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‘We don’t have a democracy’: why some Oregonians want to join Idaho
  • I wouldn’t say Jackson or Josephine county “want” to join Idaho. There has not really been political talk or any votes for such a thing. The counties that want to join Idaho are east of Jackson county and have much smaller population. Anecdotally, everyone I know in both counties are proud Oregonians and would never vote for such a thing, even if they do hate Portland. The anti-tax sentiment is a separate issue all together.

  • Seems appropriate today...
  • I had like $6k savings until I did my taxes and apparently everything I saved up was how much I owed the tax man. I thought I had actually gotten ahead but turns out that was an illusion lol

  • Ohio purged 26,000 voters days before abortion referendum deadline
  • I don’t understand it either. What’s the purpose of making voting so difficult? Is it to keep the less fortunate and less abled from being able to have a voice in elections?

    I’m in the US but my state does mail-in voting by default, so you get plenty of time to research and make your vote choices from the comfort of your own home. We also have automatic voter registration through our department of motor vehicles. I think either a system like your country has or my state has should be the standard across the US, but unfortunately it’s not.

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoes bill that would have decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms
  • Oregon started issuing licenses to treatment facilities this year. It took a few years to get the infrastructure in place and to get professional therapists trained, but facilities are now opening up for treatment.

  • Fellow home owners, are you ready for the housing market to crash?
  • I bought a reasonably affordable small home in 2019 when I was 21-22. I got it on a 15 year mortgage. That means by my mid 30’s I’ll own my home outright and will be able to put my entire mortgage payment (minus property taxes) into my bank account every month, opening up tons of possibilities for the rest of the best years of my life. If I was renting that would never be a possibility, and I’d have to pay ever increasing rent until I die.

  • Amazon to introduce ads on Prime Video in 2024
  • eBay has its uses, especially when you’re trying to find used genuine parts for whatever you’re working on, but other than that both eBay and Amazon seem to be flooded with Chinese crap