a week ago but ive been practicing and watching tutorials. i think low poly is such a nice look and can be cute.

    Blender actually almost shut down in 2002 because investors pulled funding but then the creator asked the community to crowdfund so he could buy the rights to it and got the money in like a week because people liked it so much.

  • Blender Rule
  • thats cool! Good job!

  • Blender Rule
  • gives me such 2000s flashgame vibe. fun.

  • Blender Rule

    Been learning to make low poly stuff in blender. total newbie but for beginner i think it came out well c:

    What stuff have yall made or learnt recently, gay people in my phone?

    JoCat Rule
  • ghost girl

  • ENA Rule
  • well id like to be an abstract picasso shape person, that'd be pog but i get your point ^^'

  • ENA Rule
  • i mean sure but i dont think the picasso look is really that realistic haha, i mean i guess you can use facepaint, but also ENA's body is like made out of shapes, her hair has angles, like thats not really achievable. its mostly a joke anyway.

  • Tesla Rule
  • well shareholders are voting on it. hopefully like last time theyll deny him. But yes, money is made up

  • Fake Game Rule
  • a tad, its a bit funny watching a long ass video of him taking Garfield way too seriously, but at least from the few videos ive seen he tries to make it interesting and in many cases his enthusiasm about a subject such as the one depicted in this meme is infectious. idk i like him well enough

  • 3DS Rule
  • switch sadly is more difficult to hack unless you have an earlier model. maybe in the future it will become easier.

  • 3DS Rule
  • hacking is the ritual that turns people gay and/or trans :3 no word on henry cavill access

  • Will he Rule it?
  • it was a promo from before while seinfeld was still running. so this just aged poorly

  • Balatro Rule
  • ive never played poker in my life and i love it

  • Balatro Rule
  • its a poker-themed roguelike deckbuilder. sort of like slay the spire but with playing cards. jokers give effects and theres tarot cards, planet cards, spectral cards and so on and your goal is to get more and more poker chips through chaining things together or adding effects, playing different strategies. its really fun. its rather addictive once you get going

  • Crusader Rule
  • same boat but i havent really heard anything specifically bad about it