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Kobo’s great color e-readers are held back by lock-in
  • Boox are awesome! Good default reader app, nice refresh rate and e-ink options, trash but not intrusive Android build and ability to use KoReader.

    I used to have a Note Air, sold it and moved to Poke 3, finished countless books and never looked back since. I can’t understand what Kindle or Kobo offers other than a locked environment.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – Forges of Corruption DLC Trailer
  • My experience was quite the opposite, and I’m old enough to have played the first FPSs in their heyday.

    I got lost all the time, couldn’t figure out which way to go, and quit the game in frustration about a third of the way through. I really wanted to finish it for nostalgia's sake, and I really love arcade WH40K stuff.

    Game’s aesthetics and feeling is tremendously well, by the way.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Is Getting Official Modding Support
  • I always suspected it’s not because they won’t, but they can’t due to the licensing issues.

    In the end Larian is a subcontractor of Hasbro, who’s preparing their own ‘virtual tabletop’ for a while now.

  • Yunohost Lemmy qeustions:
  • YunoHost is pretty much alive than ever, but don’t expect it to be up-to-date all the time since their way of doing stuff is pretty extreme to maintain.

    So my advice would be, spend enough time with it, and when you get the grips move to docker containers.

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • Same argument can be valid for Apple as well.

    Although it may look like Windows is a platform for any-hardware, reality is MS can and does push manufacturers to shape hardware as it’s desire, like forcing all mainboards to have TPM.

  • That time when Microsoft bought and killed Nokia phone unit
  • Yeah, visually there are alternatives on Android, but there were a few features built into WP that Android doesn’t fundamentally support that made the whole difference.

    Like having your SO’s all accounts merged under a single node, and seeing everything related to her, be it from WhatsApp, Mail, SMS, Photo Shares etc inside a single tile was awesome. Can Android do that in 2024?

  • That time when Microsoft bought and killed Nokia phone unit
  • Yeah, I agree.

    The main incentive twirled around UWP mentality, “Write one app that works on Windows, WP and Xbox automagically”.

    I think it was a fucking-a-star idea that could gather fresh developers to a big potential userbase. And surprisingly, it worked for a time as well.

    But MS again cold-feeted the platform themselves in a short span and scared everyone.

    I actually witnessed many brilliant developers wrote their very first C# code with UWP, only to spin out to other platforms later as WinPhone’s apparent neglect. PocketCasts and Flipboard are two that went very successful on other platforms.

  • That time when Microsoft bought and killed Nokia phone unit
  • To be honest, Windows Phone OS was a marvel in terms of user experience and design language. It was a fresh breath on interacting and utilizing the new always online world.

    Calling it ‘Bad Software’ is not fair at all.

    Too bad MS picked every possible bad decision to cripple it, starting with not putting it’s weight behind the OS at all.

    I really, really miss the feeling of being in control of my whole digital existence with just a single glance.

  • Ha! I kill me!


    Lazy Sunday.


    Hang in there.


    We should've done it already


    Here as well


    It's never too late.


    Seems like I've got a future message I've already read.

    7 U.S. F-16 fighter jet shoots down an armed Turkish drone over Syria

    U.S. officials confirm an F-16 fighter jet shot down an armed Turkish drone operating near American troops in northeastern Syria Thursday.

    U.S. F-16 fighter jet shoots down an armed Turkish drone over Syria

    RemotePlay is broken? Suggestions inside

    Hey SteamDeck’ers, As we're all aware that Valve broke Remote Play on SteamDeck and hasn't fixed it yet. I'm seeing lots of people having their sound cut off few minutes into streaming, or having lots of ghost input with bluetooth controllers.

    However, there are two other options that work well, and sometimes even better than Remote Play.

    First, if you're using SteamDeck with a TV and have an Android or Apple TV, consider using the Steam Link app instead. It's still great!

    Second, you can use Moonlight to stream directly to SteamDeck. Find Moonlight in Discover (SteamOS desktop appstore) in Desktop mode. Installing it is just that easy.

    You will also need to install Sunshine, the Server counterpart as well on your PC.

    Moonlight is a great replacement to NVIDIA's now retired GameStream and works with any GPU with the help of Sunshine. In fact, it offers smoother visuals compared to Steam Remote Play, also offers HDR support on supported TVs.

    Happy streaming!