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Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • Thanks for this comment. I didn't realize there were different types of AWD. My car does have the reactive AWD where it will give power to the rear wheels if they are slipping. My og post was referring to full AWD that's on all the time.

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • I checked out Subaru and the impreza looks appealing. But all models are showing AWD... Even their legacys have AWD. And it looks like Subaru is using CVT transmissions too. I was hoping to get away from that because I don't care for it in my versa. Are different manufacturers implementation of CVT different? Or are all CVTs the same?

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • I grew up in a mountain town and have only ever had FWD cars, so I'm totally comfortable driving in snow and ice. I think I've only gotten stuck once. Thanks for the feedback, I'll continue my search!

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • That's sad to hear about Nissan. Like I said in my post, my first and current car is a versa and I've hardly had any serious issues with it. So I was assuming that their quality was still good. I do want ice and after reading these comments I have concluded that AWD is not worth it and I really don't need it. Unfortunately Subaru's are out of my price point. I'll check Mazda out I guess

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • I live in colorado. But I've driven in snow and ice with fwd for years now and I'm used to it.

    Oh I didn't know about that. That is pretty wasteful but I guess better than buying all new tires.

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.

    I am potentially looking at buying a new car in next coming months. I'm looking at the Nissan rogue because my current car is Nissan and I've been pleased with it for the past 12 years and I would like the extra room an suv has. The only thing I don't like is that the majority of suvs are AWD. Nissan does make the rogue in FWD but I was only able to find 1 in my nearby dealerships. So it seems that if I want an suv I'm stuck with AWD or I have to stick with a sedan. For context, my first and current car is a 2012 Nissan versa.

    Tldr: do the benefits of AWD and having an suv outweigh the downside of having to replace every tire if you get a flat in one with AWD. Or should I just try and stick with FWD?

    EDIT: thank you for all the responses. It is very clear now that I do not need AWD and will stick with FWD. And apparently, I need to look into different cars makers. I have had good luck with my Nissan but according to comments Nissan isn't a good company anymore.

    EDIT 2: I didn't realize that there are 2 different types of AWD. There's full and reactive. Technically, the car I have now is AWD because it does divert power to the back wheels if it detects them slipping. My apologies for not fully understanding the terminology before making the post. My original post was directed towards full AWD, when there is power to all wheels all the time. Thanks for the help !

    98% compatibility
  • I have only tried Genshin, but it runs fairly well. The biggest issue I've had is major stuttering when I'm playing on battery. Plugged in, there's no stuttering. Not sure why.

  • 98% compatibility
  • I was so surprised that I was able to get Genshin running on my steam deck through wine. I remember when the deck came out, everyone was saying that games that use anti cheat software wouldn't work on the deck. But both Genshin and Elden Ring work on the deck.

  • Catepillar defense mechanism

    No caterpillers were harmed making this video. I'm assuming this is used as a scare tactic when they are threatened. Ice never seen this before and thought it was interesting.

    Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • The major difference between fireworks and those other examples, is that fireworks directly affect others around you. In my city, people go out and buy the big fireworks that are illegal here because they go into the sky and make lots of sparks and they shoot them off in the city. Fireworks majorly affect all the animals in a pretty wide radius. Which is why I hate them, because the people have no respect for how much they are traumatizing the animals or how much they are affecting their neighbors. And don't forget they are a fire hazard.

    This becomes more of an argument about peoples' irresponsible use of fireworks rather just the use of fireworks at this point.

  • Can I use 1 hard drive and timeshift for 2 pcs?

    I have 2 Linux pcs, wondering if I can have my time shifts backed up to 1 hard drive or if I need to have seperate drives for each PC.

    EDIT: I was able to make a partition and use 1 hard drive to back up 2 different pcs. Thanks!


    Question about JACK audio interface.

    Hi everyone, I got my e-drum kit to successfully work in reaper, using yabridge for the VSTs. Shortly after, I found another way in which linux audio is different than windows. While using reaper, I am unable to play audio from any other source. Through research, I discovered that it's because I'm using ALSA and that I need to use JACK instead. I looked up guides on how to setup JACK and qctl and was unsuccessful. I came across a video explaining different problems with JACK and it mentioned that using a pcs built in audio card may not be able to handle the audio in JACK. Right now, it seems like I need to come up with a different solution. But I thought I would ask here and see if I have any other options. I don't have any external dacs, but I do have my desktop pc that still has windows so I'm thinking of giving up on using my linux laptop for my music needs.

    Tldr- want to use reaper while watching YouTube vids. Alsa won't allow that, and jack isn't working on my laptop.


    Issue with mounting 2nd drive on boot

    Bonjour tout le monde,

    I have finally fully installed linux mint and have been working on getting everything up and running. So far, I haven't had many issues, but I am having trouble with my 2nd drive. I just want my 2nd drive to mount on boot, and for programs to be able to write to it.

    I have looked up guides on pulling up the disks in mint and going into the mount options and selecting mount on boot. This works, but for some reason, programs lose permission to write to it. When I switch the drive back to 'user session defaults' programs can write to it, but it doesn't mount on boot. I haven't found anyone mentioning this problem so I thought I would post here. Also, my home folder isn't encrypted and when I go to permissions on the drive, it says 'permissions could not be determined'



    Noob question about wine

    Looking up guides on how to install wine can vary. Some say, "sudo apt install wine" and others have you install the 32 and 64bit versions. My machine is 64 bit, but some guides tell you to enable 32bit.

    Do I need to install both 64 and 32bit versions? Or is just using "install wine" sufficient?


    Good DAWS and VSTs for linux

    Hi everyone,

    I'm getting fed up windows and want to switch my laptop to linux. My laptop also doesn't meet windows 11 standards so I figured nows a good time to switch. I don't do a whole lot on my laptop, but there are some programs that I do need to use. I have an E drum kit and right now I use reaper and Steven slate audio center to play and record my drums through my laptop. I looked at reaper, and I see linux options for download. But for Steven slate , I only see windows and Mac. This is pretty disappointing and so I figured I ask to see what would work for me.

    I was going to go with Ubuntu, because it seems to be the most user friendly and has good support. I also use mullvad VPN on my laptop very frequently, which was another reason I chose Ubuntu.

    Any help is appreciated. I'm willing to look at other distros too if there is one that better fits my needs.

    EDIT: I have successfully migrated to linux mint and have reaper working with yabridge. Thanks, everyone, for your help and suggestions!


    Does middle name on plane ticket gave to match passport?

    I'm taking my first international flight this year. I've got my passport and bought the plane tickets. However, I noticed that my middle name on the ticket is missing the last 2 letters. I contacted the airline and they said that middle name doesn't have to match passport. I just want to make sure that is correct, I don't want to get stuck at some airport because my middle name is missing 2 letters on the plane tickets.


    Help with teaching a song

    Hi, I have been drumming for 16 years now and I was pretty much self taught. Recently, I have been teaching a friend to play and she's made good progress. She learned how to play boulevard of 'broken dreams' and 'seven nation army' and can play along with the songs pretty well. Now She wants to learn 'come as you are' by nirvana. This song is pretty complicated compared to what we have been playing, and she's been struggling with the intro beat but can now play it at tempo. The problem is when she tries to play along with the song, she gets all mixed up and can't play the first beat. We've done several things to try and help her, such as: slowing down the song and playing the beat without the song but to a metronome. She can do both of those but can't play along to the song at the normal tempo.

    I'm just wondering if there's another way to help her play with the song. This is my first time teaching and I don't know what is the best way to teach these things or if there is one.


    Ubisoft requires you to sign in just to play a demo...

    Good thing it was only 8 gigs. But still..


    I love this art style (botan from yu yu hakusho)


    Question about KVM switch built into monitor

    I have the aorus fv43u and it has a built in KVM switch. From my understanding, I can connect my laptop and main PC to the monitor and have 1 set of peripherals to control both of them. Right now I have my peripherals connected to my main PC, which is connected to the monitor via display port and a usb-b cable. My laptop is connected via hdmi and usb-c to usb-c. (I had to look up someone else config cuz i couldnt figure it out to save my life). Now when I use the KVM switch, my laptop screen shows up on the monitor, but my mouse and keyboard don't work. Are my M&K supposed to be connected to the monitor? Isn't the usb-b cable from main PC to monitor supposed to deal with the M&K data?

    I also want to add that I was watching a video and the person was using a different monitor but it also had a KVM switch. However, he only had one cable connected from his laptop to the monitor. He didn't say what cable but maybe I need a special cable for this all to work?


    Family of 3 rescued on greenhorn after trying to summit. Responders Rescue Family Stranded on Greenhorn Mountain

    November 24, 2023 - The incredible teamwork and tenacity of several Pueblo County Sheriff’s units, Rye Fire and Flight for Life led to the successful rescue of a Chicago family after they became fatigued and stranded in the Greenhorn Mountains Wednesday.

    Responders Rescue Family Stranded on Greenhorn Mountain

    My friend and I have tried to summit greenhorn before, it's definitely not a trail to underestimate, even for experienced hikers.


    What happened to kazoo kid?


    Are phone notification LEDs still a thing?

    Looking at all the features that older phones uses to have compared to newer ones, I never hear anyone talk about the removal of the notification LED. I personally really liked that feature, being able to see if I got an email, a text or missed a call without turning on my phone was awesome. My Samsung note 8 had this feature, but to my knowledge, newer phones (in the major companies anyway) have abandoned this feature. Did everyone else unanimously agree they don't care for this feature?


    Question about confidants

    I'm playing persona 5 for the first time and just finished the third palace. I'm getting overwhelmed with all these confidants and a having trouble deciding who to spend time with. My question is: does the game give enough time to develop a handful of confidants? Or should I focus on a couple? I've been looking up their perks and there's several that I'd like to max out.


    Nowadays, on certain games and game launchers, you can play the game before its fully downloaded. How is possible?

    Examples: diablo 4 on blizzard client will let you play it before the full game is installed. The ps5 also let's you do this when installing a new game. But I've never seen this option on steam games.


    My old cat Louie.

    Animemes WeebLife

    All waifus deserve love and headpats.


    Why did Japanese samurai shave the tops of their heads, leave the sides long, and have a small pony tail tied in the back?

    I'm reading Vagabond and noticed that the samurai who are learning swordsmanship at a dojo will have this hairstyle, so is it just to show that they are students st a dojo?