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Drink the concoction boy
  • For real, though, can people not tell that's Gatorade with the label removed?

  • How can i make myself poisonous to mosquitos?
  • When you're out, use DEET and cover yourself. Try to only apply it to your clothes. It's toxic to humans. Are you out a lot? If so, I'd be worried about ticks and toxic plants as well.

    If you have control of the land around you, make sure there's no stagnant water nearby. If you want to keep a pond, manage your mosquito population using local species if possible. In some places, you can also report stagnant bodies of water.

    If they're inside, check your window screens. If you can't afford that, use a mosquito net and check my first answers.

  • What's Vance got to do with it?
  • Dudes who bought a wife in Vietnam be like:

  • 21 July 2024
  • This is tangentially related:

    When I was younger, I was in an open relationship with someone. We were high-school sweethearts, and it worked for 6 years. Eventually, we adopted a third person into our relationship and became poly. That went well for a while. Sadly, hard drugs came into the equation, and my original partner was starting to do a lot of shady stuff behind my back. The relationship also started to get abusive. I confided in our new partner, which my old partner didn't like. We had been together 6 years, and it was hard to break it off immediately. That was the weirdest period of relationship limbo I've ever been in my entire life.

    The straw that broke the camels back:

    I was with my current partner, and my ex was calling me non-stop, asking if I was with them. I kept lying and saying no. They called again, and I said, "Please stop calling." It was then I realized I had answered my current partners phone this time, not mine. I got chewed out for a while by my ex. I'm happy to say that my partner and I have been together 7+ years now, and we're engaged. Also, now we're monogamous (because we want to). I still feel like an asshole to this day, though.

  • "30 minutes or it's free" back then was wild
  • I'm remember reading those to my parents while they blamed me for us getting lost.

  • Everett's Precautions [Outbursts of Everett True; November 11, 1918]
  • I got that a few times, and I ignored them, and then they all continued to make loud insults to themselves.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Where's runescape?

  • Here kitty kitty
  • Problem: Can a black cat be found in a dark room?

    Hypothesis: yes

    Variable: flashlight

    Control: no flashlight

    Findings: "v" group found the cat; the "c" group didn't.

    Theory: You can find a cat in a dark room using a flashlight.

    Law: cats land feet first (indisputable)

  • Get a rope.
  • Nah, dog; it's a gold-plated ellipse with a bull head and 3D horns.

    Preferably purchased from a general store in the middle of Arizona, run by Native Americans.

  • You can't act fabulous after a hip surgery.
  • As someone with sciatica and bursitis, I'm going to take this advice while standing. I've heard the opposite lying down, but my problem is neurological/ inflammation. My rest postition is crossing my calf over the adjacent shin and then pulling both upwards towards my head. Let's test it out! I'm queer though, so I'll miss making homophones scared.

    Edit: homophobe...

  • Get a rope.
  • I'm 27 );

  • best carnist speller
  • Scooby Doo wrote it.

  • Maybe we should all be calling him Terry.
  • I go by nickname because so many other people have my name, and it gets annoying. It was a little empowering at a young age as well.

  • TIL Woodpeckers tongues wrap around their skulls to prevent them from getting concussions.
  • It's only to prevent damage, not concussions. They benefit from concussions and the scarring it causes. It's one more part of their "helmet".


    Edit 2: here's a better reason:

    "The size and orientation of the bird’s brain safeguard it, the authors say. Even the strongest of wood pecks left the bird brains with less than 60% of the pressure needed to give a human brain a concussion."

  • Get a rope.
  • Or the regular, modern version: boots, jeans, belt, flannel, aaaaand $3k hat. In the summer, you swap your wool hat for straw, but don't you DARE wear short pants or a t-shirt.

  • Party-goer [Mr. Lovenstein]
  • That wall was broken.

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • Chat and PvE games are nice.

  • LEVEL UP | Geilinor Games (#11)

    Try not to read the title in c engineer's voice.


    Stoned of Jah


    The Most Powerful Artifact in Runescape | Stone of Jas

    Posted on the Oldschool official youtube channel.


    Letters from a Cat by Helen Hunt Jackson. (Introduction)


    Geilinor Games #9: THE GREATEST GAME


    LUKEWARM TAKE: Odablock shouldn't be invited to any more events (DMM All-Stars spoilers)

    A lot of you have probably been watching DMM Allstars. Some of you may have been familiar with the drama between Dino and Odablock. If you've been keeping an eye on the comments of both these videos, there's been a disgusting attempt at bullying/ gas lighting by Oda's community. It's getting worse after Oda's loss. Most of the comments have been purged at this point.

    Until he takes responsibility and tells his community to stop, he shouldn't be invited to any more events. He's a toxic liability, and he makes the community look bad.


    Shout out to the guy who brought me food so I could finish "Underground Pass." Also, I was /u/1831942 on Reddit.

    This happened a couple of years ago, but I thought it was worth sharing.


    When Sick_nerd pulls out the Dbow:


    Jogre Rogan


    I got My First 99 in OSRS

    I've played off and on for about a decade. I'm super excited! Also, I love purple.


    My Arm will Call you Stinky, if you Bring Dung Ahead of Time for His Quest:

    It pretty quiet here, so I'm seeding content.


    My Spinach Roll Theory:

    I was /u/1831942


    It's too quiet here! Here's my spinach roll theory:

    This is one of my posts from /u/1831942


    If you already have Ugthanki dung for "My Arm's Big Adventure," "My Arm," will call you out.


    I found this old girl on the side of the road, her name is Sunny!

    I took her to the vet and found the owner. I also yelled at them for letting their old dog roam. She's a sweet old gal, and she shouldn't be out there. I'll be checking up on her. Thankfully, they're going to still let me see her, even though I chewed them out.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, she had a pampering while she was here!


    Bruno loves his toy!



    Self Portrait and Studies (more is in the description)




    I'm losing my vision due to uveitis. That's why I wear sunglasses. It's very slow though, and I use it as inspiration for my art.


    First Look: Smiling Friends Season 2



    Officers Arrest and Tase a Pastor for Calling them a Tyrant, Resulting in a Lawsuit


    The Song about Deer - Xanthrax