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Justice Thomas raked in staggering $2.4 million in gifts, watchdog says
  • Every single time dude. Every time I see what a politician was paid to worsen their constituents' lives, the dollar amount tied to it is just never that remarkable, especially in the context of a world where Elon Musk gets a $56bn pay package for nothing in return.

  • Young people turning away from social media addiction
  • Not really the take I come away with. Did you read it? To me it felt like the article was almost entirely highlighting interesting analog alternatives making a comeback that a growing minority of people are turning to in lieu of time spent on their phones.

  • Tesla Cybertruck Dominated by F-150 Lightning In Sand Drag Race
  • Similar to, but not quite the same as the kind of man-child that buys an F-150 on the off chance they need to haul a dresser once every 4 years. Seriously though, if each one of these buyers keeping US truck bloat in style bought a motorcycle instead to cement their self-worth, traffic would be eliminated in most US cities. That's not possible due to many factors, I know, but it must be said motorcycles are just way cooler.