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Great moments in PC gaming: That time Valve released three new games on the same day
  • They don't make money on their current Deck. Well, maybe now they do make a little but when it was designed other RDNA2 based systems were running around a grand.

    They'd lose more money on it, but depending on how many games Deck owners are buying in '33 they could make it up.

  • quiet quitting is great and all, but have you tried chaotic working?
  • Depends on where. Food, diapers, other necessities? I ain't see shit. Luxuries? Only if it's a local joint. Luxuries at a chain? I still ain't see shit. You could steal a 200 inch TV, a PS5, and jewelry from a department store and I didn't see anything at all.

    Please don't steal from local joints. Those folks are just trying to make a living. But if you do, please keep it to what you need.

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  • No, that's the system we inherited. And some of us are working to fix it. Later this year one of those two kids is getting that ice cream no matter what I say about it. To pretend otherwise makes you an idiot, a liar, or a jackass.

    Your failures as a person are bad analogies, bad analysis, and ignoring the fact that anything else we do kills even more brown people. But I suspect that's what you like. You're mad he's not killing enough of them.

    So be mad. You're a bad actor and this conversation is over. I'm not responding to you for you, but for anyone else reading that wants to know why you love killing brown people.

    Edit: Downvotes from people who are trying to get extra genocide because there's not enough currently are absolutely welcome. I'm glad you disagree with me.

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  • Someone is getting that ice cream. Let's make it the kid who is trying to murder the parents and take over the family and will kill even more brown kids while throwing tantrums.

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  • Maybe. A lot of folks only know him for his good environmental stance and see him as the rightful Democrat candidate.

    They don't see his antivax bullshit and leaky brain from WiFi.

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  • I've never been arrested due to any decision made while drunk. Uber/Lyft/taxis have saved my ass.

    I have been arrested for protesting, doing over 100 on an empty road, and trying to kill my father to get back at him for beating the unholy shit out of me for years, but I did all that sober.

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