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T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next
  • Same. We got a super limited deal well over a decade ago that they ran for a single Christmas. While our bill has gone up ever so slightly in that time, the extra cost is all due to misc “fees” rather than the base rate, according to the bills.

  • Joey Chestnut Barred From Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Due to Vegan Sponsor Beef
  • I can make impossible burgers on my pellet smoker - smash or pub style - and they are indistinguishable from lean beef. High heat sear and a bit of wood smoke is the trick. And MSG.

    I have never been anywhere close to that successful with Beyond, and not for lack of trying. ☹️

  • Raspberry Pi becomes a public company
  • I think they’re playing the same game OpenAI is. Nonprofits can “own” for-profits.

    No, it’s not rational or ethical or reasonable, but it’s a thing, because Capitalism gotta Capitalism.

  • A Florida law blocking treatment for transgender children is thrown out by a federal judge
  • By this judges logic, the government also has no authority to restrict abortion, as medical treatment should be solely determined by medical professionals and their patients.

    Shame the ruling doesn’t extend to other forms of basic medical care.

  • Joey Chestnut Barred From Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Due to Vegan Sponsor Beef
  • I don’t know how people stomach the Beyond stuff. I’d rather go with the old school soy alternatives than Beyond; their textures are just so weird and off-putting, and they always taste wrong.

    Impossible is unbelievably good in a lot of applications, though. If they could get their prices down, I’d eat their products a lot more often. Need to try their dogs, though.

  • Massachusetts school can in fact ban 'there are only two genders' T-shirt, federal appeals court rules
  • the court ruled, adding that “students who identify differently ... have a right to attend school without being confronted by messages attacking their identities.”

    This is refreshing - a court ruling that actually understands the Golden Rule of Liberty. Who woulda thunk?