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Comments 5.2K 'Very aggressive' homeless camp crackdown coming in August, mayor says

Mayor London Breed said a "very aggressive" sweep of San Francisco homeless encampments will start in August after a recent Supreme Court ruling cleared the path for officials to widespread enforcement.

'Very aggressive' homeless camp crackdown coming in August, mayor says

Mayor London Breed said a “very aggressive” sweep of San Francisco homeless encampments will start in August, after a recent Supreme Court ruling cleared the path for widespread enforcement.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled that enforcing rules against homeless people for sleeping outside doesn’t violate the Eighth Amendment’s “cruel and unusual punishment” clause.

On Thursday, Breed celebrated the ruling and said the city plans to change its protocols and may begin issuing criminal penalties against homeless people.

“Thank goodness for the change in the Supreme Court decision,” Breed said at an election debate hosted by a local firefighter’s union. “Effective August, we are going to be very aggressive and assertive in moving encampments, which may even include criminal penalties.”

After recent state law change, the only way to appeal an eviction in Tennessee is pay an entire year's rent upfront
  • So long as businesses continue to develop capital projects that demand human labor, people will continue to migrate to the capital in order to secure livable wages. These policies are far more in line with a state that's actively gentrifying and wants to force low-wage residents out than one that's afraid it can't get high wage professionals to move in.

  • After recent state law change, the only way to appeal an eviction in Tennessee is pay an entire year's rent upfront
  • Signing a contract and then intentionally violating it is super unethical.

    Meanwhile, Cartman's classmate and frequent nemesis Kyle Broflovski, who did not read the Terms and Conditions when agreeing to download the latest iTunes update, is pursued by shadowy agents from Apple Inc., who wish to perform several intrusive acts upon him, informing him that he agreed to them when he downloaded the update. Kyle attempts to flee the men and is incredulous when his friends tell him they all read the entire Terms and Conditions when they downloaded the latest update. Kyle seeks refuge at his father Gerald's law office. Still, the Apple agents taser Gerald, kidnap Kyle, and throw him in a cage with a Japanese man named Junichi Takiyama and a young woman who also failed to read the fine print of their purchased updates.

  • Sniper took picture of Trump rally shooter, saw him use rangefinder before assassination attempt, source says
  • This is the fundamental problem with protecting a candidate whose entire base is really big on guns, big on having guns on them, big on using every inch of their already permissive rights, and no matter what, the candidate’s rally is a highly likely place for them to flex their pieces, even if they can only wave them around in the parking lot.

    If police snipers started opening up on random people at a Trump rally who were simply parading around their most tacti-cool looking hardware, imagine how much safer the convention could be.

    You can’t just do the obvious thing and put rounds in everyone you see with a rifle.

    They absolutely can and they absolutely should. Treat the RNC like its Oakland during the OJ Riots or New Orleans during a hurricane. Just start blasting anyone who looks vaguely threatening and don't stop until you feel safe again.

    Anyone who argues otherwise simply isn't serious when they say "Blue Lives Matter". I mean, ffs, can you even imagine what the world would have lost if Thomas Matthew Crooks had adjusted his aim and hit one of our brave servicemen?

    Every single American police officer needs to treat these thugs and their guns with absolute seriousness. Lives are on the line. And not just the lives of school children. Important ones.

  • Greece to transfer 32 decommissioned F-16s to Ukraine
  • If they've already had their most advanced pieces of hardware pulled out, its doubtful. Nevermind finding someone to actually pilot the damned things.

    What Ukraine needs more than anything right now is more young professionals capable of operating the hardware of war. What they're getting is a military garage sale.

  • Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • We should have stopped with Mario 64. Everything else has been an abomination.

  • Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • Okay, but here me out. What if the OS got way worse, and then I told you that paying me for the AI feature would restore it to a near-baseline level of original performance? What then, eh?

  • What if I told you...
  • I’m not sure how anyone can read Homelander as anything but a right winger.

    Its not that he's right-wing so much as his the Good Guy.

    His early-show character arc is one of a feckless image-obsessed corporate prop. As the show progresses, he breaks out of the "cucked" liberal mindset and asserts himself as an ultra-nationalist for the benefit of an insecure and gullible media audience. So a right-winger can read Homelander's arc as a kind of Hero's Journey, from captive tool of the (((globalists))) into a fully realized superhero.

    So, using a JBP-inspired reading of the material, he starts out as a liberal in season 1 and self-actualizes as a fascist by season 3. And this makes him the show's protagonist, as a result.

    the fact that he has an American Flag costume and surrounds himself in American Flag stuff should be a dead giveaway.

    He'd hardly be the first liberal to wrap himself in an American flag.

  • OK at it Again
  • But that's about beauty pagents for pre-teens. A time honored red state tradition.

  • He'll Be Fine

    Mayor Eric Adams unleashed the full force of the NYPD on Columbia student protesters.

    You'll find the same thing happening at UCLA under Gruesome Gavin.

  • OK at it Again
  • When the show Cuties was being advertised on Netflix, I cancelled my membership.

    You don't have your congressman cancel it for you?

    I go the BDS route.

    Must be nice. That's illegal in my home state of Texas.

  • OK at it Again
  • I’m challenging the narrative

    Are you? Challenge implies a certain degree of effort.

  • Slorp
  • Even with snail mail, I'll routinely get the same two letters delivered to the same address on the same day - one for me and one for my wife.

    Just the laziest printing/mailing imaginable even after this being junk mail, but nobody seems to care.

  • OK at it Again
  • pornographic material

    Real Fahrenheit 451 Hours. Excited to hear which books you're objecting to, specifically. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? The Diary of Anne Frank? To Kill a Mockingbird? The Catcher in the Rye?

    books that apparently are for an audience as young as 13 years old.

    Wait till you find out what these kids are looking at on Netflix.

  • OK at it Again
  • You believe the Brooklyn Public Library’s UnBanned Books project is about grooming children for pedophiles?

    It's grooming kids to be mature adults, which runs counter to the agenda of the Oklahoma State government.

  • OK at it Again
  • pdo groomer

    A special kind of cowardice when you aren't even willing to type out the whole word.

  • OK at it Again
  • Ah, but never forget that America has the best education system globally as dictated by American News Media.

    So it may look bad on paper, but imagine living anywhere else. It's so much worse!

    USA! USA! USA!

  • OK at it Again
  • I want to punch this guy in the face so much.

    Waiting for the reactionary who blinks straight passed the OK Sec of Ed trying to financially ruin a teacher for handing out digital library cards and accuses liberals of advocating violence.

  • He'll Be Fine
  • boring corporatists

    Nothing boring about a 110 heat index or a river so slick with filth that the smell alone is hazardous to your health. Nevermind the sky-high electricity bills created by our energy-hungry AI industry or the enormous landfills choked with plastic waste or the privatized schools that serve up a McEducation for an exorbitant price.

    There's this baseline claim that Biden will keep the state of the country the same. But we're not a fly trapped in amber, here. We've got infrastructure that's still deteriorating despite the promise of Infrastructure Reinvestment. We've got grocery bills that are still rising despite the Inflation Reduction Act. We've got real estate consolidation in the residential and agricultural sectors that are steadily raising rents. We've got a finance industry that is dead set on forcing everyone onto a highly speculative cryptocurrency system. We've got war profiteers racking it in overseas while defense contractors at home sink billions into a militarized southern border.

    This is under Biden. Yeah, sure, blah blah Trump worse. But our best case scenario still looking incredibly bleak.

  • Today, we’re all MAGA

    When Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, a doctor is said to have told him: ‘Today, Mr. President, we're all Republicans.’ Today, stand by Trump.

    Today, we’re all MAGA

    When Ronald Reagan was shot on 30 March 1981, his wound was not immediately noticed. It wasn’t until he started bleeding from the mouth that the car was diverted from the White House to the hospital. The story goes that upon arrival, the president said to the surgeons, ‘I just hope you’re Republicans.’ A doctor is said to have replied: ‘Today, Mr. President, we’re all Republicans.’


    American politics has sunk so low into the cesspit of political despair, there will be a rare few who can’t bring themselves to say this. Rather than muster up the humour of Reagan, or the humanity of the doctors, they won’t hesitate to keep pouring petrol onto a nation already ablaze. Those takes won’t be received very well. If there is anything left tying America’s national fabric together, it’s that such instances of violence can’t be tolerated.


    Military spending is up, social and economic funding is down since 2022

    27 U.S. military fails to reconnect Gaza pier, says mission will end soon

    The Pentagon’s floating pier off Gaza, announced by President Biden in March, has been sidelined several times by poor weather and rough seas.

    Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder, a spokesman, said in a statement that U.S. troops tried to reconnect the floating pier to the shoreline Wednesday but were unable to do so because of “technical and weather-related issues.” The pier and its support vessels were taken back to the Israeli port of Ashdod, where they had sheltered amid the latest spell of rough waves, and will remain there until further notice, Ryder said.


    The operation has delivered nearly 20 million pounds of food ashore since it began on May 17. It’s a fraction of what humanitarian groups say is needed as Palestinians trapped by the fighting between Israel and Hamas face starvation and Israeli officials resist U.S. and international demands to let more aid into Gaza via land routes.

    Moreover, distribution from the pier has been challenged by aid groups’ fears for their workers’ safety as the war’s staggering number of civilian casualties continues to climb. Until recently, arriving supplies were left to pile up in a staging area along the beach. A U.S. defense official familiar with the issue, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss recent developments, said a significant amount of that aid has been moved to other locations, leaving room for new deliveries if the pier can get up and running again.

    The U.S. Agency for International Development, which coordinates with the humanitarian groups working in Gaza, will continue to use all available routes into the territory to get food and medicine to Palestinian civilians in need, an official there said. Those groups have begun using the port at Ashdod, north of Gaza, for additional aid deliveries, the official said.

    12 Project 2025 was supposed to boost Donald Trump's campaign — but now it may be backfiring

    Trump's authoritarian game plan is breaking through to people who haven't heard of it — and it's scaring them

    Project 2025 was supposed to boost Donald Trump's campaign — but now it may be backfiring

    The over 900-page document, commissioned by the people expected to run another Trump White House, is a laundry list of the far-right's most politically toxic ideas, from banning abortion nationwide to mass firing federal officials who believe in protecting public health and safety. One would think that Trump and his allies would try to keep their sinister plans out of public view. Instead, Team Trump published their fascistic blueprint on a website for anyone to read,. They even proudly display the menacing "Project 2025" label on the front page.


    On Sunday, actress Taraji P. Henson took a break during the BET Awards, which she was hosting, to speak out about Project 2025. "The Project 2025 plan is not a game. Look it up!" she told viewers. "I’m talking to all the mad people that don’t want to vote. You’re going to be mad about a lot of things if you don’t vote."

    The clip went viral, amplified by other celebrities like Mark Ruffalo. So the MAGA forces swung into action on social media, accusing Henson and Ruffalo and other progressives of making it all up. "Is Project 2025 in the room with you?" a blue-checked user sneered under Ruffalo's tweet. These efforts at gaslighting people run against a real problem, however: The drafters of Project 2025 seek to promote their authoritarian playbook. Thus, a simple Google search generates a slew of explainers from various news organizations, with even more coming out rapidly, as a response to the rising number of people asking, "What's Project 2025?"

    "We received a flood of reader inquiries asking if Project 2025 was a real effort," the fact-checking team at Snopes wrote in their lengthy explainer published Tuesday. Google Trends confirms that the number of searches for "project 2025" has grown dramatically in recent days.


    The 4th of July feels like a sad holiday to me. We celebrate an independence won over two centuries ago, like an out of shape former athlete reminiscing about his glory days on the high school football team.

    What we need independence from today isn’t the British — who seem about as threatening as a glass of warm Ovaltine — but from modern tyrannies like big business and, of course, the national security state.


    Stay Mad, Tankies

    709 Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate

    A group of undecided Latino voters said they would support President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump.

    Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate

    A group of undecided Latino voters said they would vote for President Joe Biden after watching his Thursday night debate with former President Donald Trump.


    A clip posted on X shows the group being interviewed by a journalist. One man said he would vote for Biden because "Trump sounded like a crazy liar," according to Matt A. Barreto, professor of Political Science and Chicana/o & Central American Studies at UCLA.

    The man being interviewed said Trump "said the same thing time after time" and was not answering questions or "saying how he would fix things," according to a Newsweek translation.

    He went on to admit that "Biden was indeed a bit slow in talking," saying the president "has a stutter" but believes Biden explained "what he has done and what he is still doing while president.

    "After being undecided for a little while, I think today, I switched to Biden," he added.

    99 The Insiders: The 3 Men at the Core of Biden’s Brain Trust

    President Biden has a diverse group of advisers, but few have the influence of three men in his inner circle during his final campaign.

    The Insiders: The 3 Men at the Core of Biden’s Brain Trust

    Multiple times each day, President Biden dials up Mike Donilon, a close adviser since the 1980s, to chew on the latest polls and headlines.

    “What’s your instinct? What do you think?” Mr. Biden will ask Mr. Donilon, who recently left the White House for the campaign’s Delaware headquarters.

    Once a week, Mr. Biden summons Ron Klain, his former chief of staff, to workshop the best attacks to use against former President Donald J. Trump as the presidential debate draws closer.

    When he leaves for Delaware on weekends, Mr. Biden seeks out Ted Kaufman, a confidant who represents the president’s ties to the state that introduced him to the national stage more than a half-century ago.


    The three are at the center of the Biden world, part of an echo chamber where dissent is rare. In important moments, each has told the president news he did not want to hear, although not one of them said no when the president was considering whether to run for a second term. They are also decades older than the young voters who could decide the election, which worries many of the president’s allies.


    The dying gasps of NY Public Library Social Media


    Grocery store prices are changing faster than ever before — literally. This month, Walmart became the latest retailer to announce it’s replacing the price stickers in its aisles with electronic shelf.

    The new labels allow employees to change prices as often as every ten seconds.

    “If it’s hot outside, we can raise the price of water and ice cream. If there's something that’s close to the expiration date, we can lower the price — that’s the good news,” said Phil Lempert, a grocery industry analyst.

    Apps like Uber already use surge pricing, in which higher demand leads to higher prices in real time. Companies across industries have caused controversy with talk of implementing surge pricing, with fast-food restaurant Wendy’s making headlines most recently. Electronic shelf labels allow the same strategy to be applied at grocery stores, but are not the only reason why retailers may make the switch.


    Doctor accused of illegally obtaining health data of Texas Children's patients, in crusade against Transgender medical treatments

    The doctor has publicly identified himself as the person who released information to a conservative activist about the transgender care program at Texas Children's. Citing "whistleblower documents," the activist published a story in May 2023 saying Texas Children's provided transgender care, which was legal at the time, "in secret."

    Texas Children's on Monday declined to comment on the charges against Haim. In previous statements, hospital officials said its doctors have always provided care within the law.

    Transgender care has become a popular talking point in Texas and other Republican-dominated states where lawmakers claim such treatment is harmful to children. It describes a range of different social, psychological, behavioral or medical interventions that support people whose assigned sex at birth does not align with their gender identity. This can include mental health counseling, hormone therapy or surgery, which is rare for people under 18.

    Such treatment, which is supported by every major medical association in the U.S., was offered at Texas Children's and other pediatric hospitals in Texas. Lawmakers have since implemented a statewide ban, and Texas Children's said it would discontinue its program.

    Meanwhile, Haim has publicly decried the investigation against him as "political."

    In the arraignment hearing, Ho said the indictment identified three different patients whose health information was compromised. Addressing reporters, Patrick declined to speak about the facts of the case but described the charges against his client as a "huge contradiction."

    45 Greek coastguard threw migrants overboard to their deaths, witnesses say

    More than 40 people are alleged to have died as a result of Greek coastguard actions, BBC analysis reveals.

    Greek coastguard threw migrants overboard to their deaths, witnesses say

    > The Greek coastguard has caused the deaths of dozens of migrants in the Mediterranean over a three-year period, witnesses say, including nine who were deliberately thrown into the water.

    > The nine are among more than 40 people alleged to have died as a result of being forced out of Greek territorial waters, or taken back out to sea after reaching Greek islands, BBC analysis has found.

    > The Greek coastguard told our investigation it strongly rejects all accusations of illegal activities.

    > We showed footage of 12 people being loaded into a Greek coastguard boat, and then abandoned on a dinghy, to a former senior Greek coastguard officer. When he got up from his chair, and with his mic still on, he said it was "obviously illegal" and "an international crime".


    > In five of the incidents, migrants said they were thrown directly into the sea by the Greek authorities. In four of those cases they explained how they had landed on Greek islands but were hunted down. In several other incidents, migrants said they had been put onto inflatable rafts without motors which then deflated, or appeared to have been punctured.

    > One of the most chilling accounts was given by a Cameroonian man, who says he was hunted by Greek authorities after landing on the island of Samos in September 2021.


    > “They started with the [other] Cameroonian. They threw him in the water. The Ivorian man said: ‘Save me, I don’t want to die'… and then eventually only his hand was above water, and his body was below.

    > "Slowly his hand slipped under, and the water engulfed him."

    > Our interviewee says his abductors beat him.

    > "Punches were raining down on my head. It was like they were punching an animal." And then he says they pushed him, too, into the water - without a life jacket. He was able to swim to shore, but the bodies of the other two - Sidy Keita and Didier Martial Kouamou Nana - were recovered on the Turkish coastline.


    Gen Z influencers who supported Biden in 2020 turn against him

    “I have noticed that there have been a lot more events with creators, but the creators that are getting invited are the creators who are very pro Biden and just parroting talking points or sharing photo ops of them smiling with the President. Not the creators who have been critical,” said Kahlil Greene, a history content creator and education advocate in Washington who said he hasn’t been invited to the White House since he criticized the administration over the TikTok ban and the war in Gaza.

    Annie Wu Henry, a political influencer and digital strategist who has worked on Democratic campaigns, agreed. While the White House once treated creators as independent media, she said, they now seem to be playing favorites.

    Biden’s team “is trying to say that they’re handling influencers like the press. But the thing is, the press briefing room has to have Fox News no matter what. They have to allow all of the media in,” Henry said. “When it comes to influencers, they only let in people who agree, and anyone who gives even a little bit of pushback is not welcome.”

    12 Meet Guy Sims Fitch, a Fake Writer Invented by the US Government

    Guy Sims Fitch had a lot to say about the world economy in the 1950s and 60s. He wrote articles in newspapers around the globe as an authoritative voice on economic issues during the Cold War. Fitch was a big believer in private American investment and advocated for it as a liberating force internat...

    Meet Guy Sims Fitch, a Fake Writer Invented by the US Government

    Guy Sims Fitch was created by the United States Information Agency (USIA), America’s official news distribution service for the rest of the world. Today, people find the term “propaganda” to be incredibly loaded and even negative. But employees of the USIA used the term freely and proudly in the 1950s and 60s, believing that they were fighting a noble and just cause against the Soviet Union and the spread of Communism. And Guy Sims Fitch was just one tool in the diverse toolbox of the USIA propaganda machine.


    I recently filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the CIA to get more information about Guy Sims Fitch, this fictional character that journalists and editors of the USIA would use to promote American economic interests abroad. The twist? The CIA wants to make sure that the privacy rights of this fictional character aren’t violated. Or, perhaps, that the privacy rights of the people who wrote under that name aren’t violated.


    How do we, as Americans, know about Guy Sims Fitch at all? The USIA was prohibited from disseminating news inside the United States under laws that restricted the government from producing propaganda for domestic consumption. So, as best I can tell, Fitch never showed up in any American newspapers. That, however, didn’t stop a lot of other USIA and CIA disinformation campaigns from leaking into American news.

    In fact, the CIA had to acknowledge during 1977 congressional hearings that the disinformation they were helping to get published through a variety of media around the world would often find its way into American news outlets. It was during those same hearings that it was revealed the CIA had helped covertly finance the publication of about 1,000 books. And Congress made the CIA pinkie-swear that “under no circumstances” would it publish any newspapers, magazines, or books in the United States. Clandestine financing of publishing efforts outside of the US in any language that wasn’t English was just fine, according to Congress.

    0 Don’t Forget to Like, Subscribe and Vote: Biden’s Rocky Influencer Courtship

    The Biden campaign is trying to work its way into social media feeds. But the young, left-leaning voices that control the conversation aren’t making it easy.

    Don’t Forget to Like, Subscribe and Vote: Biden’s Rocky Influencer Courtship

    Influencers have been given exclusive tours of the White House and campaign headquarters and been invited to briefings with policy advisers. They’ve been wined and dined at lavish parties in New York and at State of the Union watch parties in the White House. And they’ve been promised extraordinary access to party officials at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August, where for the first time ever they’ll be given a special room of their own, outfitted with quiet spaces for making videos.

    At least one has been offered an interview with the president at the convention, but said he was asked not to bring up Gaza.

    Priorities USA, a super PAC supporting Mr. Biden’s campaign, has pledged to spend at least $1 million on influencers, some of whom will be paid to share talking points online. The Democratic National Committee is using a smartphone app to train thousands of volunteers on how to share content in their social networks.


    You sorry son of a bitch, you're about to find out why this country can't afford healthcare

    21 The Curious Case Of The Underselling Arena Tours

    It's not just the Black Keys. Why are so many big tours selling poorly?

    The Curious Case Of The Underselling Arena Tours

    “Who can afford to go to multiple shows?” says the anonymous tour manager. “Two tickets to a show, you’re talking probably about $200 with fees and everything. You go to a meal around the show, you’re talking at least $100 or $200 for a nice dinner. Then you got parking and babysitters, then you add the VIP stuff to that and you want to make it a special night, you’re talking $500 to $1,000 a night for a couple to go out. It’s capitalism at its best.”


    Warning to Trump’s new pals on Wall Street

    Republican donors – including those who had said they’d never support Trump again after Jan. 6 — believe the current regulatory climate for businesses is also an existential danger. Kathy Wylde, president and CEO of the Partnership for New York City — a nonprofit organization representing the city’s top business leaders — said Republicans have conveyed to her that they consider that “the threat to capitalism from the Democrats is more concerning than the threat to democracy from Trump.”


    Big Bad Wolf Thought