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Guess the intent
  • Update: The original dev does not remember exactly. However they have said that clientId was originally a VARCHAR, so this may have been checking for both '0' or ''

    So an over-engineered workaround to a bad datatype perhaps?

  • Guess the intent
  • I forgot to mention this is in SQL Server, so SIN operates on radians. So I THINK this can only ever cast to a 0 when clientId is also 0

    It certainly doesn't for any of the 100,000 existing rows

  • Guess the intent
  • The client table has around 100,000 rows each with a unique clientId, none of which are returned from the CAST / ABS / SIN

    I think you are right and this is a 'fix' for something lost to time. I am going to talk to the original dev tomorrow to see if they remember what it was for

  • Guess the intent

    I am one of the developers on a very small team and have just found the following query

    I would love to hear your ideas for what you think was being attempted here!

    SELECT ... FROM client WHERE CAST(ABS(SIN(clientId)) AS BIT) = 0


    Paged Out! is a free experimental technical magazine

    I hope some people here enjoy reading these as much as I have

    If you know of anything similar, I would love to hear them

    What are your top three favourite podcasts?
    1. Soft Skills Engineering - Software engineering advice podcast
    2. If Books Could Kill - Criticising reviews of bestselling books
    3. CoRecursive - Stories about software
  • pokemongo Threen

    Great Storage Box past 6800?

    I have the maxed out Pokemon storage of 6,800. Does anyone know if I buy the Great Storage Box if it will still increase this?

    Share Trainer Codes
  • 0589 6066 6425

    I would love to give gifts to anyone here

    I am from Australia, and I travel between Queensland and South Australia regularly

  • pokemongo Threen

    Glitched avatar

    Found an interesting little glitch

    1. Close your game
    2. Turn your phone's GPS off
    3. Start the game and as soon as it loads open routes
    4. Turn GPS back on and after a few seconds close routes

    Gyms and stops don't appear

    Pokemon cannot be clicked on

  • This is in my nearby list

    This is in my profile

  • pokemongo Threen


    What am I meant to be doing with "routes". There are none around me to follow and I cannot seem to create a new one

    I am missing something? Do I need to complete something?

    Anyone need a River Vivillon region gift?
  • No worries at all

  • Anyone need a River Vivillon region gift?
  • Sent you a gift now

    I am travelling right now, but I think I am still River

  • Testing instance and wiping data

    I am wanting to test things and contribute back to lemmy's codebase, and to do that I want to run an instance

    I have had no issue setting up an instance, but I want to make sure the things I test / change are not going to cause issues for the fediverse

    For example, if I federate a remote instance and then wipe my DB (while keeping the same URL), will that other instance be able to handle the change?

    Is there a best practice for this that I should follow?

    Subscribing to a community from another instance always shows "Subscribe Pending". Is this a bug?
  • I think it is a bug and here's why

    I have setup a lemmy instance to understand how it works and hopefully contribute something meaningful

    My instance has 2 users, both are subscribed to the same cross-instance community, but only one is showing Subscribe Pending even if I un-sub and re-sub

    I am not aware of any approval system to subscribe to a community, so I believe the approval was received the community instance, but the "accept" response data was missed / dropped when returning to your host instance

  • I somehow broke my ssh keys
  • Let me make sure I understand first

    1. You are attempting to passwordlessly SSH from Window to a group of servers using Powershell
    2. Something stopped working and you regenerated your Windows SSH keys

    i added my private key, and tried to connect

    This concerns me, as the server should have the user's public key, not private. Private should be exactly that, private

    Is the Powershell user / SSH key the same as the Putty user / SSH key that still works?

    When you run the Powershell script, does it give any error messages?

    I know with Linux -> Linux SSH you can log verbosely with -v, is that something you can do under Powershell?

    Is password auth enabled? Does that still work from Putty, and can you do the same from Powershell?

  • Eclipse compiler issue
  • Haha, sorry I came across the way I did. I really was racking my brain trying to think what more I could provide. Normally for Java issues I can give a stacktrace, but in this case there is literally only a 4-word error message

    When I view the post on your server it shows only our convo, so definitely a federation issue

  • Eclipse compiler issue
  • Ohhh, that explains so much!

  • Eclipse compiler issue
  • I am really struggling to understand what you are asking me to provide

    Java is a compiled language. Eclipse is attempting that compile step and it fails. I have provided the error it gives me, a minimal code snippet to reproduce this, the location that Eclipse indicate the error occurs, and the specific 2 specific versions of Eclipse I have tried

    Is it a screenshot of the error you are after? Maybe there is something obvious I am overlooking, but I really do no know what more I can give you

  • Eclipse compiler issue
  • Yeah mate, you are right "doesn't work" is pretty useless, lucky I didn't say that

    I said I have code that does compile in one specific compiler but doesn't in another specific one, and asked if anyone had ever encountered that before

    And 2 days ago when someone mentioned that I didn't include the actual error, I apologised and then included it

  • Anyone need a River Vivillon region gift?
  • No problem! Hope you enjoy your gifts

  • Anyone need a River Vivillon region gift?
  • Awesome! I end the day with a full bag of gifts, so as long as you keep opening you'll get more

  • Is it just me or...?
  • On the website, or on an app?

    I have posted half a dozen things from the Jerboa app and not encountered this

  • Programming Music
  • Maybe something like "Drone Techno"?

  • Programming Music
  • Oh yeah, I remember listening to that when they only had around 5 episodes

    They still do the high-pitched beep when you start or stop I see haha

    Thank you

  • Programming Music

    I am a big fan of listening to Drone Zone on SomeFM while programming

    Hit me with your favourite streams, albums or artists


    2039 - Tom Mauritzon

    I fell in love with this album many years ago, I hope someone here will enjoy it too

    pokemongo Threen

    Anyone need a River Vivillon region gift?

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    Bug breaking all Javascript functions when loading a post

    If a post body contains an unclosed HTML tag, it will be automatically closed it at the end of window.isoData and then all Javascript functionality disappears.


    Eclipse compiler issue

    I am wondering if anyone can help me.

    I have an issue with compiling some code in Eclipse but not with IntelliJ or javac.

    I am using sneakyThrow to bubble a checked exception up through 2 streams.

    Here is the smallest reproducible code I can make:

    ``` import; import java.util.List; import java.util.function.Predicate; import;

    public class Example { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { List<List<Integer>> input = List.of(List.of(1, 2), List.of(2, 4));

    // Should return any List whose elements are all even. List<List<Integer>> output = .filter(bubblePredicate(o -> .allMatch(bubblePredicate(i -> { if (i > 10) { throw new IOException("Number too large."); } return i % 2 == 0; })))) .collect(Collectors.toList());

    System.out.println(output); }

    private interface ThrowingPredicate<S, E extends Exception> { boolean test(S s) throws E; }

    private static <S, E extends Exception> Predicate<S> bubblePredicate(ThrowingPredicate<S, E> callable) throws E { return s -> { try { return callable.test(s); } catch (Exception e) { sneakyThrow(e); return false; } }; }

    private static <E extends Throwable> void sneakyThrow(Exception exception) throws E { throw (E)exception; } } ```

    Compiles and runs completely fine with javac 11.0.12, but doesn't on Eclipse 4.21.0.I20210906-0500 nor Eclipse

    Has anyone encountered this before, or have any idea what I am misunderstanding?


    Anyone need a gift from the River Vivillon region?

    Can probably only send you 1 gift, as my friend list is quite full

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    Testing a new encrypted messaging app's extraordinary claims