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You're not allowed to be lazy on your vacation
  • Hold up- did you just say German food is better than Italian? I have never once in my life seen a German restaurant. Italian restaurants are all over the place

    Edit: apologies. I misread and that you said "is when it comes to food". Sounds like I need to try me some German breakfast.

  • Shampoo
  • Hey, this wasn't my intention at all. I'm mixed race and don't have coily hair but need products. I was speaking from my experience- "no-poo" methods don't work for me. My scalp gets itchy from product build up.

  • Apply this to tenant applications too
  • I agree that minimum wage should be raised and should provide a basic standard of living.

    I worry that if the wage isn't an attractor or the same skills have significantly higher value in the private sector, then the right people will be less likely to want to do it. And not out of selfishness, but out of wanting to provide more than the basic standard of living for their family.

    It's hard to justify passion work even if it pays livable wages (which an increased minimum wage should) if you might work fewer hours for more money and have more time to spend with your family.

  • I'm helping I promise!
  • That's so good. My cats have similar dynamics. The big one, as we call her (despite weighing about 9 lbs), allows me to clip her nails in exchange for 1 (one) kiss upon her forehead per claw.

    The small one (5 lbs) needs treats and breaks but puts up with it and me.

  • I'm helping I promise!
  • I trim my cat's nails because they fight sometimes and I don't want anyone getting hurt. Also because I want them to be able to make biscuits on me if they want to without feeling like I'm getting stabbed.

  • Apply this to tenant applications too
  • That would make it so that 1) only independently wealthy people make up congress and/or 2) congress would be highly susceptible to bribery.

    I kind of wish that people could vote on their wages though. Like instead of congress just voting to give themselves a raise, each congress person needed to present on why they would deserve it which is then voted on by the public.

  • Feelin' the burn
  • I'm sorry, a podcast I listen to has that sound bite as part of their intro. I wasn't sure if you were a fan, "Rise from your grave" is inextricably linked with "what was that?" In my brain.

  • What's your favourite -dle? (Daily puzzle game?)

    I do the daily wordle, but lately have been liking the murdle and the hexcodle.

    I've tried worldle, but I'm crap at geography. Probably a reason I should play more, but thems be the breaks.

    Any recommendations?


    More Socks

    Apologies for the crinkly right off the needles mess. These are a gift and don't fit me, and I don't own sock blockers (yet).

    Vanilla Socks but I made the cuff go straight into the heel because the recipient likes ankle socks.


    You guys!!! I made socks!!!

    Vanilla Sock by Crazy Sock Lady on magic loop in Estelle Sock twin crazy ball. Was not a huge fan of the yarn, as it is pretty splitty and a little rough but you guys I did it! I made my first ever pair of socks! And the rusticness of the yarn helps hide my beginner mistakes lol


    WIP Wednesday- Thanks for all your help!

    I'm the crocheter who asked where to start learning to knit a few days ago. I'm now working on my first project.

    I'm making a hat! Currently on my 5th row and absolutely hooked (forgive the crochet pun).


    Question for knitters

    What was your first project? I've been dying to learn how to knit, with the eventual goal of making socks, but can't decide where or how to start.

    I would consider myself an advanced beginner to intermediate crocheter, but when my mom tried to teach me to cast on for knitting I went cross eyed.

    Where's a good place to start? What would you recommend needles-wise?

    Edit: Thank you so much everyone for the advice!

    I ordered size 7 circular knitting needles (bamboo) to start. I'm going to try a hat so that I can get some practice knitting in the round.

    My needles don't get here until Tuesday, and I can't walk at the moment, so I'm practicing casting on with chopsticks!


    Thanks again

    Crochet Timecircleline

    Ghostie Bag

    Second ever bag, first time following a graph. Tons of fun. Now I have a bag to use for the next month and a half!

    I really like the way the green turned out. I used scrap yarn so the white was actually a 3 instead of everything else which was a 4, and only have a 3.50 hook. Overall, still in love.

    Pattern here:


    I made a plushie!

    I know the colour is light... long story. I hope you can still tell what it is!

    Crochet Timecircleline

    Guess the animal

    I made this as a gift, but long story short I don't have the right yarn colours or the right sized hook or the right eyes. So I improvised. Hoping it still reads as the animal I intended!

    Ps. The recipient knows my current status and why I can't procure the correct yarn, etc. They'll still appreciate it I'm sure.

    Crochet Timecircleline

    I learned how to do proper magic circles and now I have a new hobby.

    The hobby is tiny octopus friends. Pattern by Mohu.

    Dollar store yarn (labeled mini skein with no actual weight), 3.0mm hook. 6mm eyes.