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How to reclaim a strip-mall by @joan_de_art
  • I also know how this works, and convert surface mines into different land uses. My background is in land reclamation, and now I cover other environmental and engineering disciplines that feed into the broader restoration/conversion process. I'm no slouch when it comes to changing landscapes and land uses.

    I don't believe the items I've listed are trivial, and the point of bringing them up was to explain that there are barriers that prevent conversions like this from happening on a broader scale, and to address the original question.

    It is good that you want to convert stuff. Yes we should start now. However it all boils down to risk-reward for investors, and right now (justified or not) they precieve conversion as unpalatable for the most part. Why convert or build a green shopping centre from scratch when the one I already paid xxx for is making me tons of money? If it were easy and/or profitable these things would be springing up like vape shops when they first came out.

  • My favorite kind of sign
  • Sulphide-bearing rock if left exposed to oxygen, or oxygenated water can result in metal leaching/acid rock drainage (ML/ARD). Not all exposed rock contains sulphides, but a lot where mines are do.

    Onset times can be relatively fast (years) to long term (decades).

    Tailings can be a huge source of this, so can waste rock piles. To stop this, we often create engineered covers to limit infiltration and reduce exposure to oxygen. In cases where we can't manage this, the water is directed to a mined out pit or something similar and treated either actively or passively

  • How to reclaim a strip-mall by @joan_de_art
  • No, but the point I'm getting at is that it's easy to make a conceptual drawing, but there's a lot of effort, time and money that goes into making that drawing a reality.

    Without consultation and community buy in you also risk those efforts falling flat on their face. If I build a 'granola' (sorry) center in the middle of MAGA country, it's not going to do well.

  • How to reclaim a strip-mall by @joan_de_art
  • Not the person you're referring to, but I'll take a crack at it

    The one of the issues is a complete lack of suitable soil to grow all the stuff that's in the diagram. Soil was stripped and compacted to create a parking lot.

    You have to break up the pavement, haul it all out, and take it to a recycler or Landfill.

    There is a lot of planning of where things go, how big they will be.

    We have a pond so we have to design that

    It also takes time for trees to grow to the size we want them

  • My favorite kind of sign
  • Hey, I put up those signs.

    This looks like one where they are trying to restore a naturally or semi-naturally disturbed area/habitat loss.

    I start from zero: mined out areas, contaminants, geochemistry issues, and formulate a plan to put it all back.

  • A Trump Ally Is Training 75 Armed Citizens. Is That a Militia?
  • Her online petition called “Stop Bruce Blakeman’s Personal Nassau County Militia” has received more than 2,600 signatures, and opponents have held rallies pillorying both the program and the lack of details on training, scope of recruitment and parameters of the deputies’ duties.

    No way that this will be used as a hit list or list of 'trouble makers'. They most certainly are safe from retribution from an unsanctioned milita (gang) they openly opposed.

  • Rate my setup

    Fucking autocorrect had it as 'rage'


    So anyway, we started blasting threatened spp. Canada: grizzly bear hunting quietly reinstated in Alberta | Canada | The Guardian

    Conservationists say it’s a ‘slap in the face’ to those who are trying to save the threatened species

    Muh cowz!!!! Bad bear! Pew pew