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Dems Mock Trump as ‘Too Old’ to Run—Like He Did to Biden
  • We’re getting public transit built out

    Nothing around me except wider highways, nor anyone I know. Unless the brightline is part of that, which is nice, but doesn't compete with airfare and driving.

    Caps on overdraft fees

    lmao just get rid of them, people who have no money don't need less penalties, they need no penalties. There is not a "medium overdraft fees" constituency who will vote against the dems if they get rid of overdraft fees.

    Capped the price of insulin

    See previous response. If you have the power to cap it, you have the power to make it free.

    he didn’t encourage his supporters to attack the Capitol Building and hang Mike Pence.

    Stop trying to make trump's army of divorced Jet Ski dealers sound cool. Most Americans hate congress and Mike Pence.

    Oh, and he didn’t get a bunch of Americans killed by Covid because he cared more about the stock market than people.

    He literally ended the covid protections, told people not to wear masks, and a bunch of Americans did receive long-term injury or death from covid before they stopped counting.

    I’d also like to see Ukraine not fall to Russia.

    Because of our actions, Ukraine will never be safe within our lifetimes. Every bomb we send is a bad day for someone, statistically mostly civilians. Any stance except peace as soon as possible demonstrates that you care less about the lives of the actual people living in Ukraine than you do supporting imperialism.

  • Dems Mock Trump as ‘Too Old’ to Run—Like He Did to Biden
  • No messaging or surrogate can have a good answer to "why haven't you already done it?"

    If instead of vaguely suggesting there might be a ceasefire sometime in the future if the dems remain in power, they stopped all arms shipments to Israel and sanctioned them until all Palestinians are granted equal political rights and right-to-return, you wouldn't be asking yourself "How do I dress up support for an ongoing genocide", you'd be telling people "We ended apartheid"

  • Dems Mock Trump as ‘Too Old’ to Run—Like He Did to Biden
  • thats their sell, basically obama “hope-ishness”

    That works when you've had 8 years of Bush and are campaigning on free healthcare, ending the wars, federal legalization of cannabis. It works when you've had 4 years of Trump and everyone thinks the democrats will defund the police, provide free healthcare and college, abolish ICE, codify roe, pack the court, etc. Then when you fail to do any of that, you get the shit kicked out of you 2 years later.

    The dems cannot campaign on hope when they've demonstrated that they will not give the people what they want.

    This isn't a messaging problem, it's a "triangulating yourself to be 2 inches left of republicans and then acting surprised when your base doesn't show up" for 30+ years problem.

  • Dems Mock Trump as ‘Too Old’ to Run—Like He Did to Biden
  • I don't think all the messaging in the world can fix the reality that Biden hasn't improved material conditions of the people who voted for him in 2020, or even gone to the mat fighting for them.

    The only things he's really gone around congress or the SCOTUS for is to deny more asylum seekers and give more weapons to Israel and Ukraine.

  • Still Got It
  • Why would people vote for a party that won't help them? Politicians aren't owed a vote, they must make a credible argument to voters that they'll improve their material conditions to be worth taking a day off work to vote. When they fail to carry out their promises, it's very hard for them to make that argument.

  • Still Got It
  • Is it really that hard to understand that when politicians fail to do what they were elected to do, they lose elections?

    We'd have a 1-party state if the democrats passed free healthcare and college in 2009 or 2021 instead of spending billions bombing brown kids on the other side of the planet and putting migrants in concentration camps.

  • Still Got It
  • Yes, the democrats are to blame for not stopping republicans. They barely scraped by in 2020 and have done everything in their power to depress voter turnout since. This same shit happened under Obama. In 2025 they will blame everything except their own failure to do what their voters are telling them to do.

  • Still Got It
  • 50%+1 is all that's required to overturn the filibuster. Pelosi chose to let the blue-dog democrats block single-payer because they were getting shittons of money from the insurance companies.

  • American Liberal Democracy
  • There’s a huge backlog of asylum / deportation cases which means people stay in custody in racist and oppressive overcrowded prisons

    Guess who can hire and fire the head of ICE and CPB? As the head of the executive, he is responsible for its actions, just as Trump was and Obama before him.

    What should he do

    Appoint a head of ICE that will fire every single officer, terminate every contract and sell off or destroy the assets before Republicans get in power again. Hunting down immigrants is an objective evil and ICE should not exist.

  • American Liberal Democracy
  • Holding perfectly still and faking death isn't actually stopping the other party from achieving any of their aims.

    This isn't entirely accurate, because Biden put a lot of effort into arresting more immigrants than Trump, allocating covid funds to police, helping Israel carry out a genocide, etc. It's more like a "we must detonate the sun to bring forth eternal night cuz CRT"-party and a "we must detonate the sun to bring forth eternal night cuz uhhh moderate republicans will vote for us or something"-party

  • Pelosi told Biden: You’re dragging down Democrats
  • AOC and Bernie know that if they don't toe the line, they'll be blamed for the democrats losing (they'll be blamed anyway).

    They did the best they could to get the democrats to adopt winning policies, but they failed.

  • Moon cave discovered that could one day house humans
  • Do we have any reason to believe there's giant blocks of pure, rare metals on the moon or asteroids? At least on earth we (well mostly China) gets them by processing more common metals and extracting the tiny portion of REs.

    We did neocolonialism. It was profitable. Nobody forgot that.

    *are doing, is profitable

    There's no brown people on the moon you can give a dictator weapons to in exchange for keeping the people selling their labor and resources for peanuts.

  • United States | News & Politics alcoholicorn

    Democrats resubmit border shutdown bill Senate to Vote Again on Border Deal as Democrats Seek Political Edge

    The bipartisan border enforcement compromise, blocked by Republicans in February, is all but certain to be thwarted again. Democrats aim to tag the G.O.P. as the culprit in its failure.

    >Among other changes to immigration law, the measure would make it more difficult to gain asylum in the United States and increase detentions and deportations of those crossing into the country without authorization. It would also effectively close the border altogether if the average number of migrants encountered by immigration officials exceeded a certain threshold — an average of 5,000 over the course of a week or 8,500 on any given day. The bill also would give the president power to close the border unilaterally if migrant encounters reach an average of 4,000 per day over a week.