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Zehzin Patapon Enjoyer
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After the debate
  • Muppets are likeable and charming. They're not Muppets

  • Angry Republican hangs anti-IVF posters outside congressional office
  • I read it as "hangs anti-IVF protesters" and thought wtf based

  • After the debate
  • Those muppets are actually witty though?

  • Please vote
  • But if I vote for them no matter what surely they'll move left because they respect me and are good guys

  • Lawsuit Claims Microsoft Tracked Sex Toy Shoppers With 'Recording in Real Time' Software
  • In the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln: "Anything is an insertable toy of you're brave enough"

  • Lawsuit Claims Microsoft Tracked Sex Toy Shoppers With 'Recording in Real Time' Software
  • Only if a log of the ins and outs goes directly to Bill Gates's desk.

  • Please vote
  • It's getting pretty clear that if things keep going the way they're going and the options are Team Biden and Team Rapist, Team Rapist is gonna win. That's a problem. Memes like this ignore the problem.

  • Gender-affirming surgeries are mostly performed on cisgender people: 'Bitter irony'
  • "Getting between people and doctors" is maybe the wrong wording, that's the excuse snake oil salesmen and antivaxxers use. The FDA and other regulatory bodies should get between people and doctors, the opiod crisis peddled by big pharma is enough proof.

    Remember during the height of COVID when quacks (and the president) were prescribing dewormers?

  • CNN's debate was no fair fight
  • But it was a clown show though

  • CNN's debate was no fair fight

  • Please vote
  • Sure, let's all pretend the problem was his voice. Ignoring all problems will do wonders in november.

  • Great.
  • To be fair there's a pretty good chance he forgot the rules halfway through.

  • Coulda, shoulda, did nota
  • Didn't the DNC do a fuckery to not nominate him and then it was decided that they're allowed to do fuckery because it's a private institution?

  • Debate this!
  • I think legally this situation is called The Air Bud Loophole

  • Self-diagnosis is valid if it helps you
  • I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. But I wanted to share that in my personal experience it has absolutely been worth the effort

  • wizard posting
  • It's one word in elvish

  • rule the 20th


    rulety and vanity of violence






    cognitive behavirule


    mew rule