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Biden's asylum halt leaves migrants unsure and rattled
  • Seeking asylum between ports of entry is legal. In fact, the US is obliged to allow people to apply for asylum due to our treaty obligations.

    This policy is dumb and cruel. The people coming here are people who will enrich our country. Study after study shows that immigration is a positive sum process that is good for everyone.

  • You know it in your heart to be true
  • As someone who cooks large batches of food to freeze, the problem with round is that it wastes tons of space in the freezer. I just use scores of rectangular cubes and my freezer is completely full.

  • Google AI making up recalls that didn’t happen
  • Because LLMs are planet destroying bullshit artists built in the image of their bullshitting creators. They are wasteful and they are filling the internet with garbage. Literally making the apex of human achievement, the internet, useless with their spammy bullshit.