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Located on Deck 6, Room 2054. Mass evacuation site for decks 5-10.

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Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Are we sure?

    Can somebody get her on the phone please, we need to get to the bottom of this...

  • Still a traitor, grifter and pedophile
  • Can confirm, you don't even need to be shot in the head. It can be in the thigh.

  • Never seen the show, but come on Costume Department, you can do better
  • I'm genuinely curious, do you happen to recall what museums you may have seen similar designs at? I'm interested to see when their estimated age was and from what regions, because I can totally see people making armor like that, it's just not as effective as actual combat armor as what's on the left.

    I've seen some pretty wildly impractical armors, and weapons over the years.

    All of the metal ages all had wonky weapon designs at the starts, as we were still figuring out how to work things, how to kill each other, and how to use the new shiny stuff to our advantage.

    And don't get me started on ceremonial outfits/weapons... Those are just..... No. Just no.

  • Never seen the show, but come on Costume Department, you can do better
  • Honestly the gambeson is underrated.

    It's crazy how good densely packed cloth can be at stopping cuts, and the padding basically makes a mace strike feel more like a barefisted punch.

  • I'm confused
  • So far, it's been this.

    But it's fun seeing them get flustered and try to reason with it for a few seconds before they just get angry.

  • Trump documents case dismissed by federal judge
  • "objectivity" is bullshit and will end up getting hundreds of millions of people killed.

  • Never seen the show, but come on Costume Department, you can do better
  • *to the average person

    I regret to inform you that a great many people find it "cool", including a lot of the people I know who are huge fans of the Peter Jackson films.

    Im not sure I'd say anywhere near half the people who have seen it would say it's "cool" but unfortunately the average person doesn't really know much about what makes good armor. I don't fault them for it, but I do fault the show for it.

    Boromir is infinitely cooler even without the armor.

    Regardless, you know someone looked at that thing, and said to themselves "yeah, this is good. This is correct." which is just.... Unfortunate.

  • send a chocolate box to your FBI agent
  • The longer they spend staring at me, the less time they have to harass minorities and beat their wives.

  • What's the best move in this position?
  • A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • I love seeing prison photos from other countries that show how well prisoners can be treated while still being in prison. Countries with extremely low recidivism.

    And there are plenty of people I know who would see that and balk, because "that's being too soft"

    I've had people insist that stronger punishment over rehabilitation is what you need, and ignore my bringing up that there's decades and decades of data that shows otherwise.

    At best, the harsh punishments serve as a deterrent to other people doing similar things that might result in similar punishment, but that just creates new and sneaker crimes and criminals. It's better to rehabilitate, help people turn their poor choices around, and eliminate the cause of the problems that led to the crime in the first place.

    But that's "too much work" so might as well not even try, right? As we all know, the light bulb famously was invented on the first couple tries.

  • It's a gift
  • When someone tells me I'm being ridiculous for having fun doing [insert thing]

    Most recently it was because I was having fun messing with my RC stuff.

    Like bitch just because your rc dreams died with that 1:32 scale bulldozer your older brother smashed in a jealous tantrum, doesn't mean I can't have fun designing my own 2ft long RC tank. Yes, I DO have fun driving a little box in circles making dirt fly around.

    8 times out of 10 if the person complaining actually tries the thing with you, they also have fun.

  • Never seen the show, but come on Costume Department, you can do better
  • The people involved in The Good One know historical armor, and how it's supposed to fit, while also knowing how to blend in the fantasy elements that make them pop

    The New One just wants to look pretty, while clearly having vastly underestimated the needed budget to make good costumes.

    Honestly, I think I've seen some repainted Spirit Halloween stuff.

    Granted, a good prop/costume department can make anything cheap look good. I've seen a lot of plumbing parts attached to Sci fi guns. (some ship guns are literally entirely plumbing parts with vfx lasers done in post)

    I'd love to see a total breakdown of the expenses. I'd wager the costume department is one of the lowest on the list.

    LPT: If you want armor that allows proper motion, you need sliding joints, or narrow areas with less protection. The chest piece should not be flat across the bottom, nor should it come down to your waist. You can't bend properly with the one on the right. Range of motion on the arms is also severely limited, which makes combat basically a death sentence for you since you literally can't move your arms to block high.

    Boromir on the other hand, everything allows for greater range of motion. The chest piece flares out once it goes a little past the ribcage, which while probably wouldn't win you any yoga competitions, allows you to bend and ride a horse. The pauldrons are oversized to cover the thinner shoulder straps, so the arms can rotate up properly, and the armor around all the joints slides nicely over itself.

    Once you know how to make GOOD armor, you start realizing a lot of modern movies just clearly have no consideration for it. It's all about what looks cool to the average person.

    Skallagrim on youtube has some breakdowns of historic accuracy in movies, but he usually focuses on the combat itself. Though every point I've brought up comes up in one way or another during combat.

  • I'm confused
  • Personally, I'm just using this as another point to bring up whenever I start talking to my religious family about how he's the antichrist.

    I don't believe in such things, but it's a little funny to me just how many parallels can be drawn from "the biclical things we know about the antichrist" to trump, his businesses, and history.

    This is just another log on the bonfire. "survived assassination attempt"

    It really takes a lot of wind off their sails, because now they have to try and justify their religious views while also justifying why their religious views are wrong.

    Or they just go full cognitive dissonance and hold many simultaneously conflicting beliefs.

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • I'd rather he rots in a state jail for the rest of his life, and give him the same standard of care as every other inmate. No special treatment. If he needs to be put in solitary "for his own protection" then so be it. It's the system people like him loves to protect.

    To be clear, I think the US treatment of prisoners is inhumane and bordering on criminal (and all too often crossing said border) and the whole penal system needs drastic change and made entirely nonprofit, and the constitution needs another Ammendment because the 13th was a mistake.

    But that's not the world we live in, and the people who crafted this world should be forced to live in it.

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • Anecdote time!

    I was once semi-surrounded by coyotes while hiking in some back country with a friend.

    I did not have anything except my camping knives and a very small axe for splitting kindling.

    My buddy had a compact 9mm in his waistband.

    Honestly, I can say an AR would not have made me feel safer. A larger capacity on my sidearm, on the other hand, would. The AR is just too bulky to move quickly in close quarters.

    Luckily a single round to the trailside was enough to scare them off, since yelling and throwing things wasn't. We then ran/sprinted a few miles down the trail toward the vehicle before we even considered slowing down.

    Not many situations in which either one is something I'm desiring though, and while I'm not a fan of limiting people, I can't say I've ever needed 30rds at once. Honestly, I buy 10rd mags just because they fit very nicely in some cases I already had, and the 30rds don't.

    Rambling anecdotes over, have a nice day!

  • send a chocolate box to your FBI agent
  • It's a little more obvious when you don't live near anyone, and they have to come down dirty country roads to park across from your property on a DWP service road, and pull out binoculars.

    I used to grab my own, and wave at them energetically like I was excited to see them if I had to go somewhere.

    A lot of people from my area who went out to escorts clinic-goers got the same treatment.

    Nobody ever got stopped, but the moment you were seen doing nefarious things like protecting women seeking Healthcare from harassment or worse, you could expect a police tail within 5 minutes of getting behind the wheel, and cops slowly driving by your house at all hours.

  • [Trump Shooting] Suspect was registered as Republican voter, state records show
  • Hmm, to keep responding to see how long you drag this out, or leave and give you the satisfaction of some perceived "final word" like you've won something, or have some kind of superior knowledge that you have yet to actually show?

    I guess that depends on how petty I feel today. At least as petty as the person I'm responding to, clearly.

    Edit: And you're editing your comments after the fact to change what you've been saying. I'm done dealing with simple minded children.

  • [Trump Shooting] Suspect was registered as Republican voter, state records show
  • You try to say here you shouldn't need to talk about specifics "because we all know..." but in other comments you backpedal and say you're dumbing it down for others.

    So which is it?

    I think you just hit "reply" before your brain caught up with your fingers and heart.

    Given your demeanor, I'd say you still have awhile to go before you exit "childhood" regardless of what your ID says. Keep going with the baseless personal attacks, surely you're one more comment away from changing my mind?

    Have a good one I guess. Keep being angry and responding to everyone calling you out, it's going well for everyone involved.

  • [Trump Shooting] Suspect was registered as Republican voter, state records show
  • "these guns that are different than a completely different kind of gun that nobody brought up before this particular comment are completely different!"

    Your grasp of the obvious amazes me.

    Do you always resort to ad-hominem when called out for thoughtless comments?

    It's still not a good look, dear.

  • Memes of the Star Wars Prequels Transporter Room 3

    The EMH is channeling a power from a galaxy far, far away.


    What is your all-time favorite episode of star trek?

    It can be from any series, and if you want to pick a favorite from each show go ahead.

    Picture very much related.


    Starfleet sure has some weird practices when it comes to "privacy"

    Then again, with how much can be done casually by literally anyone who is on the ship, not just starfleet personnel, what even is privacy anymore in 2380?


    What is this, a crossover episode?

    I would actually love this.

    Maybe not the upper pylons getting kawhooshed, but a parallel world episode or like.... Literally even a holodeck gone mad episode.

    Obrien could take out some of his frustration as Cowen of the Genii.


    He shows such mercy

    Really, what do they expect? Mental Healthcare is more or less nonexistent everywhere he goes.