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Frog and Toad Smoke It All
  • My lungs thank me with every breath because it also allowed me to quit tobacco.

    My wallet is also thanking me because I'm currently learning to drive (at the cost of £39 per hour, 4 hours per week) which I would not have been able to do.

    I do feel better but I'd still like to get high occasionally. Once I can drive it means I can visit some friends, one of which I can pick up some gummies from. And I think from then on, that'll be my preferred method of getting high.

  • Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • That's it.

    It's either a trump election win and civil war from him dismantling one too many of the elements of US government.

    Or trump looses the election, incites a civil war, and the craziest actually do it.

    Either way, as this even proves: Get. Your. Guns. Whilst you still can.

  • Millions are going to starve, be killed and oops I forgot to select the dolphin and rainbows JPG
  • Enjoy the empire whilst it lasts. It's China / India's turn next.

    After that I'm predicting, due to sea-level rise and a year-long open Arctic ocean:

    a three way competition between a combined Norway-Sweden-Finland-Denmark, Canada-Northeast-US-states, and Russia.

  • Frog and Toad Smoke It All
  • And this is why I can't smoke or find a supplier anymore. Because if I'm alone, bored, and have weed, I will smoke the weed.

    If I'm alone, bored, have money, and a plug, I will buy weed to smoke.

    I will light my paycheck and overdraft on fire on weed and food just to alleviate boredom.

    Then wonder why I feel shitty, where my weekend went, and why I'm struggling to get out of bed for work in the morning.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • We've tried this. Blair's talks with Putin, Obama's Russia Reset, energy cooperation in Europe, and that non aggression deal Russia signed with Ukraine.

    Putin threw all of that away when he invaded Crimea and then Ukraine.

    True peace in the region will be achieved by Putin being removed from power by the Russian people, ending the war at internationally recognised boarders, rebuilding Ukraine letting them choose their own path geopolitically, AND helping Russia rebuild from decades of corruption and kleptocracy.

    Until then the only way to stop Putin, who only recognises strength, is to fight back.

  • First F-16 jets heading to Ukraine after months of training and negotiations
  • Should have started the pilot training programme, supplied tanks, APCs, IFVs, air defence, and combined warfare training the moment the Kiev rush failed for Russia.

    If they had done that maybe the spring offensive would have gone a lot better.

  • We're coming for you
  • I'm no expert in biology, not my science as I dropped it after highschool, so I'm not going to pretend I know much, I'm merely hypothesising.

    But I do know that removing large parts of bio-mass from the ecosystem will have consequences that need to be considered.

    As far as I've read about sterile mosquito introduction is that it's an attempt at population reduction not extermination. I'm guessing this will allow the experts in this field to study the effect this effort has on mosquito populations, malaria rates, and other insect and mosquito predator populations.

    Also our understanding of biology has come on leaps and bounds and I expect that within the next 50 years (barring a catastrophic event that impacts humanity) we'll have much more control over the ecosystem and I hope that allows us to improve human life and be better stewards of the environment.

  • We're coming for you
  • Well in theory yes. However there are billions upon billions of mosquitos and therefore, despite their small size, they are a large bio-mass.

    If we try and remove a large bio-mass like that from the ecosystem there's bound to be knock-on effects in the food chain. We need to be sure that gap does get filled and what would fill that gap doesn't have any effects that could be worse than Malaria i.e. an insect that could swarm and cause famine.