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Am I the only one whose "shorts" feed is all basically softcore porn?
  • I do something similar, but I guess scorched earth edition:

    • Only use firefox, no chrome or chromium variants

    • Never signed in to my google account (only have it to keep a gmail forward going for old ass subscriptions)

    • Have firefox configured to only keep whitelisted sites' cookies and data between restarts - google is not on that list

    • uBlock Origin

    The last several months I started seeing that youtube screen "enable history to see recommendations" blank page when first landing, as if it was a punishment to me. It's not. I remember all the channels I like, and it's easy enough to keep checking back. So that blank screen is actually a nice bonus to me.

  • Worried about being "red flagged" by the pharmacy; should I take the rest of my script back?
  • Ten pills once is chump change

    When I was a patient at the VA pain clinic for a couple years, I could fart ten pills on any given day.

  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Lighten up, Francis.

  • The US Army is pushing adoption of Agile (2024)
  • before tomorrow morning?

    DoD contractor: Sure can, but it will cost you huge.

    (Lies about the former, 100% accurate on the latter.)

  • NSFW
    I know what I got here
  • Throw a bone in there, and baby you got a stew going!

  • My wife was unimpressed by Vim
  • jumping won’t impress her

    Unless it's jump humping.

  • What is the largest amount of partners you saw in a cookies consent question ?
  • ITT I wish those that can recall would name and shame.

  • White Dudes in Winter
  • LBJ's presidential tapes had him talking to some trouser company, and it's hilarious with "And another thing...the crotch, down where your nuts hang, is always a little too tight" while letting a couple belches out. Teach played it in our Vietnam War class in college to demonstrate how he was a crass character.

  • Fisting Rule
  • Can't a femboy get me pregnant, thought?

  • Wanted American man flees to Russia, signs military contract
  • valuable

    Till he's not, or worse, becomes a liability.

    Once he's washed up there, would be funny if they extradited him back to the US. Double whammy if he ever makes it back.

  • [OC] Incredible rainbow tonight
  • OC ... Original Content

  • Trump sues Truth Social co-founders, says they're not entitled to stock shares
  • It's a vehicle for trump to accept foreign money, that's how.

  • can't wait
  • *Quick Stop Groceries, with two drug dealers standing out front.

  • rule
  • No, Nvidia did not buy the Xbox brand. And no, I did not fall for it until I saw the comments on the article.

  • Backdoors
  • Was the transition into management easy for you, or was it a slow acceptance?

  • What's something small you achieved recently that you're proud of?
  • Funny thing I've been driving for 30+ years, and have never had a formal driving test:

    • Permit at 15: No tests, only restriction was to have a licensed passenger in-vehicle

    • License at 16: Had driver's ed in school, state's driving test waved, and license transferred to other states without any new driving test

    • Motorcycle license: Took a safety course while in the military, state added endorsement without any test, which also transferred out-of-state

    • Heavy vehicles: Trained on military 5-ton/deuce+0.5/Frontloaders/HMMWVs - all kinds of heavy equipment - no formal tests, only unit sign-off (even on civilian roads)

    • The kicker: I now live in a US state where a driver license is good with no re-testing till age 64

    Gonna suck when I actually do have to take a test. Hopefully there will be sane infra to go completely driverless by the time I get that old.

  • Windows AI PC manufacturers must add a Copilot key, says Microsoft
  • Turns out is redirecting to, til.

  • Hmmm
  • Throw in something about the Florida motherland being invaded and I think we've got an ironclad writing prompt.

  • Has anyone else received the Direct Share Program email for Reddit's IPO?

    I got an email from reddit to the address for one of my old Reddit logins. The text, in part, when visiting the URL they provided (had to be logged in, not all of my old handles could see it):

    > Yes, it's really happening this time, and as we take the next step toward becoming a public company, we're inviting all eligible redditors to participate in Reddit's IPO.

    > “Eligible” you note skeptically? Yes. Unfortunately, there are a ton of imposed legal restrictions defining when, who, and how we do this. So while our goal is to give all redditors the same access to stock as institutional investors (why should they have all the fun?), our lawyercats tell us we must follow specific rules listed below.

    > Our Directed Share Program (“DSP”) is set up to let eligible users and moderators own a piece of Reddit by purchasing Reddit stock at the same price as institutional investors when we IPO. We will offer this opportunity to as many redditors as we are able to accommodate, and the number of people who can participate is limited.

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