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What are some unwritten rules of Lemmy most users don't know?
  • I looked at it a few times (for that reason), and there were definitely a lot of disturbing posts on it. I can't say that there were a bunch of people though (a lot of posts I saw were by the same user)

  • Donald Trump Is Unfit to Lead
  • Not OP but my parents are the same way. It's because Bilary (as they love to call them) is evil/corrupt/etc

    Not sure why Republican corruption never matters. If I could figure that out I might be able to convince them to vote not-Republican.

  • is there any hope of updating my Garmin 1300LMT or should I use as is?


    I recently found my old Garmin 1300LMT and it still works great! The suction cup is strong as ever. I'm very impressed considering it's been in the car for years enduring heat and cold.

    Obviously the maps are probably 10 years old though, so navigating isn't exactly accurate in some places.

    Is there a way to update just the maps themselves?

    I know the newer updates have larger files, but I really don't want to change how the navigation works or add any extra features (I find newer GPS to be very annoying with giving wrong directions or repeating a step 10x in a row).

    Thank you 😃


    What are some smaller things I can do to weatherize my home during summer?


    I am somewhat handy, but I'm also pretty disabled so I (physically) can't do much.

    What are some smaller things I can do to keep my house cooler this summer?

    • I live in the South (of the USA)
    • Summer temps are usually around 90-100F (32.2-37.8C), with heat index reaching 115+F (46.1+C)
    • My house is 2 story and approximately 1,895 sq ft (176.05 sq m). No basement and the attic is unfinished. Attached garage. Front of house faces the north.
    • House was built in the 70s. Roof (shingles) is a few years old (3-5 yrs), windows are around 10 years old. Not sure when the insulation was done. Blackout or near blackout curtains on every window. Mostly hard floors throughout with some throw rugs, but two rooms and the stairs have short fiber carpet.
    • House is brick and wood. The bottom floor is brick on the outside and the top floor has wooden siding. Central heat and a/c. Covered patio in the rear and no porch in the front. No shade trees close enough to matter.
    • All utilities are electric so naturally our bill SUCKS this month.
    • We have ceiling fans in every room except the bathrooms. We also have tower fans, desk fans, and personal fans (lol)
    • We currently have the AC on 75F (23.9C), but it is regularly 80F (26.7C) or higher upstairs. Tbh the AC is the wrong size(?) for the house.
    • I cannot put anything (like foil) in the windows

    What are some small things I can do to keep my house cooler without breaking the bank? I'm mainly worried about the bedrooms.

    Things I have done so far to stay cooler:

    • Towels at front and back door to reduce any leakage
    • Lots of ice packs
    • Adjust ceiling fans to go the right way
    • Use portable fans
    • Avoid using the oven
    • Keep curtains (and windows) shut
    • Wear cooler clothes
    • Shorten my dog's allotted outside time


    Netflix is starting to phase out its cheapest ad-free plan
  • Another really frustrating thing for me is it's never obvious what language anything is in until you start watching it. Sometimes not until a few minutes in. Even if it's dubbed or has decent subtitles, some things just don't translate well to English (usually humor), so there's a lot of shows I'm interested in watching but I just don't "get" if that makes sense.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • Only exception for me is tortillas. I mean they technically freeze well, but they will also stick together which would make quite a thick burrito.

    My parents always freeze them and I always forget until I'm there trying to make a burrito and it tears in half.

  • Why don't "pro-life" protestors ever seem to know where to protest?

    Probably about once a month I drive past these protestors at a fertility clinic. They are always protesting abortion and saying how so many babies die there.

    This particular clinic does not perform abortions at all. Ever. It never has.

    Today one of their signs also said "babies are orphanized here." What does that even mean? Do they think parents are killed there? Or is it because people leave their embryos stored there?

    Do they also think babies are "orphanized" at hospitals when a parent leaves their room to go to the cafeteria?

    I just can't understand these people.

    Are there any good casual/low-stress mobile games that aren't filled with microtransactions?
  • Alright, I found my list :) I apologize in advance for the length lol. I don't know how familiar you are with mods, so here is some context:

    I use a PC and was not successful in helping a friend get mods on her Mac, so I don't know if these work on a Mac. Mobile mods are also much harder to get to work mainly because of OS restrictions but also because phones are different, so most of these probably won't work on mobile. Also, if you already have an unmodded game going you should be aware that adding mods could break it. There are ways to turn them off and on but I've only done it once (for a multiplayer game) and it was a lot of work lol. I think it'd be easier if I had a better memory and played more often though. There are also ways to have different folders of mods if you go between single and multiplayer, so that might be helpful if the people you're playing with have different or no mods.

    I get my mods from Nexus Mods and I have the Vortex mod manager, which will tell you when each one is due for an update (with a few errors). There is at least one other mod manager but I have never used it.

    These are just the mods I intentionally sought out - each one will have its own dependencies (additional mods to download) - all of them require SMAPI iirc, which is basically a way for modders to make mods work without reinventing the wheel.

    The expansion mods will have the most dependences since they add so many things to the game. Also, I have not updated my list for awhile and there has been at least one big update recently, so some of these mods may not work anymore or may now be implemented into the game itself.

    I added a brief description of each mod, but their Nexus page will have the best and most updated description, as well as a place for any issues/bugs that have come up.

    1. Tractor mod - allows you to use a tractor to plant crops, go to the mine, etc. I haven't actually used this one but I've had it forever lol. The tractor costs a lot of money so you will not be able to use it right away.
    2. Lookup anything - this allows you to have basically an encyclopedia. Some details include when and where to fish for certain fish, what objects can be used to make other objects, etc. It also has pictures so you know what things look like.
    3. Chests anywhere - this allows you to access chests basically anywhere in the game instead of just when you are directly in front of them. Note that if you are playing multiplayer then only the host will have access to all of the chests if they are anywhere besides the homestead. Something to do with syncing I believe?
    4. Automate - this automates certain tasks, such as using the furnace or making mayonnaise, so you can spend time doing other things like finishing quests and talking to people (or just exploring).
    5. Farm type manager - allows you to spawn various items anywhere (like rocks, plants, monsters, etc). I don't believe the season matters but I don't really use this mod much.
    6. East Scarp - an expansion mod. It adds a new location/map as well as new characters and quests. I would consider this the middle expansion if I rank all 3 of the expansion mods I use by size/complexity.
    7. Swim - allows you to swim almost anywhere there's water. Has an additional download so there can be an underwater map with quests etc. i have never downloaded the extra map. Also, you may want to change the swim button if you download the warp mod since they default to the same button. But it's not a super big deal if you don't change it (the button is what allows your player to swim vs prevents it, helpful if you need to do something on the shoreline or the dock and don't want to jump in the water).
    8. Ridgeside Village - expansion mod. Adds a lot of characters, quests, etc. This is the biggest/most complex expansion mod that I have imo.
    9. Free Love - allows you to have multiple spouses without making anyone mad. I would use alongside the date night mod so you don't get overrun by date requests! They get offended if you don't go out with them lol.
    10. Destroyable bushes - allows you to cut down bushes as you would a tree for extra wood. I don't use it much.
    11. Stardew valley expanded - expansion that adds more characters and quests. I would consider this the smallest one that I have, although it's probably actually the biggest one if you actually use all of the locations/quests. There are just some things I refuse to do lol
    12. NPC map locations - shows where each person is currently on the map. I think it also shows player locations? Pretty sure lol. Also it works for all of the maps afaik.
    13. Automatic gates - gates open and close automatically
    14. Mikey's Greenhouse - allows you to make a bigger greenhouse. I recommend setting this one up at the beginning because it's a pain in the ass if your greenhouse already has stuff in it.
    15. Warp multiplayer - warp to like 6 different locations on the map, including a custom location, without using any equipment. Can be used on singleplayer.
    16. Warp multiplayer (locations) - used alongside the above mod. Not sure why you need both. But you do lol.
    17. Wear more rings - allows you to wear more rings than normal. Can be customized - i think i can wear up to 16 rings but not sure. At some point you don't really need all those extra rings because you can combine them. However it is very easy to change the number of rings you can wear - it's a slider bar in the mod menu.
    18. Pause time in multiplayer - allows you to pause the game (works in single player as well). IIRC a majority of the players (both if it's 2 players) have to agree to pause before it will pause.
    19. Date night - allows you to choose the probability that you will go on a date with your partner. I recommend setting it very low if you have multiple partners. Otherwise two or more will ask you on a date on the same night and you will make somebody upset.
    20. Craftable autopetter - allows you to craft an autopetter, which will save you from the tedious task of petting your animals (you can still pet them if you want but they wont be upset if you dont)
    21. Event limiter - sets the number of events that will happen in a day. I must use this for another mod because i have never configured this one.
    22. Greenhouse sprinklers - adds an upgrade option to your greenhouse so that you dont have to water everything. I believe there are 2 upgrades but i can't remember why.
    23. Show birthdays - this will tell you everyones birthday on a given day on the calendar. Extremely helpful with expansion mods.
    24. Deluxe grabber redux - allows the grabber to pick up pretty much everything in the area instead of whatever the game limits it to.
    25. Plant and fertilize all - plant or fertilize the entire area with the press of a button. Extremely helpful if you have a large area you want to do at once. Not helpful if you want to plant multiple types of things.
    26. PFM automate - this is another automation mod, I'm not sure which one is current so I would look at the one I listed earlier as well.
    27. Better chests - name, categorizes, change size, carry many things you can do
    28. Fruit tree honey - make honey from fruit trees instead of just flowers
    29. Gift taste helper - hover tip that tells what someones favorite gift is (calendar or social page)
    30. Skull cavern toggle - change difficulty of the skull cavern. I believe this has been added to the vanilla game since i last updated mine.
    31. Skull cavern elevator - adds an elevator to the skull cavern. Absolutely required to relieve the stress that is the skull cavern lol. You can thank me later 😂
    32. Reverse proposal - allows NPC to ask you on a date
    33. Lockpicks - a purchaseable item that allows you to go into peoples houses in the middle of the night (or whenever else they might be locked). Kinda creepy and i never ended up needing it lol
    34. Custom music - use your own background music. I got frustrated and removed it bc it turns out i really like the game's music lol
    35. Convenient chests - allows you to craft and cook from nearby chests. I think better chests also does this so idk if i actually use both or not. But either way it's nice to not have to reach into each chest and grab things. Just remember if you use this that it may use something you were trying to save, so keep that in mind.
    36. Simple crop label - hover tip of what each crop is. Great if you always forget what you planted (especially if you don't play regularly)

    Let me know if I can help in any way :) I hope you find this useful!

  • Are there any good casual/low-stress mobile games that aren't filled with microtransactions?
  • I completely understand. It was very overwhelming for me at first and sometimes can still be overwhelming depending on how my computer is working lol

    If you ever decide you want to try it again I highly recommend modding it (and I would be happy to send you what I use). That said it's not a bad thing to play other games if you like them better :) games should be fun not stressful imo

    Edit: removed the extra "my"

  • What email service do you use for a unified inbox?

    I am researching options to move to a better email client with some of my existing email addresses (namely gmail and outlook), but I am having trouble finding one that you can view both in a browser and in an app. Ideally it would be pretty low cost (free) but I am willing to pay for an exceptional one. Unfortunately at this time I can't change my email addresses.

    Any ideas?


    Problems running Win98 games on Android 14


    I am trying to run Win98 games using Retroarch 1.19.1 on Android 14. I am trying to play either Restaurant Empire or Roller Coaster Tycoon currently, but am also interested in other games from that time.

    I have looked at other sites which recommend using DosBox-Pure. I have also tried the core and SVN versions.

    Nothing happens in the core and SVN versions except to say that the file cannot be run in Dos mode. When using Pure, roller coaster tycoon shows a list of exe files, but restaurant empire doesn't register any exe files. If I try to start any of roller coaster tycoon's files it says that it cannot be run in Dos mode.

    Other sites said you have to install Win98 SE, which I tried but can't seem to get it to work on Android, even though there are some folks that were able to make it happen. I got it to the screen where it says to continue with setup press enter, but when I press enter on the onscreen keyboard nothing happens (esc does nothing either).

    Here are the links where I got the iso files:

    I also downloaded the boot disc from the Win98 link (the 7z file) but it says no executable file found.

    I am not super knowledgeable about retro gaming so any assistance is helpful. (I have had success with a few games using other cores within Retroarch as well as the Dolphin emulator)


    How to prevent bluetooth autoconnect in a 2019 Nissan Rogue?


    I noticed that everytime I go to a mechanic or someone new gets in my car, the bluetooth autoconnects to their phone. How can I restrict access?

    I tried to look it up but could only find how to turn bluetooth off completely.

    Along the same lines, does anyone happen to know how to restrict my phone from auto connecting to various cars? I thought they had to ask.

    My car is a 2019 Nissan Rogue and my phone is a Pixel 8 with Android 14.


    A PAC is sending this out to residents in my area

    !Political flier with a photo of Trump on the right side and various warning symbols throughout the text. There is a watermark on the flier that appears to be an eagle similar to other US symbols containing eagles. The text reads: VOTER ALERT. We see you haven't voted yet. Your voting record is public... Your neighbors are watching you and will know if you miss this critical runoff election. We will notify President Trump if you don't vote. You can't afford to have that on your record. Our Republican values are at stake in this election. 1) Border Security, 2) Property Taxes, and 3) Parental Empowerment. VOTE EARLY before the deadline this Friday, May 24th at 7:00pm or VOTE ON ELECTION DAY Tuesday, May 28th. NOTICE: We will contact you after the election to make sure you voted!

    Note: some slight edits have been made in the image description to aid in readability by screen readers. Specifically, the values listed have been enumerated for clarity and the specific symbols used as warning symbols have not been explicitly described. Additionally, some of the text formatting has not been carried over in this description. For example, the title (VOTER ALERT) is in large white text over a red banner at the top of the flier. It is my hope that leaving these particular descriptions out will aid in understanding the flier itself; however, should anyone prefer a description of these formatting choices I will be glad to attempt it.


    Amplify Credit Union - problems with ACH transactions?

    DAE have problems with ACH transactions at Amplify Credit Union?

    Since I opened my account a few months ago I have had so many problems - Amplify being unable to send me their own security codes, third parties not recognizing the bank or its routing number, and inability to complete ACH transactions.

    The most recent issue is that a third party recognizes the bank, but says "there was a problem processing" the transaction. Luckily I have an account at a different bank and was able to pay them.

    What can I do to get this resolved? I see a lot of good reviews for the bank but haven't seen any reports of this issue, but surely it can't be just me? Did I make a mistake opening this account with them?


    Philips CDi Roller Controller

    I loved playing Berenstein Bears with this controller!



    How would you approach these goals?

    More health than fitness but I couldn't find a could place to ask. Basically, I'm not sure where to start with all of this. All of these are from my physicians due to various health conditions I have. I know I need to ramp up to them. All of these are per day.

    Also, I'm really looking for ideas, not medical advice, but just fyi I will definitely be presenting a plan to my doc to make sure it works in the context of my medical stuff.

    • 150g protein (currently I don't think I even eat 30g)
    • 10g salt (no idea how much I eat but I take 1.5g salt tablets per day and my family historically doesn't eat much salt)
    • 4-5L fluids (I might drink about 1L...maybe. I can use high water content foods to achieve this goal)
    • Increase brushing to 2x with electric toothbrush (currently use a manual one)
    • Floss 1-2x (i suck at this one)
    • Waterpik (i never do this)
    • Low intensity exercise 2-3 min (not a typo...will increase later) (in a former life I did a lot of high intensity exercises so this is very boring and feels like a waste of time)
    • Lose 30lbs (currently holding steady) (this one is obviously not per day lol) (this one is also less important at this time)

    Those are the main ones. Where would you start? And how the hell do you fit an entire 150g of protein in in one day??

    My physicians haven't been super helpful with the practical side of things. Also I can't afford a dietician so that's part of what's made this so difficult.

    More context that might be of help:

    • I generally eat 3 meals per day, sometimes snacks but not usually
    • I drink mainly electrolyte beverages and water
    • My mental health has sucked for awhile so everything feels impossible
    • My proteins are usually chicken, beef, pork, and sometimes nuts/beans. I also like dairy-based protein drinks. Although I like seafood, my family really doesn't so I have to limit that.
    • No food allergies or religious requirements
    • My range of motion is not limited. I basically just need to keep my heart rate down.
    • Sitting up for long periods is hard, so I've been thinking about starting there so that I can have more fluids more easily
    • I am only allowed to do recumbent exercises or things laying on my back. I can also sit on the edge of a tub or pool. But walking/running/standing exercises are out for now
    • Reminder apps and charts are not really helpful for me, but I would be willing to try more of them
    • I'm an American and we do not weigh our food lol. Even if I started that I have no idea how I would calculate this stuff. 😬 Tips/resources are welcome, though

    Thanks for any ideas!


    How do I view long screenshots without them being blurry?

    Tried to research this but it only told me how to create one, not view it.

    My problem is that anytime there is a long image, namely a scrolling screenshot, it is blurry and unreadable when I try to view it. This includes when I just zoom in as well as when I save the image to my own photos and try to view it from there.

    So how am I supposed to do it? These (seemingly) aren't low quality images because it happens every time - on here, text messages, search results - and no one else ever says anything about it.

    There are no issues viewing other types of images and my phone is updated.

    Also, I'm on Android.


    Why does this website have a loading screen to process my cookie preferences?

    I have never seen this before. Usually once I click my preferences the screen just goes away. What's the difference between those websites and this one?

    !Frito Lay Rold Gold pretzels website


    Is there an addon for mobile (android) that can filter facebook posts by keyword?

    I see a few selections for desktop, but the only mobile options I have found so far only work with chrome. I have used a search engine and looked on the add-ons page as well as on GitHub.

    Basically the goal is to remove facebook posts that are about certain topics using keywords. Other features are cool too. Any suggestions?


    How are newer cars (gas/hybrid) supposed to sound?

    Context: I drive a 15+ year old SUV, and I am no longer in the position to just replace everything should anything bad happen. So sadly I will have to buy a newer car at some point. Hopefully not anytime soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼 But, I noticed when shopping with other people that newer cars sound weird. My knowledge of car troubleshooting is little more than sounds good/sounds bad, looks good/looks bad, smells good/smells bad, feels good/feels bad.

    So, how are newer cars supposed to sound?


    What is your favorite voicemail app and why?


    Degoogling - can someone ELI5 how certain apps work on Graphene OS?


    I am (very, very early) in the process of degoogling. I am definitely not a high risk as far as needing to be completely locked down. It's more about trying to have a little more control over how my data is used.

    I am looking at Graphene OS, but I am a little confused how certain apps (that rely on Google services) work. I have a Pixel 8 and will have it for the foreseeable future.

    The apps I currently use that I would still need (or their equivalents) are:

    • Clash Royale (Supercell)
    • Notion (Notion Labs)
    • Clickup (Mango Technologies)
    • Business Calendar 2 (Appgenix)
    1. If I installed these exact apps "sandboxed", what exactly does that mean from a user standpoint? Will I have to use a separate account, reboot my phone, etc, or is it a quick process to use the app?

    2. Is there a list of apps that I could browse to find equivalents to the above? Recommendations here are also ok.

    3. I saw that Firefox isn't exactly private(?) and that Vanadium is better in that aspect but I don't understand why. Can someone ELI5, and help me see if this is a relevant concern for me?

    Thank you! 😁

    InsanePeopleFacebook acetanilide

    Landlord wants to throw the garage out with the bathwater


    Text on white background, which reads, "Your single family home has a 2 car garage right? Let's say you rent it out to a tenant right? Do you guys let the tenant park the vehicles inside the garage? Like I know it's meant for that but what if they hit your house and don't tell you? How do you go about this?"


    Where can I post funny things that a US politician said?

    These are the items in question:

    ! !


    What is a (good or bad) comeback that you thought of hours after an argument/debate?

    One of my more terrible ones is,

    "Well, the man sure can limbo, right under the bar that [political opponent] set."


    How do I figure out a fair price for a used bike + accessories?

    I am wanting to sell a used adult bike with some accessories (a camelbak and a helmet). I don't think the bike is worth much but the bicycle blue book doesn't list this brand (genesis from walmart) and other calculators are pricing it at $50+ even in poor condition (not ridden much, tires need to be replaced). I don't think it cost more than $180, if that, when I bought it 4 years ago.

    If anyone could point me in a good direction I would be grateful.

    I am in the USA.