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The joy of *not* eking-out games
  • Over all I agree, with the one major exception being playing a new Fromsoft game. It's only so often I get to explore a new souls game blind, and that is something I take the time to savor, so long as I can avoid spoilers.

    Elden ring was the first one that my girlfriend and I got to play new / blind together, and it was one of the best times I've ever had gaming.

    We are doing that again with the DLC now and having a great time.

  • What is your favorite video game console?
  • I've had most of them, the big exceptions being the SNES and anything Sega. I think the one I've used the most, have had the most games for, and hands down my favorite, is the PS4.

    PS3 and N64 are a close second and third.

  • What was your first Fromsoft game? And is it your favorite?
  • I believe I at least started a play through on all of them in order.

    Did not even remotely understand Demons souls, and it kept going back on the shelf.

    Same with DS1, DS2, Bloodborn, and DS3, maybe finishing a tutorial boss and exploring a bit, but always getting confused and frustrated.

    Then I read a post talking about calling in a summon who "Ran in like a naked Jedi with just a Katana" and said to myself, maybe I am playing these games wrong.

    So I looked up some youtube videos, learned about the mechanics, and started DS3 to become a naked Jedi.

    I had the absolute best fucking time. It took a while, but grinding levels and learning to dance around with light roll and fast agressive attacks was a blast.

    To answer your question, it's hard to say what was my first Souls game. The first I played, the first where I started to git gud, or the first one I finished, which I believe was actually going back to Demons Souls.

    As far as which ones I prefer, DS1 > Eldenring > Bloodborn > DS3 > Demon Souls > Sekiro > DS2.

    This doesn't mean I hate on Sekiro, in fact I also completely love DS2 for all its janky, but out of all of them, Sekiro is the least of an RPG, and there is just something about it that never clicked with me.

    I'm sure it is a combination of skill issue and just not understanding the mechanics, as well as not know what the various items are about.

    Maybe I'll go back to it after the Eldenring DLC.

  • Work from home
  • The two consessions I've made are Teams, and the MFA software.

    I am often running around to various sites and being able to use a quick chat is better than pulling out my laptop, and I turn it off when I'm off the clock.

  • Please vote
  • So the man has a stutter, and he's old, what ever. All I can do is cast my single vote. Last time, I voted against Trump, and honestly, even after the debate, I'll cast my vote this time for Biden.

    I'd much rather cast my vote for Hakeem Jeffries, or Shift, or Bernie, or a dozen other people who aren't an option.

    Thing is, I'm going to cast my vote in Cook county IL, so it literally won't matter. IL is going blue no matter what, and I feel like my participation is merely token.

    I wish I could do more, I want to scream at clouds about what is happening to the country, and it doesn't matter.

    Saw a stat that says Trump is 65% to win, and want to physically grab people and shake them, but what would it matter?

    Had I walked into that debate blind, not knowing who those people are, what the "facts" and the facts are, I'd have thought, that Biden guy seems weak and befuddled, and boy that Trump is sure a confident leader. It made me feel sick.

    As I told my mother today, I don't have kids, I live in the midwest, have a good job with a big stable company, truth is, even a second Trump term won't effect me that much. I can just sit back, enjoy my 30 so years left, and watch the world burn, but damn it, I have empathy for others, and there are many, many people whose lives and livelihood are going to be seriously impacted, and that bothers me.

  • What's your biggest gamer achievement?
  • So train lines instead of belts, and inserters directly linking assemblers to each other? Wow, that base must be huge.

    I have done some basics with trains, and a bit with circuits, but multi resource trains always jammed up on me and became unbalanced so I've basically kept them to single item type each. Plus, playing on console without keyboard means naming things like stations is a slow pain in the ass.

  • What's your biggest gamer achievement?
  • Relatively new to the game, have launched two rockets. That seems..... very tedious.

    I'm guessing you rushed robots and then did it end game that way?

    I was jazzed to not use lasers and only steam power on my second play through.

  • I would like to start a simple business related to 3D printing, reverse engineering and 3D scanning. What are common pitfalls of first time entrepreneurs?
  • The amount of time and money spent doing all the starting and running a buisness crap that has nothing to do with the actual work is staggering. I started my own LLC in an industry where I am considered an expert, and it was a complete failure in less then three years.

    I had clients, I had projects, but was so overwhelmed with all the buisness elements I just couldn't spend the time required to get the work done properly. On top of that, while the money was good, the clients were often late paying, so all sorts of fees piled up and quickly ate into the profit. In the end I realized to do it right would have required at minimum four full time people.

    Ended up taking a job with a large company as their in house specialist and I'm so much happier. I work shorter hours, get a regular salary with benifits, and spend my time doing the technical stuff I like.

    Not saying don't do it, just be aware of everything that goes into it beyond the core elements of the work / product.

  • What games did you have a good time with that you just never finished?
  • Mount and Blade, both titles Kingdom Come Deliverance Elden Ring Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I've got untold hours into Ghost Recon, but once they released the permadeath ghost mode, it's the only way I play. I even made a youtube guide on how to speed run the first hour for various perks. Sure I could beat the game in normal mode, but it just seems too easy.

  • How many people actually want fully on-site IT jobs?
  • The office is 3 day a week onsite, w Mon and Fri remote.

    I have to be on site Tue - Thur to support the users.

    I go in most Mon and Fri because it's the only time I know I have physical access to the systems.

    My support work is largely "remote", in that I can manage my systems 99% of the time better from my office than in the room, and I really like my setup.

    Aside from physically rebooting hardware that's too frozen to reboot remotely, or replacing defective hardware, I can work 100% from anywhere I have internet.

    Thing is, I love the company I work for, the end users and various IT and facilities staff that support my work are all great people.

    The only close friends I have all moved far away decades ago, so the "water cooler" is the only real social interaction I get.

    I do spend a ridiculous amount to live 15 minutes from the office so the commute isn't a concern.

  • And people who don't read make fun of you for it.
  • Thing is, I know she knows exactly what she is saying. The context is correct, she knows what the words mean, she just didn't grow up around people who spoke that wide a vocabulary, and while working in blue collar trades, she was looked down on for all them fancy college words.

    She can swear with the best pipe fitters, well, because she was a union pipe fitter.

    Language is so fluid, people who get too hung up on syntax and not the substance really annoy me.

    When I was in the military, one of the smartest people I knew was from the bayou of Louisiana. To me, a yank, he sounded like a complete idiot, and in fact I often couldn't understand him when we first met. Once I was able to look past his mode of speech, and actually listen to him, I realised what an ignorant fuck I was being.