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This is the “world’s first” phone call made using spatial audio
  • Alrighty let’s learn some vocab

    POTS lines, aka plain old telephone system, are what you’re referring to when you say landlines

    When you’re calling off of Wi-Fi, most of the time you’re using a technology called VoLTE- Voice over LTE, which still functions on top of TCP/IP

    The difference that matters here is the VoIP and VoLTE, as well as Wi-Fi calling are all digital protocols over TCP/IP networks.

    If you really wanna get specific, most digital phone systems use protocols called Telephony, and SIP(session initiation protocol)

  • Was not expecting that [spoilers for new mission]
  • Alright, update. Took me two tries to beat it with randoms, wasn’t as bad as I expected. Gatling sentry puts in the WORK. I ran Gatling sentry, auto cannon sentry, cluster bomb and EATS.

    For extract I threw down my Gatling and stayed near it, prone. That negated most of the problems from the flybois and let me focus on taking down chargers. Autocannon sentry worked wonders on the biles, just gotta get the placement.

    I also had some good team mates so I’m sure that helped. I had the second most kills at 234 and the top was 245

  • Opinions wanted: defederating with reddit repost bot instances

    Update: so, the responses this far are almost universally that these bots have been blocked by users of the community. There is also a general disinterest in defederating, which is on brand.

    You guys wanna do a poll or something or?

    I’d like to lead my thoughts with a quote from the admins regarding bots within

    “Bots must not be responsible for the majority of content in any community”

    There are two entire instances that immediately spring to mind,’s b0t user, and Their content is quite literally 90% bot content with 0 engagement, and they spam constantly.

    Now here at we generally don’t defend from stuff, that’s actually why I prefer this instance. Yes, you can block the bot users and that solves the problem, but hear me out:

    These bots ruin the experience on Lemmy for new users. They spam so many posts, attempting to block them from a mobile app will usually crash the app. If you’re a new user coming to sorting by all, you see tons and tons of empty posts.

    Zerobytes is particularly egregious because it doesn’t even repost actual content, just thousands and thousands of links to Reddit posts. It’s a spam instance, period, and I feel strongly about this. isn’t quite as bad, but it’s an entire instance dedicated to spam reposting everything from Reddit. All the posts have zero engagement, and the comment value is gone so everything decent gets buried.

    Yes there are ways around this on an individual user level, but then you’re creating a context where there’s even less engagement in the vast majority of “new” posts.

    Anyway, thems my thoughts. Repost bots are stupid, one that drive traffic to Reddit are even worse. Thoughts?


    Difficulty logging in on mobile browsers?

    For whatever reason when I attempt to login on firefox or chrome from my iPhone 11, I get the infinite spinning circle. Anyone else experienced this?