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CrowdStrike effectively bricked windows, Mac and Linux today.
  • Except not make an OS so shitty and vulnerable that it needs millions of hours and billions of dollars pumped into keeping it from being hacked in a split second. But yes nothing besides that one minor thing.

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • It goes without saying that Google made it. If you somehow didn't know that, it was all over the thread.

    You're making the assumption here if anyone. "that app" does not mean "all apps, period"

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • It was a convenient counterexample to the point being made.

    Well no, it wasn't. The original point is that is Google's business model. Not that this business model is inevitable in every case.

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • It is not free. It takes a ton of time to build and maintain this software. And people including myself do donate to help out.

    If you're thinking all software developers will switch philosophies suddenly to think like you, I don't really know what to tell you other than that will absolutely never happen.

    Ps. Did you really think there was a chance you needed to remind me Lemmy is not commercial software?

    Pps. I typically use boost to view Lemmy and that is commercial software. Showing there is no need to expect everyone to develop all software for free. $3 was a fuckin bargain

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • Yeah see it's super solid logic -- if someone explains something then they LOVE it. They fully embrace the way that it is and WANT IT TO BE THAT WAY FOREVER. Explanations really can only be traced back to evil intent.

  • evergreen meme
  • If you don't think you're superior then I wonder what this thread is about and why you choose to label others who aren't "left enough" for you. Their differing opinion is scorned -- they COMPROMISE WITH FASCISM.

    You necessarily think you are superior and I would guess that is the priority, given communities like this. The goal can never be one of unity -- to defeat Trump. No, no, that is far beneath you. The goal is to always be the one who is more pure of heart. You would never stand for a evil man like Biden. You're far better than that. All those filthy liberals would though, and they're bad. Nevermind the fact that a reasonable conversation could be had, you have an ego to support because you read Marx.

  • evergreen meme
  • It's to make sure Donald Trump wins. This way, they can feel smugly superior about being right about the thing they helped propagandize and realize. Because they damn sure don't talk all this shit about liberals out of a desire to make any progress.

  • evergreen meme
  • You're right. Trump will help the gazans 100%. Or maybe some third party candidate who could get a max of 1% of votes, just enough to hand the reigns to trump, the champion of the gazans.

  • evergreen meme
  • You know what this is very much a real sentiment that people have. Yep. In no way incendiary fucking horseshit that no one thinks. No definitely not that. /s

    Edit: feel extra superior when you downvote. Because progress is the last priority. First? Constantly, constantly hating lIbErAlS to the extent people wonder if you're pro Trump

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • I have always been able to see why it chooses the colors it does. For example I'm using an aerial view of earth and it gave me blues and greens. Also it does give you a choice of multiple sets of colors so it's weird to me that your experience is that you get nothing but the same brown every time.

  • Profile karma

    I know that karma is a contentious issue on Lemmy, but I like having the feature where it is displayed on user profiles. For trolls especially, it helps to know if they should be ignored or not, like if they have -3000 karma for example. I have always noticed karma appearing in boost when viewing a user's profile, but today after logging out and back in, I noticed I no longer have that feature. Karma is no longer shown on profiles for me.

    It doesn't seem like anyone else is having the issue and the recent changelog entries don't mention it. Did I inadvertently change a setting and now I just can't find that setting to change it back?