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Selfhosted SSL cert issue

Hi, I’m hosting mastodon for personal use on subdomain.domain.tld — it has a valid ssl cert. The issue is that when I set the vanity server name to domain.tld (no subdomain) and create a Let’s Encrypt cert for domain.tld. The namecheap ssl cert checker says that the Hostname doesn’t match the Common Name or/and the SANs.

I have domain.tld redirect via an Alias record to my Synology server (just like the subdomain) but for some reason it’s fine on the subdomain but not for the root domain.

Any one have any experience with this? TIA.


What to do with an acre of grass

I don’t want this much ornamental grass, what do I do? Let nature take over a patch of it? Hire a landscape designer for a minimum of 10k? Please send help.

More info: I’ve stopped using -icides and I have a robot mower at 3.5”.

I have let a patch grow wild and added a couple apple trees and wildflowers. The city code enforcers want to mow it and fine me, but I don’t plan on letting them.

I’m kinda against fences because they feel pretty anti-social and I’m already only allowed to see people if I use a car. Then again, fences seem like the only way to combat these crazy deer.

I don’t want to design it myself because I want to believe that professional landscape designers do more than just plop stuff around on a whim.

Is Conduit (Matrix server) sustainable, do some of you host it?
  • I’m still trying to understand this. I have “example.tld” but when configuring the server name, just used “example”, no tld

    You’re saying that my server name in fact needs to be the full “example.tld”?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Is Conduit (Matrix server) sustainable, do some of you host it?
  • Sorry to hijack — does my server name need a tld at the end? I’ve received both a yes and a no thus far. My server name currently has no tld but I’m not sure if that is what is preventing me from federating, or if no tld is just bad practice or something.

  • DGN red ring of death

    Anyone know how to overcome the DGN red loading animation and stopped stream? Doesn’t seem to recover on its own — I’ve been having to exit the stream and reopen it to buy me another minute of watch time.


    How was Luminous?

    The new crater music is pretty disappointing imo


    What’s the trick to getting stable FPS in OW2?

    Feels like I’ve tried everything except changing the proton version. I’m playing on an OLED if that makes a difference.


    When is that dock coming out?

    And maybe more importantly, when are they gonna add Bluetooth audio support?


    Image zoom control gesture

    Why doesn’t the double tap and swipe (up or down) to zoom gesture work? Is it broken or can it be added?


    Feature Request: AI auto crop/ focus on subject AI-Based Image Auto-Crop Algorithm Sticks to the Subject

    Deep learning subject detection algorithm makes Cloudinary's g_auto even better. Get just the right automatic crop on every image for every responsive view.

    AI-Based Image Auto-Crop Algorithm Sticks to the Subject

    Like the tool I linked to, I think it would be a large step forward for Mlem if it could better handle images. Currently, images seem to be cropped to the center with no intelligence and make opening the image a requirement or something the user is dissuaded from doing. I know it’s a bigger ask, but someone’s gotta do it.


    How to hide pinned posts?

    Is there an option I’m overlooking or does it not exist? If it doesn’t, can I request it be added? I’m tired of seeing giant text/ posts at the top of my feed like a giant banner ad.


    Is there a guide to hosting on a raspberry pi yet?

    I’d love to host my own Lemmy server but I’m just a script kiddie


    Any new 6E/7 AP rumors?

    I’m in need of a new AP but it looks like the majority being offered are still Wi-Fi 5 or 6. Has anyone heard what may be coming next?


    Anyone else have MyQ issues?

    Set to auto open and close via location, the command doesn’t always seem to go through. I’ve added a WiFi AP to the garage and enabled stay connected in drive on the Tesla. Not sure what else to try or what is causing the problem. Any ideas?


    Black FineWoven MagSafe Wallet is actually Midnight with a different name Mulberry FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe

    Keep your ID and credit cards close with a dark red FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe. Buy now at

    Mulberry FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe

    Why change the name and get me all excited like that. Now I gotta make a return and find a different wallet. Also, from my first day with FineWoven, it is not a good leather replacement — it feels cheaper.


    It’s time for a better app icon wefwef for lemmy

    wefwef is a beautiful mobile web client for lemmy. Enjoy a seamless experience browsing the fediverse.

    I don’t enjoy providing sensitive feedback like this, but it needs to be said — the current app icon is hurting the success of this great Lemmy web app as evidenced by my ability to keep it posted on my homescreen for any longer.


    Dream Wall Pro — any info?

    I see that it was announced about a year ago. Was it ever launched? If not, do you think it still will? It seems to check all the boxes for me.


    Standby “preferred” screen not working?

    I read that the standby screen will use the preferred clock based on the MagSafe charger used — is that true? It doesn’t seem to work for me. Am I doing something wrong or is it bugged?