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Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden for President
  • I think that's a fair opinion that I just disagree with. Right now, we're in a very awkward situation that doesn't have much precedent to rely on, so no one really has much to rely on besides their instincts in public opinion, which is extremely unreliable.

    I'll say that I personally disregard polling out of hand because I personally find it extremely unreliable, even when the polls are conducted with the intent of impartiality. When I also don't believe is commonly the case.

  • Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden for President
  • The problem is that many of us believe that Biden is our best hope even still.

    If we had a strong candidate that we felt could rally the party this late in the game, that would be one thing. But IMO, we don't. Every potential candidate has major hurdles that would take more than 4 months to smooth out.

    Newsom is already the Right's boogeyman. They targeted him years ago and made him the next Hillary Clinton because they saw him as a threat. I think he's a generally strong Dem candidate for the future, but the Right has managed to brute force negativity to his name that it's going to take some time to fight.

    Harris just isn't well liked. She's a bit of a dead fish candidate. I have no idea what she has been up to, all interviews I've seen of her, she holds her cards very close to her chest, and because of it, comes off bland and uninteresting. I do not see her doing well against Trump at this point.

    Whitmer just isn't recognizable enough at large. She'd need more time to establish herself.

    Honestly, despite the very legitimate concerns with Biden after the debate and following appearances, he's still the strongest candidate IMO. There could have been stronger candidates had he stepped down from the beginning, but the time left is insufficient for the front runner candidates, even if we picked one today.

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • Man. You guys really can't read the bold subtext or what?

    This is literally the very next reply by the same user from the 2nd link:

    Instead of voting for war criminals, how about not?

    You don’t fill in a hole by taking a lesser amount of dirt out. Likewise you don’t fix the system by voting for the lesser evil.

    They are not being subtle. They do this all the time here. They intentionally avoid specifically saying "don't vote, both sides are bad", but their intent is abundantly obvious.

    I'm honestly amazed at how many people here are falling for this crap. They are all over lemmy making the same kind of tongue in cheek "both sides" layups. How the hell aren't you catching on?

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • It was a low effort reply to a low effort false claim.

    But sure, keep whining about how I'm attacking you somehow, or whining about me playing victim or something.

    Hope you find something to break you out of your funk so you can enjoy your weekend.

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • That's the point of linking comment threads, so you can see the context and read between the lines. One of those threads, their own replies remove any ambiguity of their meanings.

    And the reason those linked to the parent is simply how lemmy (vanilla, at least) works when copying a comment link. At least without fuss. And I'm on mobile.

    But whatever, there's plenty of context just from the original links I sent. I really don't give a shit if it's not wrapped up nicely enough for you. I quickly provided counter examples from comments older than his without even trying to find them.

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • Apparently people here aren't smart enough to scroll down to see the comments, so I'll quote.

    Going into survival mode forever, where either party can do whatever the frick they want, because they others mustn’t win! Nice system you got there, where it’s like 50\50 every time!

    They present you a Trump and therefore they can even kill your kids, as long as Trump doesn’t win. It’s a scam… both parties are in it. But they divided you all so perfectly fine, you stopped thinking a long time ago.

    Looking forward to your comments, telling me about NO BOth SIdeS!

    And Biden enables genocide, among a lifetime history of right wing views such as fighting for segregation.

    Trump and Biden are not good options.

    People should be furious the Dems allowed him to be in this position today, not sucking it up and pushing harder for it.

  • South Korean politician links rising male suicides to women
  • I don't know about Korea specifically, but it's pretty common in SE Asia to have live in nanny's from poor countries to child rear when both parents are power career players. It's this not the case in Korea?

  • 'Pray for this burdened man': Republican mocked after telling House he does his own dishes
  • Doubt liquid dishwasher detergent is the problem. He's probably not pre-rinsing before loading them in.

    Had a dumbass roommate that had steak and fries every dinner, and would leave the grease and a massive pool of ketchup on the plate every time, then run the dishwasher days later after everything was dry. All it did was bake it onto the plates and require some heavy scrubbing to get off.

  • US Justice Department says it disrupted Russian social media influence operation
  • Let's not sugar coat it. I'm a fan of Bidens first term. I'm happy enough to vote for him, or whoever the Dems put up because I know the stakes.

    But debate was terrible. His gaffs in his follow up appearances have been terrible as well. He's displaying severe signs of aging, and that's awful for his campaign.

    If you strained to listen, you could make out what Biden was attempting to say, and for the most part, it was moderate, typical stuff. Nothing radical, just the same ole stuff. But you had to strain, and fill in the blanks when he said the wrong thing, but you knew what he meant.

    Trump on the other hand, was mostly intelligible. He communicated abnormally well for him. He said awful, disgusting things that were either outright lies and/or evil shit. But he said it confidently and more or less clearly.

    Most Americans don't seem to listen to substance, fact check, and make informed decisions. Or else Trump never would have been elected in the first place.

    I think Biden is still our best chance since I think running a primary this late would be disastrous. But let's not fool ourselves. Biden is tanking his campaign big time.

  • Official Kristi Noem social media accounts appear to have been deleted
  • She killed her puppy, who she was training to hunt fowl, after it killed a chicken or two at a ranch.

    She killed her puppy because she was a shitty owner and lost control of a dog doing what it was taught to do.